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If you wondered about the police response in Arbor Heights

Police are wrapping up at the scene of what was reported to be an armed person threatening self-harm in the 35th/98th vicinity. Via emergency radio, we hear the person was taken into custody, apparently with no injury to them or to officers.

(Reminder: Crisis Clinic has a 24-hour hotline for anyone considering self-harm: 206-461-3222.)

UPDATE: Major Beach Drive emergency response; reports of ‘parachuter’ into the water, but apparently just balloons

(Reader photo)
10:04 PM UPDATE: A big contingent of Seattle Fire and Police is headed by land and sea to Beach Drive/Genesee (map), where a caller reported seeing “a parachuter” go into the water. More to come.

10:10 PM UPDATE: Scanner now indicates that more than one person saw this and called it in. Rescue crews who are arriving are setting up lights and other equipment in hopes of finding out where the person is.

(Photos from here by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli unless otherwise credited)
If you have the water in view, you’ll see multiple vessels; the U.S. Coast Guard is joining in the search, too.

10:20 PM UPDATE: They haven’t found anyone yet, but are continuing to coordinate every search tool/strategy they possibly can. We have a crew arriving on scene, but in the meantime, thanks to the neighbor who sent the photo we’ve added above.

10:28 PM UPDATE: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli is at the scene and we’re adding two photos from him inline above. Via scanner, still no word of anyone being found. The Coast Guard is planning to use aerial flares “to illuminate the area.” (Photo added)

(Christopher’s photo substituted for earlier reader photo showing flare)
There’s also word they might need to shift the search further north.

If you’re seeing emergency vehicles at Don Armeni Boat Ramp, they are staging there in case someone is found and needs to be transported to medic unit on shore. Also, please AVOID Beach Drive in that area – it’s blocked by the rescue vehicles and they’re still trying to get police to help with traffic.

10:36 PM: They’ve found a bunch of balloons and believe that’s what people saw. But they’re still checking the water in case.

10:41 PM: They’re fairly sure that’s what it was – a large bunch of “mylar balloons” – and some of the units are being dismissed now.

11:01 PM: Even more units have left, and Beach Drive is reopening to traffic.

1:10 AM: We’ve continued to monitor; the balloon discovery definitely closed the call. Both SPD and SFD had vessels on the water, but the latter tells us the former found the balloons.

VIDEO: Watch this octopus moving along West Seattle shore

(Photo and video courtesy Vlad Oustimovitch)
On the rocky shores off Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook (4503 Beach Drive SW) at low tide today, Vlad Oustimovitch and other beach explorers were mesmerized by the sight of that small – he guessed maybe a foot and a half – Giant Pacific Octopus octopus, as it headed toward the water, and then arrived, as Vlad’s two short clips show:

The lowest low tide will be even lower the next two days – per our favorite long-range chart, -2.3 feet at 10:42 am tomorrow, -2.5 feet at 11:23 am tomorrow.

Another cleanup: Cables, blocks left by protest barge in dive zone to be removed Monday

8:38 PM: Before the “Solar Pioneer” protest barge moved to its spot off Don Armeni Boat Ramp, you might recall, it originally anchored further east, off Seacrest. That brought some concerns about possible danger to divers and damage to wildlife, so it moved; “Diver Laura” James was involved with making that happen, and now reports that the blocks and cables left behind in the “Cove 2” area will be removed tomorrow. You’ll see them in her video, embedded above (it has music and explanatory captioning). She explains: “Seacrest Park Cove 2 is the most popular dive site in Seattle, home to the world’s largest octopus and numerous other varieties of marine life. When the tide changed, the cable attached from the anchor blocks to the barge overhead swept across the underwater landscape, damaging the fragile habitat and destroying the homes of underwater creatures. When it was noted that damage was occurring, the cables were dropped and the barge was moved further towards Duwamish Head. The blocks and cable are slated for removal on Monday by Global Diving & Salvage, Inc., thanks to Washington State Department of Natural Resources, GUE Seattle, concerned individuals … and the Northwest Dive Community at large, who took note and voiced concern.” A spokesperson for those responsible for the barge told The Seattle Times last month that “We clearly didn’t have any intention of doing damage to a dive park. It was an honest mistake.” We’re checking on who’s covering the cleanup cost.

9:01 PM: We won’t be able to get a direct answer on that any sooner than tomorrow but there’s more backstory in this post on the Northwest Dive Club website (intended primarily to warn divers away from the area tomorrow, but also explaining why).

5,000 fewer butts on the beach: Seal Sitters’ Alki cleanup

(Photo by Eilene Hutchinson)
That’s part of what Seal Sitters Marine Stranding Network, friends, and volunteers found during their Alki Beach cleanup Saturday morning. From Robin Lindsey:

After learning that 360 billion cigarette butts are discarded each year in the US (you can just imagine the numbers worldwide!), volunteers spread out along Alki Beach and the sidewalks with buckets and bags. They returned with over 5,000 butts and amassed a large amount of trash in under two hours. Passersby were astounded and very grateful. People in cars yelled out their support as they drove by the dedicated people plucking up all sorts of toxic and dangerous trash along the street.

Before heading out, the volunteers got educational encouragement:

(Photo by Robin Lindsey)

Daoud Miller from Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalists (photo above) spoke briefly to more than 80 volunteers, asking them to make sure to hceck trash before removing it in case an invertebrate had claimed it as “home.” He was available all morning to engage with participants and inform them about the small critters that live along the shoreline. Peggy Foreman, education specialist from NOAA, talked passionately about the Arroyos gray whale who died in 2010 with a disturbing amount of human trash in his stomach.

Seal Sitters, Seattle Parks and Recreation, ACC and PAWS (co-sponsors of the event) thank everyone who helped make the beach safer for marine life yesterday!

More photos and details from Saturday are in Robin’s full report on Seal Sitters’ blubberblog website.

Congratulations! A’s are West Seattle Baseball’s Bronco champs

June 14, 2015 3:17 pm
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More congratulations as youth sports leagues’ seasons end: Thanks to Nicole Zerbato, league secretary for West Seattle Baseball, for sharing the photo and report on the league’s Bronco Division champions, the A’s:

Congratulations to the A’s on winning the 2015 West Seattle Baseball Bronco Championship. Led by Coach Perry Brown, the boys often heard “ play like you are down by one run “ and “are you having fun out there?” These often-heard mantras, plus top-notch offense, defense, and teamwork, are what kept the A’s in the winning bracket throughout the playoffs, and allowed them to clinch first place. Outstanding season and hard work by the players and coaches.

In the photo, L-R: Conner Diede, Ethan Levine, Max Zerbato, Charlie Odiorne, Jesse Brown, Noah Kubo, Gabe Palmer, Carson Manns, Abe Odiorne, Steve Zurek. Missing from photo: Deni Tonn and Quinn Kerwin.

(WSB sports coverage is archived here, newest-to-oldest.)

5 weeks till West Seattle Garden Tour: Poster artist honored

One more scene from this month’s West Seattle Art Walk, this past Thursday: Winning 2015 West Seattle Garden Tour poster artist Gretchen Flickinger was honored. Her work was on display at West Seattle Windermere in The Junction; that’s where WSGT president Jan Clow presented her with the $500 check for winning. (That’s the poster art behind them.) This year’s WSGT (co-sponsored by WSB) is on Sunday, July 19th; your ticket book gets you admission to nine great gardens (and includes their locations) plus Phil Wood‘s midday lecture on garden design. You’ll soon be able to buy yours at West Seattle Nursery or Junction True Value.

PHOTOS: West Seattle Farmers’ Market debuts in new street location

10:57 AM: “This rocks!” That’s the first comment we heard today from a visitor to the newly relocated West Seattle Farmers’ Market (WSB sponsor), on until 2 pm in the middle of California Avenue SW between Oregon and Alaska. As first published here last week, here’s the vendor map:

The move has been months in the making, officially – but it’s also been a years-long dream for some, with the knowledge that it brings more space for more vendors and more local nonprofits, plus more room for shoppers to roam, and more chances to show off The Junction’s bricks-and-mortar businesses to WSFM visitors. More photos to come, but better yet, just go see for yourself!

P.S. Transportation notes – only one bus route is affected, the 22; for vehicle parking, while the market block is off-limits until about 4 pm, the 45-space lot that formerly held the market is open; for bicycle parking, remember the “corral” on the southeast corner of California/Alaska. Also, east-west streets are all open, including Alaska and Oregon themselves.

2:43 PM: Adding photos. Above, the fresh produce is the star of the show this time of year. But as noted in our preview, you’ll find food trucks too – that made it a hit for Sammy and Annika, whose mom Lori shared the photo:

The Kiwanis Club of West Seattle is back for summer appearances – we found them right by the south end at California/Alaska:

And we happened onto Ivy from market staff, with WSFM buttons:

(added) From MercyMoi, “August is making a necklace with beautiful paper beads”:

MM adds, “The artist (and farmers market rep) showed us how to make the beads, so I expect many textured jewelry projects this summer.”

Photo to share from the street site’s debut? Share it! Meantime, again, this is the market’s new home, so it’ll be back in the street every Sunday – except for July 12th, when it’ll be back at the old location in the 44th/Alaska lot since West Seattle Summer Fest will have taken over the street for the weekend.

West Seattle Flag Day: American Legion Post 160 decorates Junction with the Stars & Stripes

It’s Flag Day in the USA – and the flags you’re seeing in The Junction while visiting for the newly relocated West Seattle Farmers’ Market (and/or for brunch, shopping, etc.) are in place courtesy of American Legion Post 160, whose volunteers put the flags in place this morning.

As mentioned here on Saturday, Post 160 agreed to help with what was left as an orphaned task after the death of Don Smathers. Post leaders tell us they’ll also be helping on Veterans Day; Independence Day is still open for somebody else to step up.

City Council District 1 campaign: Wednesday forum with ‘feedback tool’ & food truck; video from Monday’s Pigeon Point event

Voting in the first-ever Seattle City Council District 1 primary is sooner than you think. Ballots you’ll use to help narrow the field of nine candidates to two finalists will arrive in about five weeks. So it’s down to decision time, if you haven’t made your choice yet.

NEXT WEDNESDAY: 7-9 pm Wednesday (June 17th) at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, your next chance to see the D-1 candidates side by side will be presented by the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council. DNDC chair Mat McBride promises some format change-ups: “The audience will be equipped with a feedback/voting tool, and reactions to candidate statements will be displayed on screen.” Also – come early for dinner; Indian-food truck Spice on Curve will be at Youngstown. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

WHAT YOU MISSED LAST MONDAY: The Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council‘s candidate forum in the Pathfinder K-8 cafeteria used the “candi-dating” format – after introductions at the front of the room, the candidates circulated between tables. Seven of the nine candidates participated (Arturo Robles, Brianna Thomas, Chas Redmond, Jody Rushmer, Karl Wirsing, Lisa Herbold, Phillip Tavel – organizers said Pavel Goberman declined the invitation and Shannon Braddock was ill) and each table got to talk with five of them before time ran out. Since we’ve been videotaping all the D-1 forums, we had to do this one too; the format was a challenge for that, so our cameraperson picked a random table at which to record the turns. Challenging acoustics, but here’s the result:

Then we recorded the candidates answering one final question at the front of the room – they were asked what they specifically would do for Pigeon Point if elected, but the answers turned out to speak more to West Seattle-wide issues:

We also sat in at a second table without video. The questions varied from candidate to candidate, so no comparison is possible, but the questions asked by those at the table involved White Center annexation (we put that question to all candidates earlier this month), rent control and housing affordability, workers’ rights, education, transportation, weed control, and crime.

FINAL FORUM? In addition to the June 17th event mentioned at the start of this story, the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce also has finalized the plan for what might be the final forum before the primary – July 15th at the Brockey Center on the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus. It’ll start with a 5:30 pm meet-and-greet, then 6 pm opening statements, followed by table-to-table “candi-dating,” and a closing statement. This will be open to all, members and non-members, no admission charge. (6000 16th SW)

West Seattle Sunday: The Farmers’ Market moves! and more

The big event today: The West Seattle Farmers’ Market moves to its new home in the street!

(Photo added 8:48 am, as vendors set up)
FARMERS’ MARKET MOVE: Today is the first day for the West Seattle Farmers’ Market to set up in its new permanent home, California Avenue SW between Oregon and Alaska. Hours are the same, 10 am-2 pm; each Sunday, that block will be off-limits to vehicles 7 am until approximately 4 pm. Check out this WSB update to find out about some of the new vendors. And check out Junction businesses and restaurants while you’re there – some will have celebratory specials, such as WSB sponsor Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW, right on the market block). We’ll have a separate story about the first day of the market move – come back to WSB later today or tonight and share your thoughts about it.

Also today:

LAST DAY FOR ZATZ A BETTER BAGEL: As reported here on Friday, the bagel shop in The Admiral District says it’s closing after 20 years, and told us (and others) that today is the last day. (2348 California SW)

(Thanks to the texter who shared this photo of the pool entrance’s relatively new signage)
COLMAN POOL: Final day of the final preseason weekend for Colman Pool on the shore in Lincoln Park, three sessions between noon and 7 pm; see the schedule here.

KITTY HARBOR: West Seattle’s cat/kitten adoption center is open noon-5 pm. (3422 Harbor SW)

NATIVE FOOD ENGINEERING: 1-4 pm, free program at the Duwamish Tribe Longhouse (doors open at noon), details in our calendar listing. (4705 W. Marginal Way SW)

ROY ZIMMERMAN AT KENYON HALL: A lively way to wrap up your weekend – satirical and other original songs, 7:30 pm at historic Kenyon Hall in Sunrise Heights. Details in our calendar listing. (7904 35th SW)

Plus a transportation note:

WSF’S SUMMER SCHEDULE: Today’s the first day of the Washington State Ferries summer schedule.