Late-night work at Beach Drive seawall-project site

If you travel Beach Drive late tonight and/or tomorrow night, don’t be startled to notice work at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook. The contractor on the seawall-replacement project, Redside Construction, has a “small crew” scheduled to work at the site during low tide tonight and tomorrow night, according to a project bulletin. It says they will “conduct some minor finishing work on the lower portion of the seawall,” no heavy equipment involved, until 2 am tonight and until 3 am tomorrow night. It’s been five months since major work began. P.S. Low tide tonight is VERY low – -3.4 feet at 11:16 pm.

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  • John December 15, 2020 (10:11 pm)

    Sounds like a “can do” company.

    Let’s get them started on the bridge repair.

  • Curious December 16, 2020 (6:30 am)

    When is this project projected to finish?

    • sb2780 December 17, 2020 (9:58 am)

      I would love to know this too. It looks largely done except for landscaping. I saw them set the concrete a week or two ago and it would be great if they could move the partitioning to open up the sidewalk on that side of the street. It gets super crowded on the other side of the street because of the detour and it least 50-60% of walkers and runners are not socially distancing or wearing masks.

      • WSB December 17, 2020 (9:59 am)

        I have the question out. Will update separately when reply is in …

      • The Cure December 21, 2020 (9:46 pm)

        Concrete takes 28 days to cure under normal conditions, so that would be a baseline. But they have a lot of landscaping to do and probably a lot of inspections and red tape to deal with. Could be a while. 

  • wetone December 16, 2020 (12:14 pm)

    Work looks nicely done, but am curious as to design and specs of railing. Might be great around freshwater, but don’t see it lasting long in a saltwater environment.

    • really? December 16, 2020 (1:18 pm)

      They are using 304 stainless steel, which is commonly used in marine environments for non-submersion applications.

  • David December 16, 2020 (2:10 pm)

    No kidding about the low tide last night. I wish I had a camera capable of taking good night photos, it was quite something to see a few hundred feet of exposed beach down at Alki.
    If anyone does have a camera that takes good low-light photos, it’s still supposed to be -2.9 feet just after midnight tonight. Then back up to +12.9 feet by 7:37am, I imagine that would be an interesting time-lapse.

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