UPDATE: Early-morning police activity

12:28 AM: Two things:

*If you heard “gunshots or fireworks?” noise around midnight, according to police radio communication, it was fireworks, 24th/Holden vicinity.

*Thanks for all the tips about a search in northeast Arbor Heights. We know it involves both KCSO and SPD but we’re not sure yet what started it, so we’re heading over to see what we can find out.

1 AM UPDATE: We have found multiple officers on 28th and 30th south of Roxbury. Two said the search was related to a convenience-store robbery but wouldn’t/couldn’t say where. We have gone by several stores, no obvious signs of trouble. A K9 team was out on 28th when we went through. That’s all we have – no descriptions of who’s being sought.

2:50 AM: Unrelated incident, so far as we know, but it’s still early-morning police activity, so we’re adding … the sirens in south West Seattle this time are because police are now looking for a burglary suspect in South Delridge. We missed the exact address but one of the containment points is 18th/Henderson. The description of the suspect so far is black, male, 6’2″, 220 pounds, no shirt, no shoes, possibly bleeding from broken window glass.

3:29 AM: Still searching.

5:34 PM UPDATE: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott tells us this started as a shoplifting attempt by three juveniles at the 28th/Roxbury 76 station minimart. They tried to steal some candy; “When they were stopped by the clerk, one of them produced a handgun and threatened to shoot the clerk.” The search never did turn them up.

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  • JCW June 17, 2018 (12:44 am)

    Arbor Heights activity has been going on for about an hour now – intermittent sirens, and saw lights of a PD car going in reverse on 28th Ave SW

    • WSB June 17, 2018 (12:48 am)

      We’re finding officers on 28th and 30th but no clear answer so far. One said ‘possible convenience store robbery’ but had no further details and no nearby stores seem distressed.

  • WCResident June 17, 2018 (12:52 am)

    There are intermittent sirens and flashlights scanning the trees between 28th and 30th near 102nd. Where is Guardian One when you need it?!?!

  • Marc June 17, 2018 (12:55 am)

    KCSO is driving by alerting nearby residents that K9 units have been dispatched. Backyard searches are also in progress. 

    • WSB June 17, 2018 (12:58 am)

      K9 is currently tracking on 28th near Explorer West.

      • WCResident June 17, 2018 (1:02 am)

        I’ve got a Birdseye view of explorer west from the north and there is definitely a presence to the south of the school. I don’t see any searching of the grounds just yet. 

        • WSB June 17, 2018 (1:13 am)

          The police were on the street rather than on the campus so far as we could see. We’ve left the area now, having run out of officers to question, but are continuing to monitor via scanner.

  • Angela June 17, 2018 (1:43 am)

    Any update??

    • WSB June 17, 2018 (2:03 am)

      Haven’t heard another word about it, and we’ve been locked in on the local frequency.

      • Angela June 17, 2018 (2:15 am)

        Thank you. I haven’t heard any activity outside. Hopefully things are quiet for awhile. 

  • BL June 17, 2018 (2:46 am)

    Here we go again! 3 cop cars just flew by sirens blarin’ down Roxbury toward the Safeway. Wait.. make that 4 cars!

    • WSB June 17, 2018 (2:49 am)

      Different call. There’s a burglary being investigated somewhere. I missed the address and maddeningly they tend not to repeat it if you miss the first mention (since the officers can view info on in-car screens). It’s a barefoot, possibly bleeding (from broken window glass), shirtless suspect, that much I can tell you. Well, I have a nearby location, so I’ll add something above …

      • BL June 17, 2018 (2:56 am)

        Busy night tonight. You’d think it was a full moon! Hopefully everyone is ok in the house/place that was burglarized!!! Thanks for being on top of things WSB!! You rock!

  • Mike in Delridge June 17, 2018 (7:21 am)

    I hope the WSB gets some good sleep today!!

  • D-Mom June 17, 2018 (8:14 am)

    The burglary was at 13th and Cambridge, according to a Facebook post by the poor woman who was affected. The family was home at the time.

    • WSB June 17, 2018 (10:12 am)

      If it’s someone you know, you might consider encouraging them to send us the info … Tweets by Beat is down and I can’t even verify a vicinity without that; reports won’t be available until tomorrow. Thanks. – TR

    • Alki resident June 17, 2018 (6:44 pm)

      Just read that woman’s post on the moms group. I can’t even imagine what hell she went through. I’m so sorry. 

      • Angela June 19, 2018 (8:34 pm)

        Looks like her neighbor was hit the very next night. Same guy. Same type of assault and same time of night. I’ve encouraged her to reach out to the blog but no news yet. 

        • WSB June 19, 2018 (8:46 pm)

          I asked the captain about the spate of “occupied burglaries” in South Delridge past few nights and he said not believed so far to be related. There were two addresses in that general area early today – although “occupied burglaries” doesn’t always mean something like that.

  • N.ArborHeights June 18, 2018 (8:06 am)

    Hi!Would someone please copy and paste the story posted on the moms group here for the rest of us to read?  Thank you!

    • WSB June 18, 2018 (8:20 am)

      Hi – we can’t publish a private citizen’s non-public social-media post, whether in comments or a story. This is why we urge people, if they see something important in social media that they haven’t seen here, PLEASE urge the person to also send it to us so that the information can be seen more widely, without having to be a member of something. Anyway, I asked SPD for the report narrative. The only one I’ve found so far is from the 9000 block of 11th and sounds different though still alarming. Still looking to see if there’s a different one from 13th/Roxbury, which is what the person who posted to a closed FB group cited.

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