MYSTERY: West Seattleite hopes to reunite this photo with its subjects’ family


Ron Tjerandsen would love to give this photo to the family of the people in the photo. Here’s how he found it:

I was sorting through a stack of old photos of my family – Tjerandsen – which has been in West Seattle since 1906 when my grandfather, Jacob “Jack” Tjerandsen, and his brothers set up the Maritime Engine and Boat Works on the banks of the Duwamish River just north of the “low” bridge out of West Seattle. I happened on the [photo above] and looked at the reverse and all that was written there – in my aunt’s handwriting (Bernice Tjerandsen Gravem) – was the following:

Mary and Martin Haug
West Seattle
Hinds Street

The Tjerandsens belonged to the Norwegian Lutheran Church in West Seattle whose name was later changed to the First Lutheran Church, now situated on California Avenue, just north of the Junction. That may be a place to start to try to find out who the Haugs were – there may be records in their vault. The photo is in perfect shape and as mentioned initially – since the subjects mean nothing to me – I will release it to anyone who turns up from the family.

Might that be you? E-mail Ron at – and let us know how it turns out!

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  • sc April 19, 2016 (6:46 pm)

    According to Washington State Digital Archives Martin and Mary (Heen) Haug were married April 1, 1911 in Seattle.  One of the witnesses was a Martin Tjerandsen,  maybe your relative ?  Perhaps the picture was a gift from the bride and groom?

    I have sent the info about the picture to someone in Ancestory,Com who has that couple in their family tree.  I included your email.

    As one who enjoys the hobby of genealogy I thank you for trying to find the family connection.

  • C A B April 19, 2016 (6:54 pm)

    Marriage date 1 Apr 1911.  Martin and Marie had a daughter Mildred Haug.  They are both buried at Forest Lawn – West Seattle.  Hope this information helps someone make a connection.

  • Jim April 19, 2016 (7:01 pm)

    A Mrs Haug  lived mid block on 3000 block of Belvidere street on the West Side of the street. Between Hanford and Stevens. I delivered her newspapers 1976-1977. Her son was an administrator at James Madison middle school, who I was always getting in trouble with in the mid 70’s. hope that helps.

  • Brian Waid April 19, 2016 (7:44 pm)

    Martin Haug was born in Norway in approv. 1859.   His father was Hans Chrstian Johnson.  He had brothers Erik, Herman, and Anton Hanson Haug, and a sister, Emma Haug who married Hans Westad.  My wife is the grand-daughter of Anton.  They are all buried at Forest Lawn.  

  • ACG April 19, 2016 (11:33 pm)

    This is cool the way the community kicks in. I love stories like this on the blog!  Hope the photo finds its way back to family!!

  • Meghan April 20, 2016 (12:15 am)

    They had a daughter Mildred who married Harold Smith. The Smiths had a daughter Shirley, who married a Willson.   Shirley had 3 children (they would be Marin & Marie’s great grandkids). Shirley died in Lynnwood in 2014. There is an obit for her in the Seattle Times that mentions her children and grandchildren and her great grand kids. Link is long and may wrap badly sorry :

    Also found this in  an archived WS Herald dated April 8, 1943:

    Martin Haug Passes; Lived Here 37 Years
    Martin Haug, 55, of  3908 West Charleston St. passed away March 31.  He was born in Norway, December 12, 1887, coming to America and settling in West Seattle in 1906.  He was employed by the Novelty Flouring Mills for 37 years.  Funeral services were held Saturday, April 3rd, with Rev. Warren Strain of First Lutheran Church officiating.  Interment was at Forest Lawn Cemetary. 
    Surviving are his wife, Marie; daughter, Mrs. Harold Smith; brothers, Anton and Erik Haug; sister, Mrs. Emma Westad; and two grandchildren, all of West Seattle.

  • Meghan April 20, 2016 (12:25 am)

    Link for obit for Shirley Marie (Smith) Willson.   Mentions  her children’s names which could help locate somebody in direct lineage, who is still living

  • Roddy April 23, 2016 (12:06 am)

    Martin’s brother Erik’s son was Henry Haug, who was the Madison administrator Jim mentioned above. I got in trouble with him as well! Henry Haug died in 2007.

  • Shawn Dailey April 23, 2016 (3:52 pm)

    Henry Haug is my Grandfather. His son Terry Haug still lives in West Seattle and Barbara (Haug) Dailey lives in Shelton. I do not know of any other Haugs left from that lineage other than these two.

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