ROAD-WORK ALERT: City crews at 5-way intersection beneath the bridge next two weekends

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SDOT has just sent word that crews will be working at the five-way intersection under the bridge the next two weekends:

This weekend SDOT is preparing to implement a series of safety improvements at a West Seattle intersection.

The intersection is located below the West Seattle Bridge, where W Marginal Way SW, Chelan Ave SW, SW Spokane St and Delridge Way SW intersect. It is also where the Alki Trail connects with the West Seattle Bridge Trail. The intersection provides freight operators main access to the industrial district in West Seattle and the West Seattle Bridge.

Safety improvements include the restriping of crosswalks; the placement of green pavement markings indicating where people biking and driving cross paths; and the installation of a rapid flashing beacon at the south side of the intersection to increase the visibility of people accessing the trails. Crews have already begun work in the median island between Delridge Way SW and SW Spokane St to add a paved path for people waiting to walk or bike across Delridge Way SW. These safety improvements bring us closer to reaching our Vision Zero goal of zero traffic deaths and serious injuries, and once they are implemented it will be easier for everyone to travel through this area.

Construction activities are being divided over two weekends to help minimize traffic delays at this busy intersection. Weekend work activities are weather dependent and scheduled to conclude by Nov. 1. Traffic control will be in place both weekends and conducted in cooperation with the Seattle Police Department. Construction impacts include noise, dust, and minor delays due to lane restrictions while crews complete their work tasks. Questions about the project can be directed to 206-684-8105.

Improving this intersection has long been a goal for local transportation advocates; it also was discussed at the West Seattle Bridge-Duwamish Waterway Corridor “action report” meeting back on Monday night – here’s our report.

13 Replies to "ROAD-WORK ALERT: City crews at 5-way intersection beneath the bridge next two weekends"

  • slowpoke October 22, 2015 (4:24 pm)

    Great news! Cycling is a bit dodgy there. Maybe some day the city will find the money to build an overpass connecting the trails.

  • bill October 22, 2015 (6:15 pm)

    Excellent! But why can’t SDOT do north-up maps?

  • dsa October 22, 2015 (6:17 pm)

    Too bad they don’t know which way north is. I hope they paint the street correctly.

  • aa October 22, 2015 (8:49 pm)

    Does this mean that there will be construction on the bridge and underneath it at the same time this weekend?

    • WSB October 22, 2015 (9:04 pm)

      The lane repair on the Fauntleroy end is still scheduled for this weekend, yes. This is that shoulder season where, if the weather looks good, SDOT tries to squeeze in as much as possible before we get to winter …

  • MJ October 22, 2015 (9:31 pm)

    Are they planning on improving the traffic signals? Takes way too long to move traffic through there. Really hope they’re repaving the whole intersection, it’s crazy how bad the pavement is. Can’t imagine being on a motorcycle going through there.

  • K to the F October 22, 2015 (10:02 pm)

    You’re not wrong, @MJ. I love these improvements but will likely cut that curve short of where the green path will be, as I do now, when riding my bike home from downtown to avoid some serious canyons/tracks in the middle of that intersection.

  • dsa October 23, 2015 (2:01 am)

    The signal phasing could be longer looking at the diagram. The green bike path is diagonal, crosses more than one street. They might be planning an extra signal phase to accommodate it.

  • Q October 23, 2015 (8:39 am)

    The fact that they used sharrow symbols pointed in the opposite direction of expected traffic flow for these bike lanes doesn’t give me much hope for an actual positive impact of this project as a whole. Seems like more infrastructure designed to get bikes out of the way of the precious automobile than an actual useful facility for riding.

  • Chad October 23, 2015 (10:20 am)

    I think this will be a nice improvement. This is better than what was there before. There is now a place to queue up on Delridge Way. Previously, this was a free for all and when there was traffic backed up there it was difficult to get into the queue. The space to queue up may not be big enough, but still an improvement.

    When headed eastbound the new design take one intersection out of the equation. The space to queue up does seem rather small though, considering the number of bikes coming through this intersection.

    I’m happy to see some improvement here. The future flyover option would be awesome, but I imagine due to cost, that’s not going to happen anytime soon if ever.

  • Neighbor October 23, 2015 (10:12 pm)

    Don’t forget driver, pedestrian and bicyclist education. One of the most basic rules of the road – “stay to the right” – is frequently ignored by all path users. Drivers also need to accommodate bicyclist that are riding in proper lane to make turns. It astonishes me how rude and dangerous some car drivers are that cut off bikes and honking at us while he’s making the traffic infraction by trying to turn left from Delridge while he’s in the right turn lane. Many pedestrians pose an equal hazard to bicyclist as they stray all over the path and you cannot anticipate if they might head right in your path. I announce myself but a lot of pedestrians just ignore you. I hate it when someone acts like they are the only ones entitled to use the road. Also, what is up with all the cyclist that start to line up to the left side of path when the bridge is up? Do you expect me to yield to you when someone comes the other direction and is going to smack you head-on?! Line up first like the rest of us. I don’t give a s@&t if you think you are fast.

  • Jarv October 24, 2015 (4:01 am)

    “I hate it when someone acts like they are the only ones entitled to use the road.”

    Saucepan, —》》 Percolator…onyx

  • Steven Gaub October 26, 2015 (2:11 pm)

    I ride this area on my 3 wheal Recumbent 2-4 times a month. I am very cautious and often see bicycles and motorists braking the low by not following the signals. The planning markings on the street seem logical but would be very risky if the: cyclist, pedestrians, or cars do not following the signals. I remain hopeful and will be delighted to use the new signaling system and path. I was delighted to find the call buttons at the wheelchair, recumbent level for easy use.

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