Update: Former West Seattleite Amanda Knox ‘frightened and saddened’ by new verdict

1:22 PM: Though an appeals court overturned the original “guilty” verdict against former West Seattle resident Amanda Knox in 2011, the latest court to take up the case has just changed that back to “guilty.” Knox, now 26, was not required to return to Italy for the trial, though her co-defendant and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito did appear in court, as did relatives of murder victim Meredith Kercher. Now the question is whether and when Italian authorities will seek to have Knox extradited to serve a 28-year prison term. “They’ll have to catch me and pull me back kicking and screaming into a prison that I don’t deserve to be in,” she was quoted as telling British newspaper The Guardian in a pre-verdict interview (see video on their site).

2:25 PM: Knox has released a statement that is published in full on another British news site, The Telegraph. In part, she said: “I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict. Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system. … My family and I have suffered greatly from this wrongful persecution. This has gotten out of hand.” The Telegraph also reports: “Shortly after the verdict, Knox left her mother’s home with her head covered in a blanket and was driven away in a Lincoln Town Car.”

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  • Jane Taylor January 30, 2014 (1:35 pm)

    Doesn’t the Italian government have something better to do with their time?

  • Wes C. Addle January 30, 2014 (1:42 pm)

    I say the same thing about our government all the time Jane
    Doesn’t our government have something better to do than trying to repeal Obamacare for the 40th time?

  • Diane Stevens January 30, 2014 (1:44 pm)

    At last Justice has prevailed.

  • WS Mom January 30, 2014 (1:45 pm)

    Feeling for the Knox family, when is this going to end? Hang in there Amanda.

  • seattlecris January 30, 2014 (1:50 pm)

    Heard the helicopters circling overhead so figured the verdict had come in. Blog has it first, of course! I’m SO sad they ruled this way. That poor girl.

  • Al January 30, 2014 (1:52 pm)

    This is not over with. Time to regroup!

  • Jennifer January 30, 2014 (2:01 pm)

    This just makes no sense. I feel so sorry for her and for her ex boyfriend. I just read an article on CNN that said “It is unlikely that Knox, who lives in Seattle, Washington, will return to Italy to serve additional prison time because U.S. law dictates that a person cannot be tried twice on the same charge, a legal expert told CNN. He believes that if Italy were to ask for extradition, U.S. officials would deny the request.” and I hope that is true. She may never be able to leave the US again but at least she’d be free.

  • Seattlite January 30, 2014 (2:18 pm)

    I wonder if the corrupt Italian prosecutor,Giuliano Mignini, was involved in the third trial. Rudy Guede is serving 16 years for the murder based on his palm prints being found in a blood stain under the victim’s body. The Italian court system is corrupt.

  • AG January 30, 2014 (2:36 pm)

    This is just so sad. I’m sorry for Amanda and her family today. No evidence, tons of reasonable doubt. This feels political.

    The good news is it apparently takes forEVER to confirm a verdict there even if all appeals go south, and my understanding is that there may or may not be reasonable cause to fight extradition due to her being a US Citizen and our laws not allowing Double Jeopardy. I hope that’s true, but would love to hear a lawyer’s opinion.

    • WSB January 30, 2014 (2:48 pm)

      AG – we did hear Anne Bremner, former prosecutor turned analyst, and advocate for Knox, say basically that same thing on KUOW.

  • justme January 30, 2014 (2:44 pm)

    So glad to hear

  • AG January 30, 2014 (2:58 pm)

    Glad to hear it WSB. Thanks. Amanda, hang in there.

  • carlton January 30, 2014 (3:03 pm)

    She murdered someone and you all feel sorry for her?

  • E January 30, 2014 (3:06 pm)

    I’m sad to read this. This must be so awful for Amanda and her family.

  • craig January 30, 2014 (3:14 pm)

    Didn’t or isn’t the one black cat involved in this trial still in jail? Oh, poor Amanda. How do you even get involved in a weird scenario like this? For those of you that think she didn’t do it….you must believe in the Tooth Fairy. Hang in there…keep your killer instinct.

  • Annie January 30, 2014 (3:15 pm)

    This news makes me so sad. I think Amanda sounds like a wonderful person and because she’s a local girl I relate to her and I can understand where she was coming from with her behavior after the crime. That behavior seems to be all that convicted her and it’s so unfair. I traveled abroad at a young age (early 20s) and I don’t think you have developed a perspective of how people see you yet. Or you do, and it makes you feel rebellious. Here we have a lot of freedom of expression that often our parents cultivate in us and value. But it’s not like that in other parts of the world and sometimes they take great offense to what they see as extremely strange behavior and they absolutely judge you for it. That and the language barrier, they must have thought she was insane and capable of violence. We (those of us who relate to her) know this it’s likely impossible. There is no motive.
    I’m so sorry for Amanda and her family. I hope the US is willing to protect her on the extradition.

  • Curtis Martin January 30, 2014 (3:18 pm)

    No one feels sorry for Amanda because we think she killed anyone, accidentally or otherwise. I don’t think that it’s possible for anyone who has learned any of the facts in this case, to think for a moment that Amanda killed anyone. This is unbelievably ridiculous and a travesty for all three families involved.

  • AG January 30, 2014 (3:22 pm)

    See, there’s this whole concept of NO EVIDENCE that’s a bit of a problem for a guilty verdict. Italian court isn’t like in the US where we have the assumption of innocence and the reasonable doubt clause. I actually thought she was guilty until I started actually reading about the case. I’ve been on a murder jury and convicted someone, so I have some clue what it takes. Have you?

  • Annie January 30, 2014 (3:26 pm)

    craig, carlton and justme – why do you exclaim she is guilty but never say why you think so? not that you have to, I’m just curious to know if you have a real reason or you just don’t like her, perhaps she turned you down for a date in high school or you are jealous she is famous? are you one person trying to make it seem like there’s a bunch of people with this opinion? Are you Italian perhaps? when you don’t explain yourself it leave one to wonder.

  • RG January 30, 2014 (3:37 pm)

    carlton and craig, why do you believe her to be guilty. There’s no evidence that she murdered Ms. Kercher. Please share.
    The real killer is Guede and I’m surprised he’s still even alive.
    The corrupt Mignini stole justice from the Kercher family.
    Rest in peace Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher.

  • Scott January 30, 2014 (3:40 pm)

    If anyone thinks that she is guilty, go read her autobiography, or better yet listen to it in her own voice on the audio book. If you still think that she killed Meredith after that then you have some issues.
    It is amazing what lengths the Italian authorities took to not make themselves look bad. The investigators thought she was guilty hours after the murder and took any tiny piece of non-evidence to try to prove that fact. It’s also crazy how they leaked certain information to the media to make her look terrible in the public eye. I really hope she does not have to go back to prison and I will be pissed at our government if they let that happen.

  • al January 30, 2014 (3:42 pm)

    Well put Annie….

  • Sara January 30, 2014 (3:59 pm)

    If you’ve reviewed the evidence (or lack thereof) that has been made public and you feel that Knox and Sollecito have been unfairly convicted, please add your signature to this petition to protect Amanda Knox from extradition:

  • Sara January 30, 2014 (4:06 pm)

    As a side note I just published the petition, hence that singular signature. I hope it gains traction.

    And I am in no way involved with the Knox family or know anyone connected with them personally. I’ve been following the case since it began and initially, based my superficial response, thought she “seemed” guilty. And then I started reading the court documents and accounts of evidence that were made public…

    If you have that same response that I did initially, I would say it’s worth your time to read what you can about the actual evidence.

  • chris January 30, 2014 (4:10 pm)

    There must be some “smoke” here folks…two convictions and no one else in the radar? They’re not just reading tea leaves, folks…

  • Blockedpunt January 30, 2014 (4:21 pm)

    Even if she is guilty, the entire Italian court system is a mockery of justice, at least judging by the circus this woman has been put through since 2007. Prosecutorial malfeasance in the first trial…verdict overturned..and re-convicted on appeal? Kangaroo courts.

  • RG January 30, 2014 (4:35 pm)

    Chris, have you examined this case and the evidence?

  • Abc January 30, 2014 (4:39 pm)

    Yea yea yea guilty !!!!! Please leave West Seattle! Send her to Italy!!!!!! FINALly

  • Al January 30, 2014 (4:43 pm)

    Sara, thanks for your help. I’ll pass it slong to the supporters. There’s a video with many speakers at the uw. Its wirth wacthing to lesrn more about the case. Ah to Chriss do your home work. This case is crap

  • Mn January 30, 2014 (4:45 pm)

    Justice prevails
    100% guilty
    Read the facts

  • Paul January 30, 2014 (4:48 pm)

    So be careful about visiting Italy. It has a justice system that lets priests who abuse children and members of the mafia go free, but vigorously prosecutes an innocent American. Boycott Italy including the cruise ships that leave from her ports.

  • West January 30, 2014 (4:51 pm)

    Justice at last!!!!! To bad she’s not on jail. She should do her time. She’s a coward. Guilty! !!! Murder!!

  • RG January 30, 2014 (4:56 pm)

    Abc, please share why you believe her to be guilty.
    What exactly in your examination of this case and its legal documents brought you to the conclusion that Ms. Knox and/or Mr. Sollecito are guilty of murder?

  • flimflam January 30, 2014 (4:58 pm)

    aww our own cute lil OJ Simpson…

  • Sara January 30, 2014 (5:07 pm)

    Hi, again. Can someone check and see if the link I posted for the petition is viable? I’m not seeing it on their site, but I am seeing it when I cut and paste. Thank you

  • Al January 30, 2014 (5:10 pm)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcGYrufLupA. Please see this video on the case. Steve moore and many others at the uw.

  • Annie January 30, 2014 (5:20 pm)

    Thanks, Sara!

  • RG January 30, 2014 (5:24 pm)

    You told people to read the facts.
    Which “facts” are you referring to? I’ve read the facts in the form of case documents and believe her to be innocent. I studied neutrally Italian-translated documents as well as biased (from both sides) documents and still arrived at the same conclusion: innocence for them both.
    I look forward to your response. Thanks.

  • Abc January 30, 2014 (5:25 pm)

    Found guilty 2nd time!! I don’t need to examine anything ! Court of law found her guilty 2x!!! Yeah for Justice. Everyone is forgetting the victim. The victim is dead because of Amanda. I hope the victims family can have peace. Its just to bad you can murder someone and not to time . Please leave West Seattle.

  • colleen January 30, 2014 (5:33 pm)

    Sara….the petition and link are viable. And thank you, I was pleased to sign the petition.

  • RG January 30, 2014 (5:43 pm)

    So you don’t need to “examine anything” to say that someone is guilty of murder?
    I’m not forgetting the “victim”. By the way, her name is Meredith – please see my comment posted at 3:37.
    There is no justice for the “victims family” if innocent people are convicted. They were misled by Mignini.
    Abc, what do you think of Mignini and his actions and behaviors in this case?
    I really look forward to your response. Thanks!

  • Mn January 30, 2014 (5:45 pm)

    RG I have read all the case documents too. We will have to respectfully disagree .A court of law has again found her guilty for the second time. She is 100% guilty and should go to prison again for her time. You are in the minority and she will have to live with this guilt for the rest of her life .SHAME on her

  • Sarah January 30, 2014 (5:52 pm)

    I am surprised that everyone feels sorry for her and not the poor girl she murdered. I don’t personally know Amanda. However I have spoken with her family members numerous times and truly feel sorry for them. They seem supportive and will do anything for their daughter no matter what.

    Has anyone actually read all of the information in regards to this case. There are facts that stick out in my mind as red flags.

    There were two phones outside the home. Police came to return one and found the two shocked and looking suspicious. They found the blood and the body but didn’t call the police. The police just happened to arrive for a completely different reason and stumbled upon a dead body and two visibly off people. They never established if the young couple ever called police at all.

    The so called break was staged. There was no evidence to prove otherwise. The broken window was broken but never used as an entrance or exit. A purse was rummaged through but laptops and expensive devices were left behind. Clearly it wasn’t a robbery, just made to look like one.

    Lastly, people show emotions when someone is brutally murdered. Especially when it happens in the home you live in. You don’t make out with your boyfriend, do cartwheels and act as if it is no problem. She never even shed a tear.

    Jodi Arais is another example. They have similar behavior. In my opinion I think people don’t want to believe someone that is pretty and will educated like Amanda could do something like this to another human being. Sadly it happens and I think she did it.

  • Mimi January 30, 2014 (6:00 pm)

    A thorough source of analysis and collected court documents can be viewed by all at The MurderofMeredithKercherWiki, also read Aklwei@wordpress. Reams of transcripts, in depth study of the abundant evidence and the explanations of the judges who convicted them should keep you busy for a while and help correct the myths created by the PR firm Knox’s Dad hired three days after her arrest, and perpetuated by a fawning world media for seven years since. By the way, Knox’s ” autobiography ” was ghostwritten, and apparently not copy edited, as it is full of contradictions to its own contents, and to several of her own previous ” writings” on record and preserved into perpetuity, courtesy the Internet.

  • al January 30, 2014 (6:01 pm)

    Rg, very well put

  • RG January 30, 2014 (6:09 pm)

    You said you have read “all the case documents too”.
    I have one last (simple) question for you that I hope you can answer, then I shall consider our communication over; which single “document” did you find was the most helpful to you when studying this case?
    Thank you so much.

  • Dubs January 30, 2014 (6:13 pm)

    No one has to prove whether they think ‘foxy knoxy’ is guilty or not. The Italian courts already did. Twice. And while it might suffer from corruption (as if ours doesn’t?!?), that doesn’t mean Knox had nothing to do with the murder.

    Her PR team has been scrubbing and rewriting as much as they can since day 1. That alone should tell you all you need to know.

  • carlton January 30, 2014 (6:18 pm)

    She’s found guilty get over it. Send her back.

  • Mimi January 30, 2014 (6:19 pm)

    And your article missed out a step in the court process: 1) first instance trial convicted Knox and Sollecito of murder and sexual assault, with an additional charge of calumny ( slander) against her former employer, for naming him as ” the murder”, after two hours of questioning at the police station. 2) the bent Hellman Appeal ( a murder trial presided over by a retiring civil judge) , in which the convictions were overturned ( Hellman commented, post- verdict, that ” the real truth could be different than the truth created in a courtroom”) yet the slander conviction was upheld for Knox, with her three year sentence served between her 2007 arrest and 2011 release. She still owes her employer his monetary compensation for the loss of livelihood and damage to his reputation. THEN 3) the Supreme Court of Italy ANNULLED THE HELLMAN APPEAL, rendering Knox and her former bf STILL GUILTY AS CHARGED IN 2007, so they went into 4) the do – over appeal trial, which today resulted in their standing conviction being upheld. Is that clear enough?

  • alki resident January 30, 2014 (6:23 pm)

    @West – I think YOU did it.

  • Maggie January 30, 2014 (6:33 pm)

    @Sarah. Thanks for your post. I agree it all seems like odd behavior (even from a 20 year old “hippie” kid). While I beg to differ on some of those facts you say, the biggest ones that make me convinced she is not a murderer is three little letters: DNA. Why not you?
    Where is AK’s and RS’s DNA on Meredith’s body? Rudy G’s is ALL over her and the room…don’t you think a botched robbery, rape and murder by the prior criminal Rudy is more plausible than a DNA-less (from two of the three) “sex game” from two goofy kids?

  • Rebecca January 30, 2014 (6:35 pm)

    Armchair forensic psychologists? Oh please. You’re so out of your element here. What people “typically” do after a murder or huge trauma is not for spectators to determine

  • brad January 30, 2014 (7:20 pm)

    This should be a wake-up call for all of those young people who have plans to travel to a foreign country, drink, smoke dope, and have wild sex with strangers. If you want to behave that way, do it here at home. You have no idea how corrupt and unfair the criminal justice systems are in most foreign nations and your civil rights stop at our borders. I hope Amanda can find a decent country to flee to if the US decides to extradite her to Italy. If I were her, I would disappear for a long while.

  • Thomas January 30, 2014 (7:28 pm)

    She tried to take someone’s life away!!!! -Either by murder or by trying to lie and point the finger at someone else so they would have to spend several decades in prison. I hope she gets chased to the end of the Earth.

  • heylady January 30, 2014 (7:37 pm)

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Eaglelover January 30, 2014 (7:56 pm)

    So being a lurker, I’m confused. They found the guy that had DNA all over the crime site, give him 16 years, give two probably stoned young adults that were around not cognisant with the current situation 10 more years? There could have been complacency that was overwhelming, not saying innocent and the real loss was Meridith RIP. I was in Italy at that time in the same region, and please folks that jump to conclusions based on a verdict that is different than our countries laws and there is more going on here. If she was found to do this let’s go forward, otherwise explore the facts that apply in a different manner. I’m saddened by the loss in ways but this seems like a case of non due diligence. Hope the truth comes out either way.

  • Mn January 30, 2014 (8:34 pm)

    Rg I have no interest in discussing the case with you nor trying to convince you
    A court of law can’t convince you
    Justice has been served
    It’s a great day

  • Frightened American January 30, 2014 (9:11 pm)

    These comments from “west seattle” are really frightening. Who are you people? Why do you think you know the minutia of this case? Why are you so hateful even though you know nothing for sure? What will you haters say when the Italian supreme court finds her not guilty…..you are idiots……sad people

  • Rusty January 30, 2014 (9:17 pm)

    Wow, Amanda and her boyfriend murder her room-mate, and people feel sorry for Amanda??? I feel bad we can’t send her back to Italy to face her crime, and worse for the family of the murdered girl.

  • DTK January 30, 2014 (9:18 pm)

    There is something seriously wrong with some of you people. Please DO NOT procreate.

  • David January 30, 2014 (10:06 pm)

    Guilty ==> Innocent ==> Guilty: This is a farce. Italy’s justice system is a game of musical chairs.

  • Reluga January 30, 2014 (11:11 pm)

    Guilty without quotations because it’s true. Murderer creep! Guilty!

  • T January 30, 2014 (11:25 pm)

    Why don’t they leave that poor girl alone? There is no evidence she did anything. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  • cj January 30, 2014 (11:28 pm)

    The entire first trial was full of lies and misinformation from the beginning. If we go along with this corruption of justice how can we protect our own?

  • evergreen January 31, 2014 (6:04 am)

    The DNA evidence does not support a guilty verdict. Obviously Italian courts do not uphold the adage “innocent until proven guilty”. They have filled in the holes with creative story telling, and an outrageous story at that. It’s a game of ping pong for entertainment purposes, not justice. Thank goodness people in the U.S. cannot be tried more than once, for otherwise, we citizens would have no protection from the whims of public opinion.

  • Emma January 31, 2014 (6:25 am)

    @Mn clearly you read nothing and are just posting abrasive comments @RG don’t waste your time trying to reason with someone like this @brad exactly what I said to my college age children and probably one of the most important points posted here, people know things are dangerous in the Middle East etc but have an incorrect sense of safety in these European countries.

  • Abc January 31, 2014 (6:50 am)

    Guilty!!!!!! Murderer!!!!!! Stop running Amanda . You will get yours one day can’t run forever!

  • Mimi January 31, 2014 (8:19 am)

    They were both high that night, by their own admission, but we don’ t know on what substances. Their were phone numbers for two local cocaine dealers in Knox’s phone contacts. Take a good look past the ” pretty” face, sanitised for the media by a million- dollars- for hire public relations firm ( Gogerty-Marriott).
    Read the court documents of what actually was said over there ( translated, so you don’t need a crash course in Italian). Then, if you still think it is in no way possible she could have lost her head and committed such violence, that’s your prerogative. I’m convinced otherwise, and will watch the law take its course.
    Read at: aklwei.wordpress.com.
    missrepresented.org/ liesourmotherstoldus
    Ever had a family member stabbed by a drug- addled attacker? I’m guessing you haven’t. But they look so clean and upstanding in the courtroom. Trouble is, they always leave some evidence behind.

  • Mark January 31, 2014 (8:56 am)

    I would remind folks that the Italian justice system is not similar to the US. For instance, they may not have ever had a presumption of innocence (I’m not an attorney). The presumption of innocence is pretty uniquely American, to my understanding.

  • RG January 31, 2014 (9:45 am)

    Emma, thank you. I was poised to take each question and statement brought up here and break it all down to show where the facts and lies are in this case and where they come from. But you’re right, I can’t reason with someone like that.
    I find a few of the comments here disrespectful to Meredith Kercher’s memory. I feel for her family, though I can’t imagine what it must be like; do they or will they ever feel any peace?
    To have your beautiful precious young daughter horrifically murdered, see a farce of a justice system mishandle her case, watch as her dead body is shown on tv, see a Hollywood movie come out to profit on her murder, and to experience a media circus anew with each subsequent event over and over again…
    Rest in peace Ms. Kercher.

  • Justsayin January 31, 2014 (9:53 am)

    I think it’s quite amazing how she and her boyfriend were able to remove all trace of their DNA from the murder scene, yet leave Rudy Guede’s intact to implicate him. Clearly they are scientific criminal masterminds! /sarcasm

  • jasmine January 31, 2014 (10:16 am)

    I have been browsing some of these comments. I dont understand why some of you find her guilty. This could happen to any of us – slander, character assassination, being wrongfully accused. Why not be empathatic to Amanda? There is no physical evidence so there is no case. By the way, Raffaele did call the police, someone commented that they did not. Another Lie. A lot of you base your theory on twisted facts rather than actual. Reasons Amanda should be left alone: f—ed up crime scene, Rudy Guede has a criminal history, Amanda does not and she has no reason to kill Meredith, Rudy Guede did at first say Amanda was NOT there and as soon as the prosecution (who was bound & determined to find Amanda guilty no matter what) was willing to offer him Less time of course he complied and said Amanda was present, Rudy says the sex he had with Meredith was consensual, which goes against everything that builds this case which is the fact that it was rape. Rudy is a fat low life liar!! (And he gets 16 years and Amanda receives the most time??? That makes no sense. Why is
    Rudy not getting 28 yrs like Amanda is? Does that not strike anyone as suspicious??) Furthermore, Amanda gets in trouble for implicating someone and Rudy does not! HYPOCRITICAL CRAP. This is all about politics and the prosecution ‘saving face’. This evil prosecutor has been under review for past errors. That reason alone should be reason enough to treat his accusations with caution. It is no longer about truth. SAD. The case is still under review and hopefully in the end, Amanda will be found innocent.

  • sgs January 31, 2014 (10:41 am)

    The Innocence Project website didn’t have any expert opinions either way in this case, but did warn of “trial by website.” There is also a blog called The Wrongful Convictions Blog which addresses international cases. I would follow these experts’ opinions and I hope they are looking at this case.

  • Mimi January 31, 2014 (11:45 am)

    There was plenty of physical evidence, multiple lies from the mouths of both Knox and Sollecito. Guede had no longer a police record than did Knox herself, and he gets the shorter sentence because he opted for a fast- track trial, rather than wasting the courts’ time for seven years. Read the documents.

  • Terrie January 31, 2014 (12:26 pm)

    I’m sick of this entire situation!!! Amanda Knox is. Clearly not guilty. No evidence and no reason for her to kill, Also no benefit. Please Amanda do not go back there. I’ve been there years ago and loved it, now I would never be able to trust that government again. It could happen to any of us, if it could happen to you. Shameful!!! I’m soo sorry you have had to deal with this. Please take care, I don’t want this to make you sick
    I’m from Portland, Oregon, but live in la!!! I’m behind you 100 per cent !!!!!!!

  • redblack January 31, 2014 (12:36 pm)

    wow. it’s like “lord of the flies” in here.

  • Paul January 31, 2014 (1:22 pm)

    Why did she frame an innocent man? Her irrational behavior was not that of an “innocent” girl. They should just leave OJ alone too.

  • higgins January 31, 2014 (2:02 pm)

    A good overview of the case:


  • Thomas January 31, 2014 (3:57 pm)

    My point exactly Paul. She seemed ok with an innocent person spending the rest of their life in prison, as long as she was the one pointing the finger. I guess the fact that she will never be able to leave the US for fear of arrest and the few years that she did spend in jail will be all the justice that is met in this case. That, and her conscience, if she has one- poor girl.

  • 4thGenWS January 31, 2014 (5:02 pm)

    Most of these negative comments are in here just to get a rise out of the others. It’s pretty funny actually. Especially how you people fall for it and get all heated. It’s the internet people. None of these comments would be made in real life. People are just tougher here. lol

    And by the way. I’m a french model. bonjour! :)

  • Thomas January 31, 2014 (6:23 pm)

    “And by the way. I’m a french model. bonjour! “- that one made me laugh-lol.

    I could say the same things about all the blind support everyone gives poor Amanda on the blog- they’re just trying to get a rise out of everyone who feels that justice wasn’t served.

  • Al January 31, 2014 (6:44 pm)

    I was at this. Any one I know that watches this. Knows the truth. See the video of speakers. Provided by the west Seattle herald

  • Bruno February 1, 2014 (4:08 am)

    In Italy and in France we have the napoleonic law
    two judgments plus one more the Court Cassation
    which in Amanda’s case rejected the second judgment.
    In Florence Amanda was sentenced to 28 years and
    six months.Now she will apply to the Court of
    Cassation,if the judgment is confirmed.Poor Amanda.
    Forged your jeopardy.

  • wb February 1, 2014 (1:02 pm)

    “In this they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude
    of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the
    great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend
    to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and
    that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds,
    they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one.” Mein Kampf (1925-1927)

  • i'mcoveredinbees February 3, 2014 (11:31 pm)


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