Welcome, new WSB sponsor: Chaco Canyon Organic Café, under new ownership

Chaco Canyon Organic Café in The Triangle has a new proprietor, who we’re welcoming as a new WSB sponsor:

Mohamed Youssef is the new operator/manager of Chaco Canyon Organic Café in West Seattle, which is in its 7th year. He wants to be sure customers past, present, and future know that nothing has changed – the menu is the same, the hours are the same, the prices are the same.

Before taking over the West Seattle Chaco Canyon, he spent time at the main Chaco Canyon Café kitchens in Green Lake with the Seattle chain’s chefs, learning about the preparation methods, ingredients, and serving styles. He wanted to master each step of the process so everyone who comes in is guaranteed both good food and comfortable surroundings.

As Mohamed stresses, Chaco Canyon Organic Café is Seattle’s best choice for fresh, organic, GMO-free, vegetarian, and non-allergenic cuisine. That all being said, most people who come to Chaco Canyon do not come for those reasons. Chaco Canyon‘s many regulars come because the food is delicious, no matter what their diets are, and it leaves them feeling satisfied and energized.

Many people find Chaco Canyon Organic Café from word of mouth – the customer base cultivated over 14 years are the restaurants’ best spokespeople, and they tend to bring in family and friends to see for themselves: “When people come in once, they tend to come back because they see and experience the value of our business. Coming to Chaco Canyon is not only a great thing for the planet, since we are decidedly environmental and make sustainable business choices, but also often a great thing for our customers health, diet, and well-being. We’ve heard hundreds of accounts through the years of how Chaco has transformed people’s lives, their health, their relationships with food, and become an essential part of their daily lives. We love serving this great community and being a business that can be a benefit to all.”

West Seattle’s Chaco Canyon Organic Café is at 3770 SW Alaska – phone 206-937-8732. Find the newest menus here.

We thank Chaco Canyon Organic Café in West Seattle for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

4 Replies to "Welcome, new WSB sponsor: Chaco Canyon Organic Café, under new ownership"

  • Elle Nell June 29, 2017 (9:19 pm)

    Looks like a nice man but damn really!!! Everyone is selling out in Sea-Town… so fricking sad…😭

    • WSB June 29, 2017 (9:32 pm)

      While our posts welcoming new sponsors don’t generally have a lot of backstory, I don’t believe this is a case of “selling out.” Chris, the founder of Chaco Canyon, looked for someone to take over so that it could survive and thrive, while he focused on the restaurants in the north end. Same food, same distinctive mission.

  • Tina July 2, 2017 (10:07 pm)

    After seeing this article I went and visited the cafe and ordered Egyptian red lentil soup with a side of brown rice.  The soup was great as always (so filling!) and has a nice flavor with a bit of spice.  I wish the best for the new owner! 

  • Marti July 6, 2017 (10:53 pm)

    I have reduced my visits to Chaco Canyon recently as every time I went in the tables were dirty with the dish bins overflowing. The people were not friendly and often looked like they had just rolled out of bed. I went in today for lunch and was pleasantly surprised with professional and friendly service and clean tables. I actually saw someone with a broom. A very welcome change and now I will start patronizing them more for the good and healthy food!

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