1 WEEK TO GO: Ready for Highway 99 tunnel tolling?

One week from today, seven months of toll-free Highway 99 tunnel travel will end. The tolls vary by daypart – here’s the chart:

Those are the rates you’ll pay if you have a Good To Go! pass and account. If you have an account but no sticker, it’s a quarter more. If you have neither, you’ll get a bill in the mail (your plate is read at tunnel’s end) and it’ll be $2 more. If you don’t have a GTG sticker yet, WSDOT is still offering them free.

8 Replies to "1 WEEK TO GO: Ready for Highway 99 tunnel tolling?"

  • Lisa November 3, 2019 (7:30 am)

    Thank you for posting this! I was wondering what the rates were and now I don’t have to go look for them . :-) Just got my stickers—wahoo!

  • brandon November 3, 2019 (3:04 pm)

    Hammer those people wanting to get home for dinner, practice, Dr appt. , etc.  Guess it could have been worse.  $3.75/day.

    • Nolan November 4, 2019 (10:24 am)

      They can always not take the tunnel if they don’t want to be tolled. Even then, the tolling costs less than one-way bus fare, so it really is the worst of both worlds.

      This should be at least $5 a direction to get closer to the economic losses generated by low-density transit, but I’d settle for “more than bus fare” to fix the perverse incentive the current rate creates.

  • Airwolf November 4, 2019 (9:33 am)

    Thanks for the info. these fees are very reasonable compared to other major cities. 

  • TiredofGovernementGreed November 4, 2019 (5:29 pm)

    Has WSDOT ever provided an explanation for why this tunnel’s costs, originally put at $1.44B, ballooned up to over $3.1B to build?  I suggest that they owe that explanation – and an apology – to the tax payers as they impose these tolls to pay for the tunnel.

  • Kravitz November 5, 2019 (11:29 am)

    Has anyone else had trouble registering their Good to Go pass via their website? When attempting to register mine, their system timed-out after taking almost all of my information, and my attempts to continue the registration process have failed because it won’t recognize my login, but it also won’t let me try to set up a new login because their system says my information is attached to another user. I’ve tried contacting them for support (to no avail, go figure). Anyone have a similar issue and find a way around it?

    • SoAdmiralK November 8, 2019 (8:37 am)

      We’ve experienced the same issue.  Ordered our passes.  They arrived and now we can’t log in to load them.  Frustrating.  

    • SoAdmiralK November 8, 2019 (10:11 am)

      Called them today.  Had to remain on hold for about 15 mins, but they were great and fixed things for me.

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