AVALON/35TH PROJECT UPDATE: What’s done, what’s next

SDOT‘s weekly update on the Avalon/35th repaving-and-more project is in:

Crews finished base paving by SW Orleans St and continue to work in the following locations:

Zone A: We are continuing work on SW Avalon Way from SW Manning St to SW Charlestown St. Crews have started pavement work on the east side of SW Avalon Way and are conducting water utility work at SW Charlestown St.

Zone E: We are continuing to work on the new water main on the east side of 35th Ave SW from SW Avalon Way to SW Alaska St. As we work in Zone E through November 2019, we will maintain one lane of traffic in each direction on 35th Ave SW between Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Alaska St.

Starting as early as Monday, June 10, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) crews will be working in coordination with our project at the southeast corner of SW Genesee St and SW Avalon Way for approximately one week to relocate a gas main. There will be sidewalk detours. Driveway access will be maintained. Please contact 888-225-5773 with any questions about this work.

Things we’ve heard from the community
Each week, we’ll plan to address a few common questions we’ve heard from your neighbors.

Why was work so loud on Tuesday night? 
Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) cut the existing watermain and installed a temporary bypass in order to continue to install the new watermain under 35th Ave SW at SW Snoqualmie St. This work required a water shut off and was performed at night to minimize customer impacts from the shut off.  

Will parking be restored in Zones B and C?
Unfortunately, parking will not be restored to Zones B and C at this time. The parking removal needs to remain in place for our traffic control and for temporary bus stop relocations. 

When will work begin in Zone C?
We anticipate beginning work in on SW Avalon Way from SW Genesee St to 35th Ave SW (Zone C) as early as August. Please note that construction schedules are highly subject to change and we will continue to keep you informed through email updates.

An important reminder: Show the Luna Park businesses some love. We’re working on a separate followup but in the meantime, note that there’s parking under the bridge and that the SW Orleans street end used as parking between The Shack and Luna Park Café/Avalon Glassworks remains open.

4 Replies to "AVALON/35TH PROJECT UPDATE: What's done, what's next"

  • Trickycoolj June 6, 2019 (10:35 pm)

    Had to commute out through this at 5:30am a few times this week. One morning the cones were so haphazard I think a string of cars drove through the work area. All 3 mornings the first  car at the light didn’t go on green because the lights are aligned 3 lanes away. Wish they would realign them with the open lane northbound. 

  • ConcernedinWS June 7, 2019 (6:27 am)

    Trickycoolj – Yes, I agree. When traveling north on 35th, the lights for the SW Avalon intersection are not if a safe location. Too far to the left and too far away from the intersection. I’ve watched several drivers not see the turned red or maybe they didn’t know the light has been moved. Very dangerous. Someone is going to get hurt there.Doesn’t seem right that the city is working on California, Fauntleroy, Avalon  and 35th Ave SW all at once. 

  • john June 7, 2019 (8:04 am)

    I notice the same confusing situation. I wonder if the Red Light Camera has been temporarily disabled? If it has not,many drivers will be receiving an automated citation.

  • Steven Lorenza June 7, 2019 (10:24 am)

    Street parking on our busy few “flat” arterials is a really poor use of public right of way.  Sad but true.

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