SITE NOTE: Downtime later tonight

8:33 PM: Just an alert that WSB will have some downtime tonight starting around 11 pm. Last Saturday we had two rounds of downtime to switch to new server hardware, with space not only to hold our current 10-year archives but to accommodate the years ahead, following up on our recent software overhaul. But there’s one more step to take to move our live site onto the new hardware, and that’s happening tonight. Please bookmark (or otherwise save) our backup-site address, since we’ll use it for breaking news, if needed, while the work is under way – – and of course our major social-media channels too, and Thanks for your understanding as we continue evolving.

2:15 AM: Over now.

2 Replies to "SITE NOTE: Downtime later tonight"

  • Chris February 3, 2016 (10:14 pm)

    Thank you for the new mobil format. It looks great and so, so much better than it looked a few days ago. Thanks for all the effort you two put into this blog. I and I am sure others really appreciate it!

    • WSB February 3, 2016 (10:33 pm)

      Thanks for the kind words. There are two phone formats … you can either see the “desktop” (lots of blue) version on mobile or the default mobile, which is black and white but based on the same pure-mobile format software we used to have attached to the old site. And we’re still working on fine-tuning … the work mentioned here was completed last night and should pave the way for some more fixes. Changing things after 10 years turned out to be a much, much bigger undertaking than we expected … TR

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