Got a dog that loves to swim? Arbor Heights pool’s postseason for pooches approaches

(Photo courtesy Cori Roed)
It’s an annual tradition – AFTER Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club closes its pool for the year, its teams will raise money by inviting dogs over to swim again this year! The pool at 11003 31st Avenue SW plans five 2-hour sessions:

Tuesday, Sept. 17th 5-7 pm
Wednesday, Sept. 18th 5-7 pm
Thursday, Sept. 19th 5-7pm
Friday, Sept. 20th 5-7 pm
Saturday, Sept. 21st 10 am-12 pm

There are a few prerequisites – see them, along with other details, on the official flyer. No people in the pool (again, this is AFTER the human swims end for the season) but dog owners will have to stay at the club while their pets are in the pool. $10/donation per dog or $25 for a pass for the entire five-day run.

8 Replies to "Got a dog that loves to swim? Arbor Heights pool's postseason for pooches approaches"

  • LA in the Junction August 26, 2013 (2:48 pm)

    This was so much fun last year. Going to get the pass this time!

  • cjl August 26, 2013 (4:47 pm)

    Sounds fun, but how do the dogs get in and out of the pool? Are there steps or just a ladder?

  • Bob Loblaw August 26, 2013 (6:41 pm)

    cjl: there are steps. and tons of tennis balls. it’s one of the best annual events there is!

  • SS August 26, 2013 (6:50 pm)

    Don’t tell my dog he won’t be able to sleep for three weeks.

  • Small dog owner August 27, 2013 (6:45 am)

    Is there a specific time for smaller dogs? My dog LOVES swimming but it can be scary at Magnuson when both him and the bigger dogs are going for the same tennis ball. He gets pushed under water sometimes :(

    • WSB August 27, 2013 (8:06 am)

      Small dog owner – if you read the flyer that’s linked in the story, it notes that small dogs get the smaller pool to themselves.

  • Amy August 27, 2013 (7:21 pm)

    Can’t wait!

  • Courtney Searls-Ridge August 28, 2013 (10:17 pm)

    Here’s a link to my video from last year. We look forward to this every year!

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