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‘A lot of shots-fired incidents’ & other updates @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Gunfire was the first thing our area’s top law enforcer brought up as tonight’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting began.

CRIME TRENDS: Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis opened the meeting with his crime-trends briefing, as usual. “As of lately, there’s been a lot of shots-fired incidents, there’s reasons behind it … it is alarming,” and community members “are quite tired, and I don’t blame them one bit.”

Once shots are reported, “we do take them very seriously, our officers go out and investigate … if there’s physical evidence that can be confiscated and taken to a lab, we do that .. there’s a whole unit that does that to see if there’s a nexus between different areas of the city (and other cities). … There’s shots-fired evidence we can link to various crimes throughout the area.” According to Capt. Davis, gangs and drugs are what’s most often involved “and we’re quickly putting together the pieces as to who’s who.”

He mentioned one particular trouble spot – a mile-plus of 16th SW, from the 6900 through 9000 block. South Park (which also is served by the SW Precinct) is being plagued by gunfire incidents, too, and so, he said, patrols have been stepped up, even including SWAT officers and the Anti-Crime Team. But they can’t patrol around the clock, he warned: “Obviously these individuals are smart enough to know if you’re shooting when police are around, you’re probably going to get caught … I wish I had enough officers to have out there 24/7 but that’s not the case.”

A resident of 21st SW in Puget Ridge spoke up at this point to say she had heard gunshots for three nights.

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West Seattle weather: Another recordsetting day


Thanks for the sunset photos! Above, that’s from Kanit Cottrell via e-mail; below, from Gary Gates via Twitter:

The beautiful sunset ended another day with a record-high temperature – 84 degrees, 10 degrees above the previous record. And we might get into the 80s again tomorrow, according to the National Weather Service, followed by possible evening thunderstorms!

MYSTERY: West Seattleite hopes to reunite this photo with its subjects’ family


Ron Tjerandsen would love to give this photo to the family of the people in the photo. Here’s how he found it:

I was sorting through a stack of old photos of my family – Tjerandsen – which has been in West Seattle since 1906 when my grandfather, Jacob “Jack” Tjerandsen, and his brothers set up the Maritime Engine and Boat Works on the banks of the Duwamish River just north of the “low” bridge out of West Seattle. I happened on the [photo above] and looked at the reverse and all that was written there – in my aunt’s handwriting (Bernice Tjerandsen Gravem) – was the following:

Mary and Martin Haug
West Seattle
Hinds Street

The Tjerandsens belonged to the Norwegian Lutheran Church in West Seattle whose name was later changed to the First Lutheran Church, now situated on California Avenue, just north of the Junction. That may be a place to start to try to find out who the Haugs were – there may be records in their vault. The photo is in perfect shape and as mentioned initially – since the subjects mean nothing to me – I will release it to anyone who turns up from the family.

Might that be you? E-mail Ron at – and let us know how it turns out!

FLUSH UPDATE: Night 3 tonight as Seattle Public Utilities works to clear WS water

(WSB photo from Sunday, California/Spokane)

We checked in today with Seattle Public Utilities, whose crews are getting ready for Night 3 of a months-long process to flush rust/sediment out of the West Seattle water system, to reduce the recurring brown-water problems that have hit various parts of our area since last fall.

So far, SPU’s Ingrid Goodwin tells WSB, “The crews are still working out the flushing process and have been making some field adjustments to achieve the results we need. So far they have completed four flushes (2 Sunday and 2 Monday). We were hoping to complete 3 to 4 flushes per night, but we’ve run into some problems with operating some of the older valves.”

Tonight, she says they’re expected to be at three locations: 44th/Lander, 45th/Stevens, and, for some “pre-flushing” work, 44th/Spokane. Remember that – as was apparently the case Sunday night – the flushing itself can lead to temporarily discolored water as that water heads out of the system; if at any time you have a problem that persists, notify SPU at 206-386-1800.

BACKSTORY: The plan to flush West Seattle’s pipes this spring/summer was announced three weeks ago. Then on April 8th, SPU shared the map of the first area to be flushed, along with other details. On Sunday, just as the flushing was about to start, we took a closer look at the water-system workings, in part a followup to our March 22nd report on how SPU monitors and tests local drinking water – for “flavor” as well as safety.

Celebration of life on Friday for Joseph C. Harris, 1940-2016

Family and friends will gather this Friday to celebrate the life of Joseph C. Harris. Here’s the remembrance that’s being shared today:

Joseph Claude Harris, age 75, died peacefully at home surrounded by family on April 16th. He is survived by his wife Sue, his children Sean (Courtney Harris-Campf), Colleen, Becky (RJ Masters), Marianne (Patrick McGah), and CJ, 5 granddaughters, and his brother, John Harris.

Joe was born and raised in West Seattle, attended Holy Rosary School, O’Dea High School, and Maryknoll Seminary. He later earned an MBA from City University. Joe and Sue met through their work with the CYO Summer Camps and after their wedding they lived as the caretakers at Camp Cabrini.

Joe was a proud father to his five children, often driving kids around the city for activities, teaching them to play cribbage, and supporting them in their endeavors. He devoted many years of service to the Catholic Church in parish ministry, school and parish finances, and researching demographics of the Church around the country. Joe was a regular volunteer at Holy Rosary, suggesting that Fr. Mallahan start the endowment fund, serving on various committees, and helping with the plans for Lanigan Gym. Joe loved running, biking, hiking, and playing basketball. He will be greatly missed.

The celebration of his life will be at Holy Rosary Church on Friday, April 22nd at 6:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Fr. Mallahan Endowment Fund at Holy Rosary School.

(WSB publishes West Seattle obituaries by request, free of charge. Please e-mail the text, and a photo if available, to

DANCE! DNDA to launch Cultural Events Series with April 29th World Dance Party

April 19, 2016 1:52 pm
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World Dance Party

The World Dance Party on April 29th at Delridge Community Center will launch something brand new in West Seattle – Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association‘s Cultural Events Series. It’ll be the first of 10 events – both new and recurring, including the Delridge Day and Arts In Nature festivals – from now through the end of the year. Today’s announcement includes this backstory:

There has been growing discussion throughout broader Delridge about a need for more collaboration and communication between organizations, and an aspiration to highlight the diverse cultural groups working and living in SW Seattle. According to the 2010 census, Delridge had some of the highest per capita percentages of diverse ethnic groups represented in Seattle, and the highest percentage of youth ages 0-17 in the city. As the demographic of Delridge is rapidly changing, it is important that all residents are encouraged to invest in their community and support organizations doing significant service, cultural and artistic work here in the neighborhood.

It is with this vision that the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) seeks to convene the Cultural Events Series to not only advance the mission of the organization but also to activate growth in a manner that will build, strengthen and empower all of the communities within the Delridge Corridor.

Partnerships will encompass the diverse group of organizations housed at DNDA’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and other local organizations including Nature Consortium, Totem Star, Reel Grrls, Arts Corps, Southwest Youth & Family Services, Vietnamese Cultural Center, Delridge Community Center and others. Significant funding for the project comes from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods.

By fostering local partnerships and incorporating the city’s Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), the Cultural Events Series will increase awareness around the history, culture and needs of Delridge. The series will activate a support network to encourage residents and families who have long called Delridge home to stay rooted, empowered and engaged while deepening the perspectives of what is possible in our neighborhood.

After the World Dance Party, the Summer Kickoff will be next, June 10th at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. The full list of events for the rest of the year is here.

MORE ROAD WORK: Bus-battered street panels in Westwood to be replaced starting next week

(WSB photo from March)

FIRST REPORT, 11:56 AM: The city is about to start replacing concrete panels on 26th SW north of Roxbury. The Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council shone light on this problem during its March meeting, which we covered here; residents along that stretch of 26th south of Westwood Village point out that both the road and their houses have been literally rattled by the dramatic increase in bus traffic since the area became a “transit center” a few years ago. WWRHAH leadership just got this notice from SDOT and shared it with us to help get early warning to you:

SDOT Maintenance and Operations staff will be reconstructing portions of older, thinner concrete pavement on 26th Ave SW that are failing due to heavy Metro bus loads. Work will commence on Monday April 25th, 7:00 a.m.

All southbound traffic, including Metro buses, will be detoured for the duration of the project. Metro buses will continue to use northbound lanes. The roadway will be closed to general traffic, however local access, including solid waste vehicles, postal carriers, etc. will be able to travel northbound only. It is anticipated that the roadway will be reopened no later than 6:00 p.m., Sunday May 1st. Areas adjacent to work zone will be no-parked; Uniformed Police Officers will be assisting during active construction periods.

WWRHAH leadership was told the first phase will be between Roxbury and Cambridge.

ADDED 4:23 PM: An advisory just sent by the city spells it out this way:

From 7:00 a.m. on Monday, April 25, to 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 1, travelers can expect the following:

• The southbound direction of 26th Ave SW between SW Roxbury St and SW Cambridge St will be closed to general traffic.

• All southbound traffic, including Metro buses, will be detoured for the duration of the project.

• The northbound direction of 26th Avenue SW will be open to traffic, including Metro buses.

• Local access will be available in the northbound direction only.

• There will be no parking in areas adjacent to the 26th Avenue SW work zone.

They refer bus riders to Metro’s site for bus-detour info, though we’re not seeing it posted there yet.

West Seattle power outage: Pathfinder K-8 without electricity

11:32 AM: Thanks for the tips – parents of students at Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point mentioned getting e-mail from the school that the power’s out, and a few other people have mentioned losing power for a short time in other areas of east West Seattle (Highland Park, Westwood). Seattle City Light‘s outage map is itself out right now so we can’t use that for a reference. Seattle Public Schools confirms Pathfinder is out; City Light is checking for us to see if anyone else is and what’s going on.

12:21 PM: Scott Thomsen from SCL says, “It was a momentary interruption of two feeder lines caused by a tree making contact with the wires.”

West Seattle Tuesday: Crime Prevention Council, fundraiser trivia, more …


Biggest event of the day, the continued very-warm weather, likely back into the 80s. Our showcase image above is from Christopher Boffoli, who explains: “Just thought I’d share an image I grabbed yesterday from Richey Viewpoint (beach) that demonstrates a ‘superior’ (or cold water) mirage resulting from warm air over the cold water of the Sound which creates a strange lens effect – in this case – on the tree line in the distance behind the Fauntleroy ferry. Cliff Mass mentioned this effect too in an image he posted on his weather blog yesterday.” Now, on with calendar highlights:

POOL SCHEDULE: As featured in our story last night looking ahead to summer swim season, city-run Southwest Pool is open to the public year-round, so if the expected high in the 80s has you looking to cool off in the water, see the schedule for today/tonight here. (2801 SW Thistle)

MATH BUDDIES: Drop-in help for K-5 students at West Seattle (Admiral) Library, 4-5 pm, thanks to teen volunteers. More info here. (2306 42nd SW)

EVENING BOOK GROUP: 6:30 pm at High Point Library; this month’s title is “Bucking the Sun” by Ivan Doig.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: If you have neighborhood crime/safety concerns, this is the monthly chance to take them directly to local police. Local crime trends and concerns comprise the first part of the 7 pm meeting at the Southwest Precinct; then there’s a spotlight topic, which is scheduled to be “parking enforcement” this time around. All welcome. (Delridge/Webster)

TRIVIA FUNDRAISER: 7:30 pm, fundraising trivia at the Senior Center of West Seattle, hosted by Phillip Tavel from the longrunning Wednesday night trivia at Talarico’s. Make your reservation ahead of time and get a discount – info is in our calendar listing. (California SW/SW Oregon)

LOTS MORE for today/tonight, on our complete calendar!

RECYCLE ROUNDUP: Five days until the spring edition

(WSB file photo)

Another big West Seattle event for de-cluttering is getting close – just five days until this Sunday’s spring edition of the Recycle Roundup that Fauntleroy Church‘s Green Committee presents twice a year. Here is the official list of what you can drop off (and what you can’t) in the church parking lot at 9140 California SW 9 am-3 pm Sunday (April 24th). No fees. If you have questions even after checking the list, it includes contact info you can use to ask the church’s event partner, 1 Green Planet. Otherwise – just show up!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2016 update, as registration continues

We’re in the third week of registration for the 12th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, with 160+ sales now signed up, north to south, east to west, all sizes, many types! Later this week, we’ll announce the registration deadline, but we can tell you that signups will continue for at least one more week.

Whether you’re shopping or selling, 9 am-3 pm Saturday, May 14th, is the big day (some sales choose to start earlier and/or end later, our only rule is to honor that basic six-hour window). We close registration relatively early so that we can get the map made and available a week ahead of time – we provide it free in two versions accessible online, the clickable “interactive” version and the printable/downloadable PDF version, both with the up-to-20-words listings that sellers provide, so shoppers can plan ahead.

One more reminder – if you just have a few things to sell and would like to be part of a multiseller site, check directly with the two who are offering spaces again this year, Hotwire Online Coffeehouse and C & P Coffee Company (both WSB sponsors).

Why be part of WSCGSD? It’s about more than buying and selling, as organizer Susan wrote on her block-sale registration form: “The 5900 block of 34th Ave SW loves this event! Every year it’s an excuse to party! We visit with our neighbors, meet new folks and catch up with annual Garage Sale returnees, who come to our street each year.”

Ready to register your sale? Here’s the form. Questions? (or comment section here) – thanks!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; 10 days until Viaduct closure

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:23 AM: Quiet, sunny Tuesday morning so far, headed into the 80s again.

VIADUCT-CLOSURE COUNTDOWN: 10 days until the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes for two weeks or so while the Highway 99 tunneling machine goes beneath it. Some new information emerged at a Monday media briefing – here’s our report. The city, county, and state transportation agencies are continuing to add information to

BASEBALL: Chief Sealth over Bainbridge

April 19, 2016 12:14 am
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The winning pitcher in Chief Sealth International High School‘s 8-5 victory over Bainbridge had a big day at the plate as well as on the mound. Thanks to head coach Ernest Policarpio for the box score: Isaac Hamilton was Monday’s winning pitcher with 5 runs over 6.1 innings and also went 4 for 4 with 2 RBI. Next up for the Seahawks – Seattle Prep visits them at Southwest Athletic Complex (2801 SW Thistle), 4 pm Wednesday.