TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday watch and weekend I-5 closures

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

7:06 AM: No incidents of note reported in our area so far this morning. Reminders:

WEEKEND I-5 CLOSURES: Remember that NB I-5 has two sets of major closures starting tonight, south and just north of here – here again are the details and maps.

STADIUM ZONE: Mariners’ home stand this weekend vs. Tampa Bay, with a 7:10 pm game tonight.

7:11 AM: First incident of the morning. Crash reported at Fauntleroy/Brandon.

7:18 AM: Also an Alaskan Way Viaduct problem – SDOT reports a stalled semi blocking the offramp from Western.

7:51 AM: Ramp problem cleared.

7 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday watch and weekend I-5 closures"

  • smittytheclown June 1, 2018 (7:24 am)

    It appears that the traffic light “timing” at the Fauntleroy/35th Avenue intersection has changed.  Heading SB on 35th (in the morning, at least) the “left green arrow” is on much, much shorter than the “norm”.  Typically 10-15 cars get through and now just 4-5 at best.  Anyone else experience this, or was it just a 2-day fluke for me?

  • Azimuth June 1, 2018 (10:12 am)

    While it doesn’t really answer your question, it seems to me that the
    timing of the signal heading NB Fauntleroy towards the bridge the light
    timing changes on weekends for sure and possibly outside of commute
    hours. In that instance, it can (irritatingly) take 2-3 light cycles to
    get through that light to leave our beloved West Seattle for the great
    unknown. So perhaps this timing change I am observing is affecting you
    too depending on the time of the day.

  • T June 1, 2018 (12:18 pm)

    I’ve noticed odd timing differences too. I’m pretty sure I reported it. I will double check. Might be good if someone else reported the problem too.

  • mistyavalon June 1, 2018 (3:18 pm)

    To clarify, it will still be possibly to connect directly to Beacon Hill from W. Seattle, right? I am still a little new to the area, so thanks for any input/confirmation.

  • Janelle June 2, 2018 (1:12 pm)

    With the I-5 N closure does anyone know the best way to get straight from the WSB to I-90?

    • WSB June 2, 2018 (1:41 pm)

      We’ve had that discussion extensively in the original story comments and on Twitter this morning. Short answer: The exit from the eastbound bridge puts you onto a lane that IS open all the way to I-90.

  • J242 June 2, 2018 (10:08 pm)

    I just drove out to Northgate at 3pm this afternoon and it was actually easier then when all I-5 north lanes are open! Normally I avoid I-5 all together but figured when Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps were all telling me it would be faster then East Marginal to NB 99 then side-streets would be faster I rolled the dice and they were right! 

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