West Seattle Crime Watch: Another student robbed while walking to school

2:04 PM: For the second day in a row, a local student has been robbed while walking to school. Thursday, it happened in Gatewood; today, in Westwood. The victim’s mom contacted us in hopes someone might see this, tossed aside somewhere:

She told us her daughter’s phone “was nabbed right out of her jacket pocket as she walked from Westwood Village to Sealth High School on 25th ave. SW. We filed a police report but she’d really like the bottom half of her Beemo phone case back. It might have been discarded somewhere along 25th Avenue SW.”

We have requested but not yet received the police report in this case – if and when we do, we’ll add whatever else it includes, including descriptions, if any. Meantime, we asked the mom if her daughter’s OK. “She’s understandably shaken but physically OK. She’s just real sad about losing the phone case.” If you see it, contact police; the case number is 15-017129.

4:10 PM: We’ve obtained the report from SPD but it includes very little additional information. This was reported around 8:30 this morning; police were called once the victim arrived at CSIHS, so there’s no exact address of where she was when it happened. The robber is described only as black, male, maybe 15-17 years old, wearing black. The victim said he came up to her, said “Give me your phone”; she didn’t respond. He then reached into the front pocket of her sweatshirt, grabbed her phone, and ran southbound, toward Westwood Village.

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  • sam-c January 16, 2015 (2:13 pm)

    despicable. The respectable WSB standards won’t allow me to say what I’d really like to say.

    People robbing children? That’s low.

  • G January 16, 2015 (2:40 pm)

    West Seattle needs a huge rally, a community coming together loudly and clearly to tell these types that we aren’t going to put up with it anymore.

    Why aren’t people talking about the increae in coffee shops, in stores, and in public?? Where is the outrage?? I only see passive, timid West Seattleites afraid to say anything that might reflect poorly on the neighborhood.

    Maybe it’s at crime prevention meetings, but it can’t just be expressed behind closed doors, and on the blog.

    Sorry, but I really don’t understand the mentality here. Jesus people, this could be YOU, or YOUR kid.

  • cj January 16, 2015 (2:54 pm)

    No cameras near by?

  • Carrie P. January 16, 2015 (3:05 pm)

    Any details on where exactly in Westwood it occurred and description of the robber(s)?

  • Kayleigh January 16, 2015 (3:08 pm)

    Poor kiddos. Jeez!

  • Anonymous January 16, 2015 (3:36 pm)

    I live right there on 25th, I’ll take a look when I get home.

  • grrr January 16, 2015 (3:37 pm)

    Keep doing it and when we catch you robbing from kids… You will need medical attention before you get to jail.

  • Jennifer January 16, 2015 (3:39 pm)

    @CJ: sounds like this was on a residential street, not at Westwood Village itself, so no cameras.

    Recognizing they can’t be at all places at all times, at what point does SPD step up patrols? Two in as many days is a bit much! In the meantime, let’s all remind our kids to be on alert, don’t wear earphones, walk in pairs/groups. Very upsetting indeed.

  • Doree Fazio-Young January 16, 2015 (3:44 pm)

    The only cameras near that walk would be in The SWAC parking lot a Jacen to SW Community Center this is really getting out of hand and I totally agree with u Grrr

  • Anonymous January 16, 2015 (3:55 pm)

    Any idea what time this happened at? Going to see if any of my neighbors saw/heard anything. We have cameras on our building but I’m not sure if they’re facing the street at all.

    • WSB January 16, 2015 (3:58 pm)

      I just got the report a little while ago – got distracted from reading it because of the pedestrian/vehicle crash. Going back to it now, will add the details above as fast as I can.

  • WillBeHOnest January 16, 2015 (4:19 pm)

    Everyone should consider having a “find your phone” app. Very useful for when it’s stolen, lost, etc… Would be quite satisfying to use GPS to locate this guy…

    Oh yeah, lock your phones when not in use. It’s annoying, but worth it.

  • Shane January 16, 2015 (4:19 pm)

    “West Seattle needs a huge rally, a community coming together loudly and clearly to tell these types that we aren’t going to put up with it anymore.”

    Where are we meeting G? I’ll go.

  • Jennifer January 16, 2015 (4:44 pm)

    Wow, I missed the rant. I’d be all for a community watch or something. Are you able to set that up, @G? Not sure what a rally would do – thugs generally don’t listen to people who “send a message.” I’m all about that action.

  • Josh January 16, 2015 (5:07 pm)

    Rapid Ride. Brings in so many people from out of area who don’t care about our community. I’ve spoken with one who comes here from downtown Seattle to “hang out.” The bus hub needs to GO.

  • Enough is Enough January 16, 2015 (5:48 pm)

    There seems to be a lot of feral humans who are unable to see a cell phone and not steal it in Seattle…

  • Nora January 16, 2015 (6:17 pm)

    The phrase “Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size” comes to mind…

  • LBJ January 16, 2015 (7:06 pm)

    Little bit of clarification: It was on 25th SW between Westwood (Trenton) and Thistle about 7:30/7:45am this morning. What is shown is the top of the case, the bottom was taken with the phone. As for tracking the phone, it has to be activated and it was de-activated before this option crossed anyone’s mind.

  • AmandaKH January 16, 2015 (7:12 pm)

    Hi Everyone.
    Just wanted to invite you all to the Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights Community Council meeting on Tuesday, February 3rd from 6:15 – 7:45 at the SW Library.
    We are going on 2 years as an organization of neighborhood volunteers who have been finding ways to improve this area.
    Join us!

  • Sandal41 January 16, 2015 (7:37 pm)

    My 25 year old niece was mugged 12/26/14 on Fauntleroy in front of trader joes. A male Took her phone and purse after a brief struggle and knocking her down on the ground. 3 awesome west seatte residents chased him down and he through the purse at them end took off with her phone. Police report was made. WTF!! It is out of control. I Believe the next crime prevention meeting is on January 20th, 7 – 8:30, sw precinct. WE ALL NEED TO SHOW FORCE AS A COMMUNITY:) I know the hours and the day might not work for everyone, but if you can, please do.

  • Heather January 16, 2015 (10:21 pm)

    Very scary!! I live on this street. It does always make me nervous with all the people who walk through, especially when its dark out.

  • BB January 17, 2015 (7:55 am)

    My husband was at The Morgan Thriftway early Saturday morning. A male employee was robbed outside by his car at gunpoint by teenagers. Maybe this is related to your story?

    • WSB January 17, 2015 (8:23 am)

      When? There’s no report showing on the police-report map or tweet log for a robbery anywhere near that location any time in the past week, armed or otherwise… only the two cases we have reported, this one and the 36th/Myrtle one (linked in this story) a day earlier…
      (EDIT) OK, now there is. Just turned up on the tweet log, 12 minutes after I posted the first part of this comment. It says strongarm, not armed, but whatever, any robbery is bad. There’s a police search of some kind in Gatewood right now, don’t know yet if it’s related. https://twitter.com/SeattlePDW3/status/556489880822239233

  • BB January 17, 2015 (9:05 am)


    Maybe my husband mis-heard strongarm for armed. He was there right when the police arrived and were taking down the story. He said victim was very shaken…it was several teenagers.


    • WSB January 17, 2015 (9:33 am)

      BB – Thank you for mentioning it at all – that was our first word of it, obviously – on the weekend, it’s really difficult to get information, but we just got some, separate story to come. Despite the tweet, officers *do* say it was armed robbery.

  • KimG January 17, 2015 (9:17 am)

    I tell my daughter regularly, don’t walk aimlessly looking at your phone because someone will grab it right out of your hand. Sad this poor girl had it in her pocket and was still robbed. Tell your children to always be aware of their surroundings!

  • West Seattle Block Watch Captains' Network January 17, 2015 (10:22 am)

    To address one of the earlier comments, the crime prevention meetings are open to the public rather than held behind closed doors. For those who don’t know, there are several orgs here in West Seattle that are working to address crime in our community. These include the one Amanda mentioned above (WWRHAH), the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council (WSCPC), and the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN, our org). The WSCPC meets next Tuesday, 1/20, at 7 PM at the SW Precinct. Their meeting format includes open discussion about crime-related concerns; SPD always attends and is available to answer questions. WSBWCN meets the following Tuesday, 1/27, at 6:30 PM in the same location; we’ll post the meeting agenda to our website (linked from this comment) as the date gets closer.

  • datamuse January 17, 2015 (1:19 pm)

    Rapid Ride. Brings in so many people from out of area who don’t care about our community. I’ve spoken with one who comes here from downtown Seattle to “hang out.” The bus hub needs to GO.
    And the people who use it to get from West Seattle to jobs downtown can just pound sand, I guess? Geez.

  • WTF January 17, 2015 (1:44 pm)

    as sad as it sounds to have to do, you need to walk down the street, across a parking lot, around your neighbood, etc. as if you own the street and that no one is going to take control of you…that you are THEE one not to mess with. Make sure that whomever is watching you, for whatever reason, knows that you’re the wrong person to f with. It’s sad that we have to live this way because of garbage like this, but walking with confidence and awareness is one way to deter someone from taking advantage of you and always always always…pay attention!

  • BB January 17, 2015 (2:23 pm)


    You are welcome! And a big THANK YOU! It is awesome what you do on this blog. You are such an integral part of this community. My husband and I often say…”Does WSB ever sleep?” Whenever anything happens we always check your blog to find out what is really going on.


  • Bradley January 17, 2015 (6:55 pm)

    A QFC manager told me once that our shopping center is known district-wide as “Westwood Pillage” due to all the shoplifting, car prowls, shoppers being intimidated, etc.

  • J242 January 18, 2015 (9:02 am)

    I’m looking forward to the community council meeting, thanks for letting us know Amanda!

  • J242 January 18, 2015 (9:04 am)

    @ BB, I totally agree, WSB is amazing. I can’t imagine living anywhere else where such an amazing resource and so many great people are working so hard to give us information on what’s happening in our community! :D

  • Paula January 18, 2015 (2:13 pm)

    First thing every morning: Cup of coffee in hand reading ‘the blog’. Thank you WSB for being our town square.

  • Concerning January 22, 2015 (9:15 pm)

    My son had been jumped and phone was taken in this same area back in October on his way to school. The 5 kids were all suspended, including my son.Thankfully a good Samaritan seen all this and helped him. This is becoming an everyday thing, sadly.

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