West Seattle Hi-Yu float wins Seafair Torchlight Parade award

(Torchlight Parade photo courtesy West Seattle Hi-Yu)
Congratulations to West Seattle Hi-Yu for its award-winning appearance in Saturday night’s Seafair Torchlight Parade. The craftsmanship and creativity that went into the 80th anniversary Hi-Yu float – which features a steam-emitting teapot – won the Seafair Workmanship Award. Hi-Yu’s Denise Davis told us via Facebook, “Duane (Davis), the driver/builder, said the judges were beaming when they saw the teapot steaming and the cake spinning and the court members dancing to ‘Welcome to my Tea Party’.”

UPDATED P.S. Thanks to Hi-Yu for sharing the parade photos – look closely at the one above this line to see driver/designer Duane!

6 Replies to "West Seattle Hi-Yu float wins Seafair Torchlight Parade award"

  • parade spectator July 27, 2014 (7:46 am)

    Great night for the parade. I was waiting for the Hi-Yu float and finally saw them at the very end.

  • NW July 27, 2014 (12:30 pm)

    Great parade the equestrian units our star player dempsey marching bands and the floats. The crowd however disappointing its surprising how few people in seattle know how to actually put their hands together and congratulate or even just give a thumbs up. This is of course in the two block area where I was at downtown last night. Congratulations to the west seattle float and all those involved!!!

  • Joanne Murray July 28, 2014 (11:02 am)

    West Seattle Hi-Yu welcomes volunteers to assist in the Community festival. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month during the year to plan and organize events and prepare the float for the summer festival West Seattle Grand Parade, Seafair and several other community parades in the Western Washington region. Hi-Yu is celebrating the 80th year. Hi-Yu means “Big Time Fun” according to legend, and it is an all volunteer organization. There is a meeting 7:00 tonight, Monday July 27th. to celebrate the many activities and awards won by the float this year. The Hi-Yu meetings are at 7:00 pm in the community room at the St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church (next to the West Seattle High school. Come and volunteer for next year. It is Fun! Funding is sought for a new used vehicle for the float to replace the old one on its last leaking motor after working for about forty years too many. Hi-Yu is supported by donations, button sales and Hi-Yu pin sales. Scholarships are provided for the senior court and junior court members who ride on the float. Help keep Hi-Yu alive and thriving in the West Seattle Community.

  • Joanne Murray July 28, 2014 (11:44 am)

    Edit the other post. The next Hi-Yu meeting is on Monday Aug. 4th at the St. John the Baptist Episcopal church community room at 7: pm.

  • Kay K July 31, 2014 (4:32 pm)

    Do you know anything about Hi-Yu’s in other neighborhoods? Or is it strictly West Seattle?

    I’m remembering I saw a Hi-Yu White Center at one time.

    • WSB July 31, 2014 (4:34 pm)

      Kay – the Hi-Yu float appears in the White Center parade, but Hi-Yu is a West Seattle-only thing. (Other communities, too!)

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