FOLLOWUP: No dates yet for 1st Avenue South Bridge lane closures

As we first reported in October, the southbound 1st Avenue South Bridge is due for some repairs that will mean lane closures. We’ve been getting some questions about whether WSDOT has set the date yet, since it had been discussed as likely to happen “in early 2021.” Now that it’s early 2021, we checked back today with WSDOT spokesperson Tom Pearce. He tells WSB, “We are still working with our contractor to set a start date. A mid-January start is in doubt.” The contractor is Massana Construction of Gig Harbor, which won the contract with a $380,000 bid.

7 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: No dates yet for 1st Avenue South Bridge lane closures"

  • Graciano January 7, 2021 (4:46 am)

    Just wondering…going home yesterday from work going up southbound Olson PL.SW  I noticed a truck blocking the on ramp to North bound 1st Ave So. Bridge, anyone know what that was about? Had traffic backed up Olson all the way to the infamous accident site on that curve that turns into Roxbury.

    • WSB January 7, 2021 (9:25 am)

      No idea. We encountered it too, on the way to a story off-peninsula; best I could do at the time was mention it via Twitter. (No backup when we were headed out at 9:15ish nor back the other way at 11, though.)

  • miketown January 7, 2021 (9:28 am)

    Well that’s annoying for those who are trying to plan their commute schedule…

  • momosmom January 7, 2021 (10:24 am)

    Was wondering about that too… they had traffic diverted to go thru So Park…UGH traffic sucks big time!

  • Lola January 7, 2021 (10:58 am)

    I can tell you going thru there at 4:45 PM last night some guy coming down Myers Way turning to go to Roxbury he had the NOSE of his car 1/2 way out into the lane that is coming up the hill and we all had to go around him.  I hope it was not an accident with him as it was very odd how he was sitting there.

  • Mike January 8, 2021 (9:26 am)

    Like many others I would welcome a firm schedule for the 1st S Bridge project.  I will reschedule trips off “the island” to avoid the hassle.  Not only makes life easier for me, but one less vehicle competing with those who cannot avoid the mess.  I do use the bus when feasible, but I am not near a bus stop.  And, taking the bus to the locations of my appts usually is difficult.

  • FRANCI PEASE January 8, 2021 (9:35 am)

    Thanks for the follow-up.  I have a mid month dr appt that requires I have someone to drive me home, I was trying to avoid inconveniencing my driver. 

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