ELECTION RESULTS: Sound Transit 3 approval; Jayapal wins U.S. House seat; other statewide, local races

(Voter dropping off ballot at High Point box in final hour. WSB photo by Leda Costa)

8:35 PM: While the presidential race tops the night, ballots in our area had more than three dozen local/regional/state races of note. King County Elections has NOT YET released its one count for tonight, citing “a delay.” But some other counties are reporting, so here are links to the biggies – including statewide issues. We will add summaries once King County is in.

8:53 PM: King County results are out in a “plain text” format only – you can search through them here.

9:04 PM: King County results are fully reflected in the links below.

10:32 PM: King County says it’ll be updating results again at 1:30 am.

1:35 AM: The county site has indeed updated results again.

SOUND TRANSIT 3 (3 counties) – results here – 1:51 am, 55% yes

U.S. HOUSE DISTRICT 7 results here – 1:51 am, Jayapal ahead with 57%

U.S. SENATORresults here – 1:51 am, Murray ahead with 61%

GOVERNORresults here – 1:51 am, Inslee ahead with 56%

LT. GOVERNOR results here – 1:51 am, Habib leading with 56%

STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTIONresults here – 1:51 am, Reykdal ahead with 51%

SECRETARY OF STATEresults here – 1:51 am, Wyman ahead with 53%

COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC LANDSresults here – 1:51 am, Franz ahead with 55%

STATE BALLOT MEASURES results here – 1:51 am, 1433 passing with 60%, 1464 failing (53% no), 1491 passing with 71%, 1501 passing with 72%, I-732 failing (58% no), I-735 passing 64%. In Advisory Vote 14 and 15, “repealed” is ahead; proposed constitutional amendment, “approved” is ahead.

**All statewide-office results here**


SEATTLE INITIATIVE 124 – 77% voting to approve

**All King County-only numbers are here**

23 Replies to "ELECTION RESULTS: Sound Transit 3 approval; Jayapal wins U.S. House seat; other statewide, local races"

  • Steve November 9, 2016 (6:56 am)

    Well,  I guess my rent will be going up, MORE. Weeeeeee!

    • West Seattle since 1979 November 9, 2016 (8:41 am)

      Although it probably would go up anyway.  With the housing shortage, landlords are increasing rents because they know they can and still get tenants.  This just gives them a convenient excuse.

    • 56bricks November 9, 2016 (9:07 am)

      I read an article recently that stated “Will Amazon let us stay?”.  Figure it out.

  • Space Dust November 9, 2016 (7:20 am)

    ST3 did a nice job pulling one over on all the yes voters…

    They said it will cost the home owner about $169….and must cars are worth $5K

    Go pull the registration out of your car, look on the top line under value code.  That is the value your going to pay in ST3 license fee’s. Value x .008 In the State of Washington, that value code never decreases.

    Now to your house…$25per $100K Average house value is Seattle $595K

    .5% increase is sales tax…

    Lets add this up..

    My car value code is $38,500 ST3 tax = $308 + old taxes = $500

    Wife’s car value code is $34,900 ST3 tax = $279 + old taxes = $450

    We live in an average house $500k ST3 tax = $125

    0.5% Sales tax, Big ticket items will be purchased in Portland, OR,

    I’m going to change the address on my vehicle’s registrations to Eastern Washington.  

    • skeeter November 9, 2016 (8:34 am)

      Oh c’mon Space Dust.  If you live in King County and register your car in Eastern Washington that is dishonest, illegal, and requires you to commit perjury.  You’re better than that.   

      • Geddylee November 9, 2016 (9:31 am)

         Skeeter, the numbers for ST3 vs. what we get down the road in 2040, 2070 is nuts.  Space Dust is correct, the sheeple were shafted (not me, I voted no) and now we all pay.  As a multiple car owner, home owner, and WA resident who shops it’s a bunch of BS.

        • skeeter November 9, 2016 (10:24 am)

          Geddylee – I’m not saying I’m for or against ST3.  Maybe it’s a good idea.  Maybe it’s a horrible idea.  I was simply commenting that committing perjury to escape the task is illegal.  I think we are better than that. 

        • Nancy R November 10, 2016 (9:57 am)

          If you own a $500K house and two expensive cars,   I think you can probably work it into your budget.   Be generous and think of other people less fortunate that can’t afford a $35,000 car,  let alone 2.   Don’t cheat the system.   The people have spoken and if you don’t like it,  you should consider moving to Eastern WA along with your cars. 

    • Londongirl November 10, 2016 (9:12 am)

      SpaceDust:  Do you really think the average Seattle voter did the math?  I think not, otherwise this would have failed.  But… they heard all the fun buzz words and thought well that sounds great.  Probably never once thought about where the money will actually come from.  Property owners pay for everything in this city.  At what point are we taxed out?

  • TheKing November 9, 2016 (7:38 am)

    You are right Steve. These people have absolutely no restraint in the tax and spend department, while at the same time chasing ideas like rent control. Oh the irony. 

  • wetone November 9, 2016 (9:26 am)

    All this for a system that will be outdated before finished and do nothing with improving todays and tomorrows traffic. All to common with many projects Seattle government is involved with lately. Using old or failed technology and ideas from many US cities and countries. Can’t wait for next tax hike for fixing the many road structures and surfaces that are failing. Property owners and renters with limited income will be forced from area very soon…..

  • bob November 9, 2016 (9:44 am)

    obviously the mojority of people don’t really want affordable housing.  this is gonna put a major dent in disposable income.  I will b increasing my renters rent to account for the additional costs.  srry

  • WSJoe November 9, 2016 (11:03 am)

    ST3 should have been a bust.  Not against developing Mass Transit, but there should have been a ST 2.5 plan.  That, and the fact an out of district resident was voted in to represent us?  What are people thinking????

  • WS Guy November 9, 2016 (6:40 pm)

    Where do we start lobbying for the WS rail extension to go underground?  I would rather have buses than an elevated track and giant stations for 400-foot-long trains.

    • Casey November 10, 2016 (7:55 am)

      I was surprised to see that the high level plan for WS light rail was to elevate it for most of the route.   Like, seriously?   Where?   Run an elevated track up Alaska Ave?     I always thought the plan was to go underground after crossing the Duwamis river.  

  • trevor November 9, 2016 (10:08 pm)

    I know this most of the people who voted yes will blame Trump for higher rents, Higher tabs, and higher cost of goods. Next will be a parking space fee in front of your house.

  • Senior November 10, 2016 (8:17 am)

    Pierce County residents rejected this Scam Tax 3 by 56% NO  but apparently we have to pay anyway. If King and Snohomish counties want it, fine, but leave me out.  If taxes collected are designated for the area collected from, then don’t collect the taxes in Pierce County and don’t build unwanted and antiquated track-based transportation here.

  • Nancy R November 10, 2016 (9:50 am)

    Unlike the rest of the country,  Washington is moving forward with progress on many fronts.   We are so lucky that Prop 1.  passed so that people of all ages and races have mobility, and we can start addressing climate change.   If you want a car based system,  I just returned from canvassing in Nevada.  Las Vegas has these amazing huge freeways that go everywhere with very little traffic.  Its like LA without the traffic jams!   No pesky hills or bodies of water either.    Please go move there so that we can get on with making Seattle into a truly great city.

  • WSoldguy November 10, 2016 (12:45 pm)

    ST 1 will NOT Reduce congestion.  I don’t own a fancy car, I pay on my house.  I am just a guy that has lived here my entire life in WS.  I am being taxed out….there is congestion in EVERY metropolitan city.  WS is growing due to rezoning laws and we are loosing that small community feeling.  To Nancy R, I hope you understand the earlier comments from space dust.  These taxes have to stop.  Taxes, taxes, taxes are not the solution.  Being progressive is cool, but please tell us all how you can afford these taxes.  Do you rent, own a house, have kids in school, own a car?  All of which requires tax revenue.  Thank you for letting me to comment.

  • MsD November 10, 2016 (1:35 pm)

    Is there a way to find out what an individual is paying for in our property taxes?  Since I’ve been a homeowner in Seattle, I’ve lost count of all the initiatives that were going to cost “just” x amount per $1,000 of assessed value.  I’d be really interested to find out what I’m actually paying for and whether it’s the amount that was promised.  I looked at my account on the King County Treasury site, but the distribution info just breaks it down by city, state, school, etc. and doesn’t detail go into detail about what those amounts include.

  • Nancy R November 10, 2016 (2:46 pm)

    For most King County families, owning and maintaining a vehicle consumes more of their budget that anything else other than housing. The average household spends more than $12,500 per year on one or more vehicles.   The goal should be to think about using public transit as your second car.    That will save far more than the cost of the ST3 taxes that we as a community decided to invest in. 

  • WSoldguy November 10, 2016 (4:03 pm)

    To Nancy R….can you state where you got that $12,500 year figure from?  And what about those individuals that have to be in their car…ie..sales reps, construction workers, truck drivers, etc.  Your goal of using public transit as your second car only works for a minority of the population.  Do yourself a favor and look at MsD and KM remarks.  It is an eye opening figure.  Even go to the tax calculator in the voters guide.  We need to find a better way of paying for this.  Think of it this way, of all our transportation projects that are ongoing, who is paying for it?  It is the individuals that are using it.  Do you think it is fair to tax individuals who live in central and eastern WA?  And, who will pay for that large tunnel project? It will be US?  How you may ask, they will charge more than what was previously quoted.  Just saying.

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