West Seattle Thanksgiving Day 2013: Good morning!

(Common Mergansers, photographed by Trileigh Tucker)
Thanksgiving Day 2013 is off to a foggy start in West Seattle (see traffic cams here, and the forecast here). We wish you a joyful holiday! Here’s the annual reminder that if you are looking for information on:

–Coffee shops that are open
–Restaurants/bars that are open
–Grocery-store hours
–Beverage-store hours
–Free community dinners (there are two!)
–Morning workout opportunities
–Church services

…as always, you can find ALL that information here on WSB, in the Thanksgiving section atop the WSB West Seattle Holiday Events and Info Guide.

If you’re taking transit – Metro is on a Sunday schedule; the Water Taxi is not running; Washington State Ferries is on a normal weekday schedule.

If you’re looking for a way to do a good deed today – starting at 10 am, you can donate desserts and/or warm clothing at The Hall at Fauntleroy (9131 California SW), where the annual free community dinner happens noon-3 pm.

More to come!

10 Replies to "West Seattle Thanksgiving Day 2013: Good morning!"

  • wseakell November 28, 2013 (8:06 am)

    Thank you WS Blog!! For this and everything you do in our community. Have a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get to take a break and enjoy some turkey. :)

    • WSB November 28, 2013 (8:14 am)

      Thank you, WSK! We’ll be slacking off, on and off, today for sure, unless there’s breaking news. I get to do the cooking, which is actually restful in its own way – TR

  • Neighbor November 28, 2013 (8:52 am)

    I am thankful for you and your good work. Thank you West Seattle Blog crew!

  • Chris W November 28, 2013 (9:34 am)

    Thank you Tracy, Patrick and the entire WSB crew. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  • alki Resident November 28, 2013 (9:36 am)

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!

  • CeeBee November 28, 2013 (9:37 am)

    Thank you! Cool Whip crisis!

  • Mike November 28, 2013 (10:25 am)

    Happy Thanksgiving WSB. Always first to report on events and keeping us all informed on everything in our community. You are greatly appreciated.

  • new on alki November 28, 2013 (12:34 pm)

    Thanks WSB and Happy Thanksgiving! You are year round the turkey of my media consumption.

    • WSB November 28, 2013 (1:01 pm)

      Don’t know how to take that but as natural optimists, we’ll consider “turkey” as in tasty main dish. Or something. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everybody who has stopped by the site so far today! – TR

  • miws November 29, 2013 (12:41 am)

    Yes, thanks Tracy, Patrick, JMoT, and all Contributors, for yet another year of top notch news coverage, and community involvement!


    I’ve been gone all day, but just now scrolling down the Main Page, it looks like you were spared the heartbreak of breaking news! ;-)



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