REMINDER: Seattle Parks dog-plan hearing Thursday

One last reminder in case this is an issue about which you feel strongly: Tomorrow night is the public hearing for the draft citywide People, Dogs, and Parks Strategic Plan. The citywide Board of Park Commissioners is presiding over the public hearing, 6:30 pm at Miller Community Center on Capitol Hill (330 19th Ave. E.). Here are the details, as first published in August on the Parks Department’s Parkways website; we first wrote about the draft plan when it was made public back in June, including the improvements it recommends for West Seattle’s only off-leash park, Westcrest Park in Highland Park.

P.S. If you can’t make it to the public hearing, you can comment via e-mail – send your thoughts to Rachel.Acosta@Seattle.Gov by October 14th.

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  • Anonymous September 27, 2016 (9:21 am)

    I was bummed I was unable to make it to this. I live near Long Fellow Creek and go to the park often. There are a lot of dogs running around off leash on nice days, even when signs prohibit it. Normally I would care less, but my dog does not do well with larger dogs. Yesterday I had a large dog sprint across the street to her. She looked scared and this made me really upset. When the rules of the park aren’t being followed, we don’t get to enjoy the park like everyone else. I think everyone just needs to be mindful that not all dogs are the same and their past experiences shape their reaction to dogs of all shapes and sizes. I would like to see the new dog parks accommodate small dogs.  

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