HEAT WAVE: ‘Water the birds!’

The photo is from Trileigh Tucker, who is among the West Seattleites wanting to ensure you remember our feathered (and furry) friends in the mega-hot weather ahead. She points out it’s not just about bird baths and water bowls:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put plenty of water out for the birds and your own animals, in the shade, under shelter so they don’t have to risk emerging from their protection. It’s going to be hard on them as well as us.

In addition, try spraying any shrubs in your yard with a hose — the little birds love taking a bath in the leaves. In less than 2 minutes after I did this (twice) this morning, chickadees and bushtits were bathing, so sweet to watch.


2 Replies to "HEAT WAVE: 'Water the birds!'"

  • Ed June 26, 2021 (12:19 am)

    Thanks for sharing! I often run some water for our local feathered friends. It’s a great opportunity to get good pictures too! Another tip- misting water on windows and out door surfaces can provide temporary relief of heat.

  • Sunflower June 26, 2021 (10:50 am)

    Good idea, spraying shrubs for the chickadees, thanks Trileigh :)We have extra water out for wildlife. Also cooling down the cats water in the freezer, putting cans of cat food in the fridge, and have an ice pack wrapped in a towel near her nap spot.We’re ready 👍

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