SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS: SDOT crew installs flashing-beacon signs on 16th SW

(WSB photo)

Thanks to Highland Park Action Committee co-chair Michele Witzki for the tip: SDOT crews have been out today finishing the installation of pedestrian-activated flashing-beacon signs for crosswalks on 16th SW – the one in our photo, at 16th/Trenton, as well as 16th/Thistle, 16th/Kenyon, and 16th/Webster. Along with the recently installed speed humps on Trenton, these are related to the Highland Park Greenway project, as detailed on this SDOT mailer, which includes a map of the project zone.

P.S. The beacons aren’t active yet – we learned while reporting on an unrelated project elsewhere in West Seattle recently that it takes a separate crew, with electrical specialists, to do that part of the work.

7 Replies to "SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS: SDOT crew installs flashing-beacon signs on 16th SW"

  • HP mom December 23, 2017 (4:23 pm)

    This is fantastic! Will hugely improve pedestrian safety—especially for kiddos walking to and from HP Elementary, Denny, and Chief Sealth. 

  • Jort December 23, 2017 (6:49 pm)

    Hooray! Another victory for SAFETY!!!!!

  • H December 23, 2017 (7:04 pm)

    Read as “flashing bacon signs” initially 😂

  • Junction Joe December 24, 2017 (7:54 am)

    When will we get one of these at the crosswalks in the Junction?

    • WSB December 24, 2017 (8:23 am)

      I don’t believe there are any crosswalk changes currently proposed for the heart of The Junction. As you probably know, there is a flashing-beacon crosswalk on the north edge of The Junction at California/Dakota, a pedestrian-activated signal at Genesee, plus the full signals at Oregon, Alaska, and Edmunds, and the raised midblock crosswalks with continuously flashing lights above (PLEASE, people, slow down as you approach those, and realize that if someone is stopped in another lane, it probably means someone is crossing). If you think a safety improvement is needed somewhere, you could start by contacting – TR

  • Don Brubeck December 24, 2017 (8:59 am)

    Good to see these flashing beacons added! It was hard for drivers to see people on foot entering the crosswalk,  especially the shorter ones, due to parked cars blocking the view. It was very unsafe for kids to cross 16th with lots of traffic at some times of day, and cars going too fast at other times.  West Seattle Bike Connections asked SDOT for these two years ago when the greenway route was still under construction, to improve safety on this walking and biking route to Stanislo and Highland Park Schools.

  • December 24, 2017 (9:42 am)

    How can we get these installed on SW Barton at Westwood? Talk about a major safety snafu!

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