TRAFFIC ALERT: Another West Seattle Bridge crash

7:10 PM: Another crash toward the west end of the eastbound West Seattle Bridge. This one has just been dispatched as a rollover, “on its top,” so SFD is sending a “rescue extrication” response. If you have to use the bridge, avoid that end for a while.

7:14 PM: Police are closing the eastbound Fauntleroy entrance to the bridge because of the crash. No injuries reported so far.

7:39 PM: The incident log shows all SFD units have now closed out their part of the call. SDOT’s live camera at 35th/Fauntleroy shows the eastbound bridge entrance is still closed.

7:52 PM: Now reopened.

6 Replies to "TRAFFIC ALERT: Another West Seattle Bridge crash"

  • Tibor November 17, 2019 (7:40 pm)

    Honestly, I think something spilled on the roadway. I was leaving WS after the earlier accident, and was slowing down as I approached it in the inside lane, but then had no control over brakes or steering. I ended up hitting the jersey barrier just uphill of the car that was stopped behind the three cars in the accident. Luckily, I didn’t hit the car in front of me, and wasn’t going terribly fast at that point. 

  • Kc November 17, 2019 (7:59 pm)

    Reset the flipper counter come on people slow down drive the conditions hope everyone is ok  please send them a certificate to the club

  • Mj November 18, 2019 (8:48 am)

    Water on pavement mixed with a bit of oil = less traction!  Or per the thesaurus Car Body Repair Shop Employment Security.  

  • WestSeattleFlippedCarBoard November 18, 2019 (9:55 am)

    We made it 24 days this time.

  • Workin4thedirt November 18, 2019 (9:31 pm)

    Never once have I seen a driver do the speed limit on that bridge. It’s either full throttle or full brake always, no exception. 

    • bolo November 18, 2019 (11:05 pm)

      Not to mention the entitled that squirt from lane to lane without signaling.

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