WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car prowler on video; hit-and-run; Paul Story sentenced; higher bail for Gregory Thompson

Four West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

CAR PROWLER IN SUNRISE HEIGHTS: Above is reader video of a prowler trying the handles on cars parked along the alley between 34th and 35th off SW Othello. The sender reports, “I’m usually really good about locking my door but I forgot to on this night. He rummaged through my things but I’m fairly certain my dog started barking, so he left. It appears nothing was taken. He just threw my glove compartment items around my car.” After sending this, he sent an addendum: “I forgot that I had a … conversion kit for my car. It’s KETSUN brand for 2015 Hyundai Accent (either 9003 or 9005 bulbs); the kit came in a case with a big brand sticker, 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and a mounting kit.” If you have any info, the police report number is 18-903453.


My perfectly good Wednesday afternoon was ruined, when a car sped past and cut me off, tearing their rear bumper nearly off in the process. This happened around 5:45 pm tonight in front of Shadowland (just north of Oregon on California. Right where the right lane merges to the left to one-lane). Car sped up to get around me on my right, and while he did make it, his driver’s side rear bumper caught an air intake and the front wheel well. I pulled over but he was already speeding off, dragging his bumper behind him. Tried to catch up but King County Metro and the lights had other ideas.

Jeff says the suspect’s car was a black Scion Xb, but he didn’t get the plate; missing rear window, covered with plastic. “Now also missing rear bumper.” Jeff’s car is a white late-model Lexus 4-door sedan. Police incident # is 18-146007.

Now, two followups:

PAUL STORY SENTENCED: We last wrote a year ago about Paul D. Story, charged in the boathouse break-in after which police pulled him out of the water to arrest him. He had been in and out of jail twice since then, most recently booked in October of last year. Since then, he struck a plea bargain, pleading guilty to residential burglary and third-degree assault. Today he was sentenced to a jail term that equaled time already served, plus a residential Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative program for three to seven months, starting immediately; the register shows he was released this afternoon and court documents say he was supposed to go immediately into the custody of the service administering the program.

GREGORY THOMPSON’S BAIL INCREASED: We reported earlier this week on the arrest of Gregory Thompson of Puget Ridge, wanted on warrants for failing to appear in two drug cases. His bail has now been increased to more than $110,000, and the jail register shows he is under investigation for a possible new charge of unlawful gun possession, because of the gun found after he was arrested at Westwood Village.

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  • Sarah April 28, 2018 (4:40 pm)

    I saw the hit-and-run Scion today, but unfortunately had no way to get the plate. I was driving northbound on 35th just before 2:30 PM when a black Scion darted across 35th, eastbound on Juneau. It was not a safe maneuver given traffic spacing. I glanced in my rearview afterward and saw the clear plastic in place of the rear window. But clearly they’re local…

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