FOLLOWUP: Highland Park Action Committee’s community survey on Camp Second Chance permit extension

Sometime “soon,” the city says, it’ll conside the issue of whether Camp Second Chance can stay at the city-owned Myers Way Parcels. Current city law calls for sanctioned encampments to stay a maximum of two years at a site, and C2C is coming to the end of its second sanctioned year (following more than half a year of unsanctioned time at the site). Last week, the Highland Park Action Committee convened a “listening session” for community members and others to speak about whether HPAC should support an extension. As noted in our coverage, HPAC promised to follow up with a survey – and now that’s available. Find it here (deadline February 14th). Separate from HPAC’s process of deciding whether to support an extension for the camp, the city says it is accepting comments too, via the emailbox

2 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Highland Park Action Committee's community survey on Camp Second Chance permit extension"

  • Jim P. January 29, 2019 (12:45 pm)

    I’d say it is extremely important for people in West Seattle to make their voices heard by completing this survey no matter which way they lean on this issue.I feel it has some built in biases such as referring to the encampments being “hosted’ by neighborhoods and I do not think all that many people feel they are “hosting” such things since that implies it is voluntary and welcomed as an asset.Pro or con, let your voice be heard.

  • PW January 29, 2019 (6:36 pm)

    It would be nice to know the increased crime rate in the area of this camp attributed to others who migrate towards the camp. When do these folks start paying for services?  My view I see lots of crime, garbage and lack of transition. Is the best  option for the City to just build housing on the site and begin a better transition and just move forward. They do have a lot of cash flow for homeless options.  The folks who live their can assist with the building as part of rent offset.Lets make better options. For the local neighbors and those living in the camp.

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