FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Farmers’ Market turnout

As previewed here, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market went ahead as scheduled today. We checked with market management on site; they told us they had 46 vendors, down three from usual. As of noon, their anecdotal take on foot traffic was typical for a cold day in late winter. The West Seattle Farmers’ Market is one of four in the city this time of year; the others are Capitol Hill, Ballard, and the U-District.

7 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Farmers' Market turnout"

  • AlexC March 8, 2020 (3:03 pm)

    I didn’t really need to buy anything this weekend but I went anyways and grabbed a few things since I am younger and healthy. The burger type food vendor had the longest lines I have seen in a while but over all the crowd seemed slimmer considering the sun shining. And all my favorite dessert places skipped coming this week. :(

  • FraserM March 8, 2020 (6:48 pm)

    About 1:30 the market was doing okay – light for a sunny day, but it was still pretty chilly. Seemed to be decent business for vendors. 

  • Also John March 8, 2020 (7:34 pm)

    I try to make it every Sunday.  I noticed there weren’t as many vendors.  The vendors didn’t go from intersection to intersection as normal.

    My favorite cookie vendor wasn’t there.  However, I did discover a vendor selling an amazingly tasty cinnamon rolls.  I wish I’d bought two.

    • Cookie fan March 9, 2020 (2:54 am)

      If it’s the same cookie vendor I’m thinking of, he wasn’t at Ballard market either today and his presence was missed. :(

  • Pearl C March 8, 2020 (7:49 pm)

    I absolutely LOVE desserts, so I was a little sad to discover that some of my favorite dessert places didn’t make it out today. Come back soon please….

  • anonyme March 9, 2020 (7:09 am)

    Looks about normal for this time of year.  I would have attended if I didn’t have to take the bus.  I figure as long as you’re out in the open air and not right up in somebody’s face, you’re OK.  I miss my Tall Grass Bakery bread…they’re probably the ones with the delish cinnamon rolls mentioned above.

  • Yammachan March 9, 2020 (2:12 pm)

    Good for them, the hysteria is more troubling than the virus to be honest.

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