Pump station in West Seattle nominated for landmark status

(King County Assessor photo)

For the first time in a while, the city Landmarks Preservation Board has a new West Seattle nomination to consider – that 90-year-old pump-station building at 3214 SW Spokane. We received the announcement this morning:

Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board will consider the nomination of the SW Spokane Street Pump Station at 3214 SW Spokane Street in Admiral on Wednesday, November 20 at 3:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in Seattle City Hall (600 4th Avenue, Floor L2) in the Boards & Commissions Room L2-80.

The public is invited to attend the meeting and make comments regarding the nomination. Written comments are also accepted and should be received by the Landmarks Preservation Board at the following mailing address by 3:00 p.m. on November 19:

Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
PO Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649

A copy of the Landmark Nomination is available for public review at the West Seattle Branch Library, (2306 42nd Avenue SW) and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods office in Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Avenue, 4th Floor (206-684-0228). The nomination is also posted on Seattle Department of Neighborhoods website under the heading of “Current Nominations.” (Editor’s note: Here’s a direct link, as well as below:

A landmark nomination provides a physical description of the building, object, or site, and information on its history, current and historic photos, site plans, maps, drawings, and more. To learn about the nomination and designation process, visit our webpage.

The nomination document is laden with historical info and photos, but what it doesn’t explain, so far as we could tell in a quick browse, is why this building’s been nominated now, so we’re checking with Seattle Public Utilities about that. The current list of city-landmarked sites includes other public-works buildings such as the historic substation structure at West Seattle’s Dakota Place Park.

6 Replies to "Pump station in West Seattle nominated for landmark status"

  • John October 7, 2019 (10:22 am)

    What a surprising choice.  Such a purely functional brick box that has been severely diminished over its life.  It is another unreinforced brick building highly susceptible to the upcoming Big One .  I wonder if it has been seismically  updated?   Comparing this building to the Dakota Place Park one is revealing of just how different these buildings are. 

    • WSB October 7, 2019 (10:26 am)

      That’s why I’m asking SPU the reason. Sometimes nominations are checkbox steps before an old building is removed or replaced, etc. Nonetheless, it’s in the process, and public notice must be given, so here we are.

    • Question Authority October 7, 2019 (5:18 pm)

      This wreck of a building has not been seismically upgraded, the pipes inside are just as old and it has an asbestos in the floor tiles.  The process has been long underway to replace it with a modern pump station which is currently under design so this is just one step of the process.

  • Charlie October 7, 2019 (4:33 pm)

    As someone who lives right next to it, this seems like a really bad idea. We have ongoing problems with water leaks underneath the road, and just last year SPU had a booth set up to talk with neighbors about their plans to retrofit the building.It’s a plain brick building. No one from the public is allowed inside. No one even notices it, and I certainly don’t need more people coming along that road. Why on earth does this deserve some kind of special status? The last thing we need is additional rules about upgrading or repairing the building.

  • valvashon October 7, 2019 (7:10 pm)

    Ease up on the cute little brick building.  It’s been hard at work since 1929- can you say the same?  I’m not wild about the changes in the exterior either but if there’s no real reason to tear it down I say don’t.  The brick work is nice and it’s cool to have some old things around. If they tear it down you’ll really hate what they put up in its place.

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