Concert Across America to End Gun Violence: Tibbetts UMC participating in West Seattle

This was announced long before five people were shot and killed last night in Burlington, just an hour north of here, but it’s suddenly and tragically all the more timely: Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor) in West Seattle is participating in tomorrow’s Concert Across America to End Gun Violence. Here’s the church’s announcement from early September:

On September 25th there is a nationwide series of live concerts brought together by social media. Please join us at Tibbetts United Methodist Church [3 pm Sunday] as we take part in this important event, and experience the power of music to heal and inspire in the midst of the terrible epidemic of gun violence in our country.

One of the featured musical groups at the concert at Tibbetts will be West Seattle’s own Christy McWilson and the West Seattle 2, along with Seattle Flash Choir, “Lady A,” Pacific Northwest Blues Diva, Tibbetts United Methodist Church Choir.

At the end of the concert, all performers and the audience will join in singing two specially-selected songs together.

Attendance is free, but we are asking for donations to support Everytown for Gun Safety. Please give if and what you can! For more information on the nationwide concert event, please (go here).

2 Replies to "Concert Across America to End Gun Violence: Tibbetts UMC participating in West Seattle"

  • sam-c September 24, 2016 (4:18 pm)

    i wish those of us that feel hopeless about gun violence could find hope in a concert, but honestly, I don’t think I can. what can we do to actually end this nonsense. I mean really?

  • Double Dub Resident September 24, 2016 (5:59 pm)


    Unfortunately it is going to have to beyond just gun laws,  there is going to have to be a societal shift in a violent mindset. 

    For example,  Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but according to the Chicago Tribune, between Jan. 1st 2016 and Aug. 24th 2016 there was over 2,800 shootings.  According to their local news  and officials from Chicago, about the same time frame the police confiscated 5,000 guns off the street.  

    This doesn’t mean that I’m against gun laws. As  a CPL carrier,  I think that anyone applying for a concealed license should have to take AND PASS a gun safety class.  People have to take and pass a test to get a license for a car,  it is not unreasonable to do the same for a CPL. 

    Also,  there needs to be a nation wide close in the “gun show”  loophole.  This loophole for example,  lets POS buy guns at an Arizona gun show and then run these guns to California and selling them in the black market for 3x as much.  

    Also the ATF needs to be updated. Technology wise, they are working in the stone age often documenting with paper rather than a computer data base.  

    We need to tighten our borders with countries like the Philippines which ghost guns are often smuggled from.  

    Also existing gun laws need to be strengthened and enforced.  

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