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VIDEO: See what ‘Treehouse Masters’ did in West Seattle

Back in September, we mentioned – thanks to tips – that the TV show “Treehouse Masters” was filming an episode at a home on Beach Drive. The episode debuted this week (as a new round of tips informed us) and we just found it on YouTube, where it was posted today – so if you want to see how it turned out, watch above!

P.S. If you just want to cut to a tour of the finished treehouse itself, that’s in this “Behind the Build” clip on the Animal Planet website.

Clearing the waters in Longfellow Creek: Construction soon for two projects to reduce combined-sewer overflows

January 17, 2015 8:50 pm
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Two projects to reduce combined-sewer overflows into Longfellow Creek are about to get under way, and the city plans two meetings near the project sites, two weeks from today, to let neighbors know what to expect when construction begins, and to answer questions. These are both projects to improve existing facilities, rather than build brand-new ones; for the one known simply as CSO 2, the meeting will be 10:30 am-noon January 31st at the southeast corner of Delridge/Orchard, and for CSO 3, it’s 1-2:30 pm January 31st on the west side of the Barton Place/Henderson intersection. You can read more about both projects on this city webpage (which includes links to technical and environmental documents, if you’re looking for the fine print).

West Seattle Weather Watch: Wind advisory, tonight into tomorrow

Right now, it’s drippy and foggy – but wind is scheduled to sweep in late tonight. The National Weather Service has a wind advisory taking effect for our area 10 pm tonight until noon Sunday (yes, right before game time) – see the advisory here. The NWS expects winds 25-35 mph out of the south/southwest, with gusts up to 50 mph. Charge everything!

VIDEO: Alki rally, march urges freedom for Lolita, last surviving captive Puget Sound killer whale

(WSB photos/video by Patrick Sand)
A gathering this afternoon around West Seattle’s replica of a powerful symbol of human freedom was organized in hopes of winning freedom for a fellow mammal held captive thousands of miles away:

Taken from her family and her Puget Sound home more than 40 years ago, the orca known as Lolita (originally Tokitae), a member of L-Pod, has spent all that time in a tank at the Miami Seaquarium. Of the dozens of killer whales captured all those years ago, she is the last survivor. This afternoon’s Alki gathering was in support of a larger rally in Miami, stepping up the pressure for Lolita to be “retired” and returned home.

From Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza, advocates, many with signs, headed on a one-mile march along the beach – here’s our video:

We estimated at least 150 supporters here; estimates a thousand participants at today’s rally there. They heard from Howard Garrett of the Whidbey Island-based Orca Network, describing the plan already proposed for reintroducing Lolita to the wild via a sea pen in the San Juans. It’s not new, but there is a potential milestone driving the new attention – a federal ruling expected this month on whether Lolita will be officially included in the listing of endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales. That would not guarantee freedom for her, but could at least step up the pressure. According to the Miami Herald, the Seaquarium says flatly she’s not for sale and shouldn’t be freed. Meantime, back at Alki, Lolita’s supporters came from all age groups:

Advocates said that other support rallies were planned in San Diego, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Germany, and the UK.

Seahawks’ big game tomorrow: What’s special in West Seattle

24 hours until The Big Game – Seahawks hosting Green Bay for the NFC Championship, last stop before a Super Bowl return. Some notes about tomorrow (please let us know if you have something to add!):

HARRY’S CHICKEN JOINT OPENS EARLY: Get chicken for The Game at Harry’s Chicken Joint (WSB sponsor), open 9 am-11:30 am and taking advance orders now. By game time, Harry’s will be closed with everyone either watching the game at home or at the Clink. (6032 California SW)

FARMERS’ MARKET OPENS EARLY: West Seattle Farmers’ Market management says, “To help you cheer on the Seahawks, most vendors at both West Seattle and Capitol Hill Broadway will be selling 30 minutes prior to opening so you can shop before the game.” That’s 9:30 am, here. (44th/Alaska)

WEST SEATTLE ULTIMATE FAMILY FRISBEE STARTS EARLY: 10 am tomorrow, instead of the usual 11. And they’re planning on two fields, one for youth players. Walt Hundley Playfield. (34th/Myrtle)

TAILGATING AT HIGHLAND PARK IMPROVEMENT CLUB: Doors open at 11:30 am. HPIC says everyone’s welcome, no matter who you’re rooting for. More info here. (12th/Holden)

NAVY AIRCRAFT BUZZING THE CLINK: Weather permitting, flyovers are planned just before noon gametime, per this KING 5 report. Not sure if they’ll be passing over West Seattle before and/or after, but this is a heads-up just in case.

FAN MANIA: Via Instagram:

Who and/or what is blue-and-green where YOU are? Photos welcome!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Holdup in Morgan Junction, followed by search in Gatewood

(Texted photo, during police search in Gatewood)
Thanks to everyone who asked about a police search in Gatewood about an hour ago. It broke up just as we arrived, but we have finally found a sergeant to ask, and we’ve learned it was related to a robbery first mentioned by a commenter. Still many details missing, but here’s what we know:

*A man was held up at gunpoint early this morning in the West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) parking lot at California/Fauntleroy. (The commenter who mentioned it says the victim described the robbers as “teenagers.”)

*Officers searching for the robbers had reason to believe they might be in the Gatewood area, several blocks southeast of the store, so that’s why they had “containment” set up in the 8 am hour – west of 35th, along streets including Webster, Ida, and Othello. We’re told some “evidence” was found.

They’re still investigating actively, and that’s why details are few. By the way, if you happened to see the big police response in the Home Depot parking lot around 9 pm, just next to the precinct, that was not related – they were taking a domestic-violence suspect into custody – that just happened to be where we found a sergeant to ask about the Morgan/Gatewood case.

P.S. This is the third day in a row that someone’s been robbed, armed or strongarm, in West Seattle (our Thursday and Friday stories are linked on the Crime Watch page). So we’ll say this again: The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets Tuesday (January 20th), 7 pm at the precinct (Delridge/Webster), and precinct leadership is always there for a briefing on trends as well as attendee Q/A.

ADDED 10:35 AM SUNDAY: Thanks to MK, wife of the man who was held up, we have details of what happened. From her comment below:

Steve had parked his car on 42nd by the McDonald’s and was walking to work. He was approached by Robber #1 and asked the time. Steve looked at his cell phone and it was 7:13 am. Robber #1 pulled out a gun and pointed it in Steve’s face and demanded his car keys, at the same time 4 males surrounded him. One of them searched his pockets, stealing his wallet and cell phone. Robber #2 & #3 took his keys and got into his car but couldn’t figure out how to start it – the car has keyless ignition. Steve was calm and told Robber #1 how to start it and Robber #1 gave the gun to Robber #4 who then had the gun on Steve’s back. Robber #1 went to the car and was able to start it, they all jumped in the car but they didn’t release the parking brake and maybe got 3 feet before all 5 jumped out of the car and ran off. Steve got into the car and drove to work where he called the police. Police responded immediately – they did a search of the area and also dusted our car for fingerprints and were able to pull some good prints.

Hopefully they will be caught- he thought recognized a couple of these punks (shoplifters) and spent the morning searching his shoplifting records and sure enough he found 3 of their photos which he called police and provided a cd of their photos.

Here are the descriptions (all teens/young adults):
Robber #1 short black male
Robber #2 tall skinny black male (previous shoplifter)
Robber #3 average height samoan male (previous shoplifter)
Robber #4 brother of number #3 (previous shoplifter)
Robber #5 tall black male

There was no activity on either our credit cards or his cell before they were closed so we think they were just after the car.

So please note the holdup did not happen IN the store parking lot, as early information had indicated – police responded there because the victim drove there after the robbers fled.

West Seattle Saturday: March for Lolita the orca; clean up the beach; tour a school; see metal music meet bellydancing; more

January 17, 2015 7:47 am
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(Anna’s Hummingbird at Jack Block Park, photographed by Mark Wangerin)
Happy Saturday! Calendar highlights, right after an advisory:

MURRAY CSO PROJECT WORK TODAY: We start with an FYI from King County – crews will be working at the Murray Combined Sewer Overflow Control Project across from Lowman Beach today, starting at 9 am: “A small crew will be inside the excavation pit to maintain the secant piles. Nearly all work will be completed with hand tools.”

PRESCHOOL OPEN HOUSES: Two this morning, 9:30 am at The Cove School and 10 am at Cometa Playschool. Follow either of those links for info via our calendar listings.

INTERIM FIRE STATION 29 MEETING: 9 am at Fire Station 29, city reps will meet with neighbors who have been voicing safety concerns since last-minute notification that the station’s interim site will be on a relatively small triangle of city land across from Admiral Congregational Church. (2139 Ferry SW)

STUDENT CLEANUP AT LINCOLN PARK: As previewed here earlier this week, a group of Chief Sealth International High School students plans a beach cleanup this afternoon, noon-4 pm, and would welcome community help. (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW)

KITTY HARBOR SPECIAL ADOPTION EVENT: Noon-5 pm, Kitty Harbor reopens with 60 cats/kittens who need forever homes. (3422 Harbor SW)

MARCH AND PADDLE FOR LOLITA’S FREEDOM: From coast to coast, rallies are planned today in support of freedom for the last surviving orca captured from Puget Sound decades ago, who lives in an amusement-park tank in Florida. 1 pm one-mile march leaves from Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza (61st/Alki), with a group of paddlers following along, heading out from Don Armeni Boat Ramp at noon. Details in our preview.

LINCOLN PARK AT DARK WITH STEWART: 6:30 pm, naturalist Stewart Wechsler takes you looking for owls and others in Lincoln Park – details including suggested donation and RSVP info are in the listing on his website. (Fauntleroy/Rose)

PREGAME BONFIRE RALLY: 7-11 pm, Alki neighbors/Seahawks fans plan a beach-bonfire rally on NFC Championship Game Eve. Details in our calendar listing.

‘IRON VALKYRIES: A METAL BELLY DANCING SHOW’: What happens when metal meets bellydancing? 9 pm at Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), you’ll find out, courtesy of the Rebel Belly Dancing Troupe. (6451 California SW)

THAT’S NOT ALLour calendar always has more.

Friday night basketball: West Seattle HS girls vs. Bainbridge

January 17, 2015 6:57 am
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(Photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
Second home win in three nights for the West Seattle High School girls-varsity team last night, more than tripling what visiting Bainbridge could manage, 76-25. Four Wildcats scored in double digits, led by #4, Lydia Giomi, with 20; 17 points were from #32, Emily Fiso:

#3, Izzy Turk, was third with 14 points (including four 3-pointers), followed by #30, Lexi Ioane (below, behind head varsity coach Sonya Elliott):

The Wildcats continue to lead their division.

(WSHS #21, Gabby Sarver)
Next week, they play Wednesday and Friday games again, but this time it starts on the road, Wednesday at Rainier Beach, and they’re back home at 6:30 pm Friday (January 23rd) against Ballard.

Friday night basketball: West Seattle HS boys host Bainbridge

January 17, 2015 1:42 am
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Close one Friday night for head coach Keffrey Fazio‘s West Seattle High School boys-varsity team, losing at home to Bainbridge by just three points, 50-47. Top scorer for the Wildcats: #23, Andre Moore, with 12 points:

Next with 10 points, #1, Nate Pryor:

#2, Melvin Arrington, followed with 8:

At the very end of the third quarter, West Seattle lost the lead via a buzzer-beater by Bainbridge senior Blake Swanson (#4, with Wildcats #3 Tyler Lenzie below).

From there, the Spartans held the lead throughout the 4th quarter, ahead by as much as five points, finally winning by three. The Wildcats are now 7-6 overall and are on the road until Friday (January 23rd), when they’ll face Ballard at home.