WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Bicycle found; burglary reports; hit-run; more…

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

ROBBERY INVESTIGATION: This past hour, police have been investigating a reported robbery/assault at the Delridge/Orchard Shell station, per radio communication. The assault victim was reported to be the clerk. No other details.

BICYCLE FOUND: AC found a “black and white road bike in the bushes close to Luna Park … Give me a call to ID and I hope you get your bike back. 206 229 1027.”

HIT-RUN: From the inbox: “I’ve reported a hit and run accident 6/22/18 along California and SW Hanford st, at about 1:00 am. The vehicle who hit me and took off looked like it could have been a 1997 dark green Chevy SUV. If anybody witnessed the incident, please call 206-883-5326. Thanks.”

PACKAGES TAKEN: Carolyn shares the video recorded near Lincoln Park at 7:32 am on Friday:

About :30 in, you see a car drive by, then back up, with two people getting out to take boxes from a doorstep. She says the car was a red 4-door Chevy with its back right window smashed in.

OTHER BURGLARIES: The South Delridge burglaries we’ve been reporting on are far from the only burglaries in our area this past week. Some others now have narratives in the publicly viewable report files, so here are our short summaries:

*4700 block SW Charlestown: Around 10:30 last Monday night (June 18th), a woman came home and found a man in her apartment, holding her flat-screen TV. She told police she yelled at him and he put the TV down and took off. The victim’s boyfriend was asleep in a back bedroom while all this happened. The intruder was described as white or Hispanic, in his early 30s, wearing a dark gray hoodie and dark pants.

*1500 block Alki SW: Around 11:30 am last Sunday (June 17th), a neighbor called the resident to say his house had been broken into early that morning. The resident couldn’t find any sign of forced entry but discovered that “his four Glock pistols and his AR-15 style rifle” were missing. The rifle and one pistol were fully loaded, he told police. The neighbor described the burglars only as “two black males and a white female” who left in “a red Taurus.”

*1700 block Alki SW: Last Monday morning, police were called to a complex of seven just-finished townhouses. They were told a lock box containing keys for all but one unit had been stolen sometime over the weekend, and at least one unit – whose new owner had already moved in – had been burglarized.

*9000 block 18th SW: Overnight last Saturday night/Sunday morning, someone broke into the office of a “large commercial building,” stealing two safes and a computer. The safes were reported to have contained jewelry, cash, and documents.

21 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Bicycle found; burglary reports; hit-run; more..."

  • Joe June 24, 2018 (12:41 am)

    Does 4700 block mean near 47th ST? Trying to see how close this was to me. Thanks 

    • WSB June 24, 2018 (1:00 am)

      Usually (that’s how the east-west streets run in WS) but check on a map, if you G-Map 4700 SW Charlestown should give you the vicinity.

  • Marianne June 24, 2018 (11:05 am)

    1500 block of Alki- thanks for putting innocent lives in danger!

    • heartless June 24, 2018 (1:36 pm)

      Indeed.  Legislation that punishes this sort of negligence can’t come soon enough.

      • WSB June 24, 2018 (4:04 pm)

        Please note that the police-report narrative does not indicate how or where in the residence the guns were kept prior to being stolen – so we don’t know whether they were secured or not. As in one of the other reports, safes can be stolen.

        • Concerned June 25, 2018 (12:58 am)

          Through logical deduction it is obvious that the guns weren’t in a safe, for a safe big enough to hold a rifle would be extremely heavy for one and secondly,  it wouldn’t just fit into a Ford Taurus.I would also assume that if they were locked in a safe that the police report would have read, resident came home to find safe missing containing 4 Glock handguns and an AR-15 style rifle. 

    • Think June 25, 2018 (7:29 am)

      Not logical to blame the home owner for putting innocent lives in danger.  The people putting lives in danger are the  “two black males and a white female” who left in “a red Taurus.”  They broke the law and entered someone else’s home with the intent to steal.  They are putting innocent lives in danger.  Why take the side of criminals?

    • FedUp_with_CityCouncil June 25, 2018 (11:17 am)

      Marianne, So we are blaming the homeowner who had his guns stolen?  But why aren’t we blaming those that are responsible or the actual theft (most likely homeless or stealing for drugs) or those that continue to allow the property crimes to grow exponentially in our neighborhood. THINK,  of course we are going to take the side of the criminals…. they are just victims of society. They don’t need to take responsibility.    (sarcasm)

  • AJP June 24, 2018 (12:15 pm)

    AC: You might want to look for a serial number on the bike and check bikeindex.org. If you can’t figure out where it is (Google can help), you can also take it to a nearby bike shop for help.

  • AJP June 24, 2018 (12:17 pm)

    What if we all just kept packages on our porches all the time. Empty, filled with sawdust or other “fun” stuff. All the time, every porch. Then no one would know which packages were real, unless they followed the UPS driver or something. 

    • Aaron Hill June 24, 2018 (3:07 pm)

      I love the idea.

    • AMD June 25, 2018 (6:44 am)

      Package thieves do follow the UPS (and USPS, and FedEx, and OnTrac…) drivers.  That’s why you see so many that are stolen so quickly after being delivered.  The thieves aren’t just in the right place at the right time.

  • F June 24, 2018 (12:43 pm)

    I wonder if the burglars in the video are the same that hit 1500 block of Alki Sw

  • Concerned June 24, 2018 (12:45 pm)

    Are you seriously not securing your weapons?!!! 

    • Swede. June 24, 2018 (5:33 pm)

      With the rising occurrences of people breaking into residents while you are there, no. No time to try to open a safe to take down a burglar. 

      • heartless June 24, 2018 (6:03 pm)

        What rising occurrences? 

        Quite curious,  since you are apparently using these “rising occurrences” as an excuse for being a completely irresponsible person.

        • Swede. June 24, 2018 (8:23 pm)

          You obviously isn’t reading this blog very regularly…You may protect yourself and the people around you the way you think is appropriate,  I’ll do it my way. Good luck. 

          • heartless June 24, 2018 (9:26 pm)

            Okay, so you got nothing.  That’s fine.  

            I can understand being scared, but you should know that without a weapon in the house you are ridiculously safe.  With a weapon in the house… less so.

            And when you link some phantom “rising occurrences” of crime to your wanting to not secure a firearm?  Best be able to back up that logic.

      • Concerned June 25, 2018 (1:07 am)

        Swede, you have got to be kidding?!! Even with your ridiculous “logic” the fact is, the person wasn’t even home! Are you actually trying to rationalize the idea that it is so dangerous with people breaking in while you’re home that you should not secure your weapons when you’re not home?! Do you see how stupid that sounds?As a gun owner with a CPL, common sense 101 is to secure your weapons at the very least when you’re not home. 

  • H June 24, 2018 (1:23 pm)

    Stolen: “four Glock pistols and his AR-15 style rifle”  … “rifle and one pistol fully loaded”…. Scary.

  • Chuck B. June 24, 2018 (1:40 pm)

    AJP, I like your idea, except the last part is all too true, some of these package thieves do follow the trucks. Here is a better idea I hope some would start to use instead. Get a large box-like container that can be chained or secured to an unmovable object like the porch railing. Attach a hasp to it so as to be capable of having a lock used to secure it. Leave lock unlocked when you expect a delivery and a note to the UPS or FED-EX driver stating to place package in the box and then to lock it for you. Works better than expecting people to be law-abiding.

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