West Seattle Crime Watch: Gunfire? Plus, prowler/peeper

Two notes in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

POSSIBLE GUNFIRE: Police were investigating reports of possible gunfire off Harbor Avenue SW this past hour. The twist this time, per radio communication: It might be offshore. One texter, meantime, tells us they heard it in the Harbor/Fairmount area. No resolution to this yet, so far as we’ve heard, but we’re mentioning it in case you were wondering.

ADMIRAL-AREA PROWLER/PEEPER: Just received via e-mail from an Admiral-area resident:

We caught a man peeping in our dining room windows around 1 pm this afternoon. Our house is very close to our neighbors, he was bold to walk in such close quarters. Description: Caucasian male, 30s-40s, app. 6′ 2″, large beard, wearing a fluorescent yellow work jacket, driving a Ford F-350 truck. Police were called (and they had another call on the same man from the same neighborhood), police report filed and photo shared with SPD. Photo of truck below, hard to make out the plates, but it’s dark green or black with a unique rack on top.

We will add the police report # when we get it. (Update: It’s 18-413587.)

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  • Kalo November 5, 2018 (7:14 am)

    We heard the “shots” too, last night. We’ve heard them before, and our thought, it’s coming from the fishing boats set up in Elliott Bay. The first time we heard “shots” was the when fishing was starting up in the bay, a week, week and a half ago.

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