6:07 AM: Good morning! Today’s forecast holds some sunshine and some clouds. The two blended for this cool view on Wednesday – thanks to Dan Ciske for the photo:


Delridge project – Striping/lane configuration work near Delridge/Dakota, work on the west side of the Delridge/Barton/Henderson intersection, and utility work along Delridge between Holden and Thistle – here’s the full weekly update. We also finally got an answer from SDOT – the east side of Thistle/Delridge is not close to reopening.

SW Yancy – In that same update, we also have the latest on this – reopening of SW Yancy west of 28th is now not expected before June 19th.

99 Tunnel – Closed Friday night for maintenance.


Regular schedules today.(Watch @kcmetrobus for word of bus cancellations, @wsferries for major WSF changes.)


444th morning without the West Seattle Bridge. Here are the views of other bridges and routes:

Low Bridge: 22nd week for automated enforcement cameras; restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily – except weekends, when the bridge is open to all until 8 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Access applications are available for some categories of drivers.)

Here’s a low-bridge view:

West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way:

Highland Park Way/Holden:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

And the 1st Avenue South Bridge (map):

For the South Park Bridge (map), here’s the nearest camera:

Are bridges opening for boats or barges? The @SDOTBridges Twitter feed is working again. The 1st Ave. S. Bridge openings also are tweeted on @wsdot_traffic.)

See all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also shown on this WSB page.

Trouble on the streets/paths/bridges/water? Please let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.

10 Replies to "WEATHER, ROAD WORK, TRAFFIC: Thursday notes"

  • Flo B June 10, 2021 (7:11 am)

    Educate me please. SDOT put restrictions on cars crossing the low bridge during the day. Their rational was that emergency vehicle, and “essential” freight vehicles would be blocked which would be BAD. I get it. Problem: i’ve had some late(for me)evening returns to WS. I’ve used the low bridge-after 9pm a half dozen times now. The issue: BUMPER to BUMPER  cars from 99 all the way across the bridge. A LOT of vehicles going eastbound too.  Last night i was behind a Safeway semi.  Clearly EV’s would also be impacted/blocked adversely.  So here’s my question: why is it important to keep the low bridge “clear” during the day but it’s not  important after 9????

    • Joe Z June 10, 2021 (8:58 am)

      This is concerning, maybe they need to move the restricted time back to 10 or 11 PM. 

    • Wseattleite June 10, 2021 (9:06 am)

      You will go crazy if you apply logic to try and understand the bridge rules. They have been put in place by committees using ideas that are far fetched from the realities we live in, and are motivated by issues far flung from the actual purpose of getting traffic over a navigable waterway. If you watch the entire scenario as one would watch Saturday morning cartoons, at least you will find humor. That is the best we can hope to actually get out of this issue for a long time to come. 

    • Carson June 10, 2021 (2:12 pm)

      I learned this the hard way. From 9ish until 10ish at night the lower bridge is jammed. I am guessing people delay the commute until. Now during that time the diversion route is empty. Last time I made it from I5 all the way to Chelan Cafe with only one red light. No waiting. But this is just between you and me, don’t let anyone else know. 

  • Rick June 10, 2021 (8:16 am)


  • bill June 10, 2021 (10:29 am)

    Here’s a trick I saw last week for cheating the low bridge: Drive your pickup across with the tailgate down to hide your plate. Can we have the cops back?

  • Flo B June 10, 2021 (11:04 am)

    Bill. Doesn’t work!! My neighbor’s son tried putting his tailgate down.  Camera angles-BOTH directions got his plate! He GOT ticketed. 

  • emcat8 June 10, 2021 (12:15 pm)

    What a great photo!

  • Flo B June 10, 2021 (3:37 pm)

    Bill. Camera angle is such that that doesn’t work.

    • bill June 10, 2021 (9:10 pm)

      Flo B: I hope you’re right. The camera would have to be almost on the ground.

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