READY FOR THE STORM? Thursday night notes, including bus cancellations

The night before the storm …

7:36 PM: The grocery-line photo is from “Diver Laura” James. We’ve been at a couple other stores tonight and can confirm, it’s busy – though not unmanageably so. We also got a note from Seth, who reported as of late afternoon:

I just stopped at WS Home Depot in search of a snow shovel to replace my cracked one. They’re all out, and the helper had a constant stream of folks asking after shovels, salt and sand. They’re out on all accounts but for a few bags of sand. Called True Value and they confirmed that supplies have been flying off their shelves. They’re getting another load of shovels tonight, but don’t expect them to last long.

If you want to check in the morning:
Junction True Value (44th/Edmunds) opens at 8 am
Home Depot (Delridge/Orchard) opens at 6 am
McLendon Hardware (16th/102nd in White Center) opens at 7 am

Some other toplines:

(Photo by James Bratsanos)

THE FORECAST/ALERT: Upgraded this afternoon to a Winter Storm Warning, “heavy snow expected.” But so far – pending the mid-evening forecast update – the snow is not expected to start before noon. (Added: Weather analyst Cliff Mass says the many forecast models agree with that.)

SCHOOLS: Some early dismissals already planned for tomorrow – we’re continuing to update here. And in case anyone changes their mind in the morning, we’ll be reporting by 5 am.

OTHER CHANGES FOR FRIDAY: The West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsor) will close at 1 pm, including Early Learning; no afterschool child care or KidsU; basketball games and practices are canceled.

WEEKEND CANCELLATIONS/POSTPONEMENTS: The list will be linked here and in our calendar later tonight. What was to be the weekend’s biggest event, The Big Plunge at Alki, already has a new date – February 23rd. Anything to add? 206-293-6302, text or voice, 24/7.

ADDED 9:49 PM – METRO PLANS FOR FRIDAY: Thanks to the texter who pointed out this post on one of Metro’s websites announcing cancellations for tomorrow – including all trips on Routes 37 and 125. If you are a Metro rider – even on other routes – take a look, because it includes other info for the rest of the day.

24 Replies to "READY FOR THE STORM? Thursday night notes, including bus cancellations"

  • Paul February 7, 2019 (8:06 pm)

    I was just at Home Depot @7:30PM. They had snow shovels but no firewood or de-icer. 

  • Mmm February 7, 2019 (8:16 pm)

    Epsom salt can be used as a de-icer also

    • just wondering February 8, 2019 (8:45 am)

      Kosher salt also works!

    • Debbie Gallagher February 8, 2019 (10:16 am)

      I did not know that. Thanks for that information!!!

    • AG February 8, 2019 (10:32 am)

      Epsom salts sure didn’t work for me!

    • just wondering February 8, 2019 (10:34 am)

      You can also use kosher salt!

    • KEM February 8, 2019 (10:22 am)

      Thank you, thank you!  

  • hj February 7, 2019 (8:53 pm)

    QFC in the junction had quite a lot of firewood when I was there two hours ago.Also, everybody was pleasantly civil to each onter in the long lines!

    • MF February 7, 2019 (9:10 pm)

      Including the staff! They were working hard when I was there and were still friendly and positive! 

  • Swede. February 7, 2019 (8:59 pm)

    Stopped by Costco (in SoDo) for gas earlier and it was pandemonium all around there. Was not to bad to get gas (except for the people that insist on pulling up to the wrong side pumps!)

    • Trickycoolj February 7, 2019 (9:35 pm)

      Costco encourages you to pull up to any side pump because their hoses reach. Keeps the lines moving. 

  • DBurns February 7, 2019 (9:44 pm)

    Tool Library had 4 or 5 great shovels left after I got mine :) 

  • Gina February 7, 2019 (9:53 pm)

    Non clumping cat litter works for traction on steps and sidewalks after shoveling. Sweep it up after the thaw, a good back up plan of there is no de icer to be had.

  • SSS February 7, 2019 (10:27 pm)

    Thanks for the updates, WSB!

  • Dave February 7, 2019 (11:22 pm)

    Any possibilities of power outages that could result from this storm? 

    • Mike February 8, 2019 (6:10 am)

      There’s always the possibility.  Tree branches falling due to weight of snow, people sliding out from ice and hitting poles or utility boxes with their cars.  Those are typically how power outages happen during snow/ice storms.  Give first responders and utility crews extra space and slow down.

  • Emily sebbas February 8, 2019 (12:51 am)

    We still have lots of firewood, duraflame logs, ice, lighters, matches, water bottles, etc at the West Seattle QFC in the junction. We open at 5am and will maintain regular business hours all weekend during the storm 5am-12am. Even if there are power outages we will remain open regular hours. 

  • Chuck February 8, 2019 (8:30 am)

    I was at Junction True Value at 7:45.  I walked in and then out.   Insanity.  I am locking my doors and gates.  By tomorrow afternoon there will be zombies roaming WS streets searching for de-icer and chicken breasts.   Watch out for looting at The Junction when mass hysteria sets in. Stay safe neighbors!  ;-)

  • LK February 8, 2019 (8:30 am)

    Safeway at Jefferson Square was a zoo last night around 4…no carts, people waiting for parking spots, 15 minutes to check out.  At least folks seem to be more prepared for this storm.   Salt your stairs if you can to prevent ice; I had a nasty slip on Tuesday and am still smarting….stay safe everyone!   

  • Cynical girl February 8, 2019 (9:43 am)

    I’m prepared to take photos of motorists  that can’t be bothered defrosting their windows completely before driving or those motorists that remove a postage stamp size amount of snow from the  drivers side windshield and  think their good to go.

  • _M_H February 8, 2019 (1:08 pm)

    Metro noted buses in for repair due to snow chain damage (among other things) as a reason for route cancellations.  I rode on buses earlier this week that still had chains fitted even though roads were bare.  That’s just asking for damage.

  • Anonymous February 8, 2019 (7:10 pm)

    I’m unable to comment on the Friday pm updates so i’m commenting here. I’m not sure you anyone knows about LEST, its an event where lutheran schools go to portland and compete in basketball, drama, swim, etc and Hope Lutheran is supposed to go, but it’s snowing all this week. How much do you think it would snow? Would it stick?

    • WSB February 8, 2019 (7:40 pm)

      Sorry about that and thanks for mentioning the problem on the Friday story – I hadn’t noticed yet and unfortunately it’s an irreparable glitch, but in this case it’s time to start an evening story anyway. Meantime, to your point – it’s already snowing in Portland, according to several accounts we follow on Twitter (local TV station, newspaper among others). Here’s one to keep an eye on:

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