West Seattle coyotes: Two together, near Schmitz Park

First coyote report in a few weeks, shared this morning by Diane:

Around 10:45 pm last night I was heading up my street (Garlough Ave SW) and saw two of them, heading south, about mid block, between Stevens and Hanford street (map). They then headed west into a neighbor’s yard, most likely one that has access to the back alley. We live close to a trail into Schmitz Park and I wasn’t surprised to see them. My neighbor has seen them in the back yard sometimes. The back yard is on the park boundary, near the trail leading into it.

Reminders are always good for those with pets – keep them inside at night!

Even if you’re not near a park or greenbelt, they might be in your area – browse the WSB archive of coyote reports (some with photos) to see. For expert advice on how to encourage them to keep their distance – most notably, scaring them away if you see one – go here and follow the “solutions to problems” link.

8 Replies to "West Seattle coyotes: Two together, near Schmitz Park"

  • Joe Szilagyi September 25, 2013 (9:37 am)

    We actually saw one loping down 32nd SW last night around 1030pm. It sounded like it hopped a chain link fence around the middle of the 9800 block.

  • Petfriend September 25, 2013 (10:08 am)

    WSB – could you link the map for people showing the sightings? Thanks.

    • WSB September 25, 2013 (10:18 am)

      We have not updated the map in a year – and there were also valid complaints at the time that showing sightings over five years didn’t really show where they are “now,” only that they have been almost everywhere. It’s still in the archives, though – TR

  • Glenn September 25, 2013 (7:29 pm)

    I wish they’d come and eat the rats that ate my only tomato.

  • PV September 25, 2013 (10:22 pm)

    My husband saw two coyotes, possibly a male and a female, at 42nd Ave SW and Juneau while walking our dogs at 5 am this morning. They literally ran by on the other side of the street, coming south on 42nd and turning onto Juneau to head East towards 41st Ave. One of the coyotes had actually stopped and turned to stare at our dogs who were getting pretty excited. I should mention that our dogs are large at almost 100 lb each so it is a bit threatening to think that the coyote was interested in a stare down!

    • WSB September 25, 2013 (10:25 pm)


  • Ms Pam September 27, 2013 (12:09 am)

    We all have to learn to live with nature in a better way & not at OUR pets expenses! We live above Admiral Way & as new homeowners are moving in we are quick to tell them the dangers for there pets, especially ones left out ALL night or put out early A.M., I continue to see these pets (mostly cats) out & than notice the hung posters about “Missing Pets”. Aren’t we suppose to be smarter than the coyotes? We sure are not doing a good enough job as pet owners on this! It breaks my heart to hear this happening so much. Wake up PEOPLE!

  • Karen September 27, 2013 (10:27 pm)

    COYOTE SIGHTING: 9/27/13 @ 10:22PM: 27th Avenue SW and Othello

    One skinny coyote out looking for food. Traveled north on 27th Ave SW, then turned west onto Othello heading up the hill. Missing cat postings on phone polls all the time. Please tell your neighbors who don’t read the blog to keep kitties in at least in nighttime hours. Coyotes are more prevalent then.

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