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West Seattle Crime Watch: Alki hit-and-run; 3 reader reports

Topping tonight’s West Seattle Crime Watch roundup – a hit-and-run at 56th/Alki tonight. Marty says he saw it from the deck at Duke’s:

White 4-door, late-model Cadillac (didn’t see driver) hit maroon Dodge Durango (east side of street) about 9:33 p.m., slamming it up across the sidewalk to within inches of the food truck in the Alki Auto Repair parking lot. Luckily, no one injured. Cadillac turned east onto 56th, presumably squirreled around neighborhood before finding exit up Admiral. A small black car gave chase; no word on whether it caught up w/the perp. Best of luck to SPD finding Caddy & driver.

We’re checking. (Thanks also to Jonathan for a tip about the crash.)

Also from Alki, Darren‘s Kona men’s mountain bike was stolen sometime last night or very early today:

Last night between 9:30pm and 6:00am this morning, someone came down onto my porch and cut my bike lock and stole my bike.

Here’s a photo of Darren’s bike:

Darren’s building is in the 2200 block of Alki.

From Arbor Heights, Rick got a handwritten note from an apparent neighbor in the 10000 block of 35th, reading:

*WARNING* My house was broken into in the middle of the day on Friday (assume this means 6/14) probably around 11am-1pm. The thieves came in through a back window. They were probably on foot because they took things like all my jewelry, laptop, Xbox, etc. Nothing too big. BE CAREFUL & SAFE!

And Toby reports a car prowl in the 32nd/Barton vicinity:

Wanted to let everyone know and remind people to keep their doors locked and to not leave valuables in their car. Sadly we (re)learned the hard way. My girlfriend’s car was left unlocked last night and unfortunately she had forgotten her wallet in the glove box. It was gone this morning along with a Coach sun-glass case, some small bottles of perfume and a few other odds and ends. The wallet was also Coach, so if anyone happens to see any of the stuff (yeah right!), please let us know. Credit cards are cancelled, police have been notified. Overall not too terrible but there are better ways to start your day!

P.S. Our report on tonight’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting will be up overnight. No big news, though, but a couple updates as well as discussions of ongoing issues/cases.

West Seattle scene: Red noctiluca in the water, seen from above

We’ve reported on it multiple times already this year, and questions are still coming in about the “red stuff in the water” off West Seattle shores. As the non-toxic “noctiluca” bloom continues to appear, we have aerial views tonight courtesy of West Seattle photographer/pilot Long Bach Nguyen. Above, the view looks south toward West Seattle’s north shore. Next, a closer view as a boat goes through a patch:

And north across Elliott Bay, looking at West Point west of Discovery Park and Magnolia:

The state has a webpage with lots of info about this type of bloom and others.

West Seattle road work: ‘Bonus’ during California SW repaving

Tomorrow is scheduled to be the second day of repaving work on California SW south of Morgan Junction. While SDOT only announced work for the block between Frontenac and Myrtle, Ron A shares the photo and says the city crews have already done something extra:

Looks like we got a bonus — they filled in the slumps in the road to the north and south of Mills this morning! FYI, there are underground springs in those locations that slowly erode whatever material is under the roadbed. The section in the picture was patched about 5 years ago.

West Seattle generosity: Sophie’s gift to the West Seattle Food Bank

Meet Sophie. We found out about her from Michele at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor):

This is such a touching story that I wanted to share it with you.

This young lady’s name is Sophie in the photo attached. She and her mom Tami stopped by our BBQ for the West Seattle Food Bank on Saturday. On West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, Sophie had a lemonade stand that was for charity. She wished for her proceeds to help the food bank and donated them to us.

I remember when I was that age… $20 may as well be $100! I wanted to commend Sophie’s thoughtfulness and say thank you again.

It’s nice to see young people with such a good spirit – not to mention the parents that instill such good morals in ther kids. Good job, Tami!

The proud mom adds, “Sophie’s Girl Scout Troop #45180 is looking forward to doing great community service this year.”

SIDE NOTE: Thriftway has regular summertime Saturday barbecues raising money for charities – the Food Bank was last Saturday’s beneficiary; this Saturday, they’ll be raising money for the Morgan Community Association while MoCA presents its free annual Community Festival nearby. (Festival details here – see you there!)

Followup: Details on planned additions for Metro Routes 21, 120

June 18, 2013 6:03 pm
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Another followup to transportation news from Monday: After the city announced it’s giving the county money for extra Metro hours on certain routes, including 21 and 120 in/through West Seattle, we asked for any and all specifics, and this afternoon, we finally have them. If the current plans are finalized, the service changes on September 28th will include:

ROUTE 21: On Saturdays, extending 15-minute frequency until 8 pm outbound

ROUTE 120: Three additions –
*Weekdays – Extend 30-minute frequency until 11:04 p.m. inbound and 12:09 a.m. outbound
*Saturdays – Extend 15-minute frequency to operate from 7:12 a.m. to 6:49 p.m. inbound and 8:53 a.m. to 7:23 p.m. outbound; Extend 30-minute frequency until 10:48 p.m. inbound and 11:24 p.m. outbound
*Sundays – Extend 30-minute frequency from 6:32 a.m. to 10:18 p.m. northbound and 6:09 a.m. to 11:24 p.m. southbound

(Hat tip to Bruce at STB for sharing first word the specifics had become available, and thanks to Rochelle at KCDOT for tracking them down for us to share here.)

White Center would-be kidnapper may have tried again

4:26 PM: Just published on our partner site White Center Now: The King County Sheriff’s Office says a burglary attempt this past Sunday night might be linked to the attempted kidnapping two weeks ago. Both happened in the same block, 3rd/104th vicinity, and in both cases, fast-acting family members intervened. Here’s the newest story; here’s the previous story from early June. P.S. If you noticed helicopters in Arbor Heights/Shorewood/White Center this afternoon – those were TV choppers responding to this new information.

ADDED 5:39 PM: We asked KCSO Sgt. Cindi West if there was any more descriptive information about the suspect/s – unfortunately, she says, what’s in the story is everything they know.

Followup: City Council proposes full funding for long-sought 47th/Admiral traffic signal

(WSB photo, November 2011)
Tomorrow morning, when the City Council’s Government Performance and Finance Committee considers mid-year budget changes/additions, they will include half a million dollars for a traffic signal long sought by the Admiral Neighborhood Association and other neighborhood advocates. The dangers of the top-of-hill, on-a-curve intersection got a tragedy-borne spotlight when 26-year-old Tatsuo Nakata was hit and killed in November 2006. Some safety improvements have been made, but getting a full signal has proven elusive – though the ANA has continued to push, including with the November 2011 demonstration shown above.

The new proposal is an major upgrade from just one month ago, when Mayor McGinn announced a plan for a “flashing pedestrian beacon” at the intersection, and the start of a technical study for a full signal, as part of a list of projects to be pursued with savings from the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project. Yesterday, the council issued its own announcement about a “re-alignment” of midyear transportation spending – including some changes from the mayor’s May proposal; most notably for West Seattle, the “full traffic signal” for 47th/Admiral.

We’ve been seeking additional details since then, and obtained them today from Councilmember Tom Rasmussen‘s office. While the documentation for tomorrow morning’s meeting is not finalized yet, we’ve seen a draft version of the 47th/Admiral proposal, which would explain that “Councilmember Rasmussen proposes to add $480,000 in additional funding (on top of $20,000 in the Mayor’s initial proposal) for SDOT’s more comprehensive approach of full signalization of the intersection, which would place each of the 10 entering side streets into full traffic control; possibly adding an additional crosswalk on Admiral …” As soon as the official document is available, we’ll share it. Tomorrow’s council committee meeting is at 9:30 am at City Hall.

Local coalition goes face-to-face with councilmembers on ‘Nickelsville’ and other homelessness issues

(Photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
The two City Council members who did not sign last week’s letter calling for the Nickelsville encampment’s closure by September 1st were among three councilmembers who came to West Seattle last night for a forum on homelessness.

Their divergent positions on the matter were evident when all three – Nick Licata and Mike O’Brien, who weren’t part of the letter, and Tom Rasmussen, who was – responded to an audience question asking about “the plan” for the shutdown. We have that part of the discussion on video:

Ahead, the rest of what was discussed – what’s the city doing regarding homelessness in general, and what community members can do to help:

Read More

Waiting for the Highland Park spraypark? Quick update

(Seattle Parks photo, taken during spraypark testing)
School’s out, the sun’s out (despite forecasts to the contrary), and West Seattle families are anxiously awaiting the opening of our area’s first-ever spraypark, in Highland Park, five years in the making. As reported here a week and a half ago, construction is done – but they can’t open just yet. First, they were awaiting a part; now, an inspection. After a reader e-mailed to ask for an update, we checked with project manager Kelly Goold, who replied: “We are now waiting on final King County Health approval. Not sure when this will occur, hoping in time for this weekend, but could be next week.”

P.S. City-run wading pools start opening this weekend – the first in our area is Lincoln Park, where the season starts Saturday (weather permitting). Here’s the full citywide schedule.

From the WSB Forums: Volleyball overkill? Parks responds

For about a week, WSB Forum members have been discussing Alki Beach volleyball tournaments and a perception that they’re taking up more of the sandy beach than past summers. Many questions were asked about matters such as permits, parking, and rules; we asked Seattle Parks for answers, and have added the reply to the Forums thread, which you’ll find here – as the discussion continues. (One thing we learned from the Parks reply: The department publishes a regularly updated list of big events coming up at its parks citywide.)

West Seattle Tuesday: Rotary; CAPERS; Crime Prevention Council; dementia workshop; bellydancing…

(Click image to see larger view)
Thanks to Trileigh Tucker for another bird-family photo – juvenile crows squawking at mealtime. (These were photographed in the Lincoln Park area, but we’ve heard about some apparent parent crows dive-bombing people on California SW south of The Junction – ’tis the season.) On to today’s highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

AMANDA KNOX CASE @ WEST SEATTLE ROTARY: Two and a half years ago, West Seattle-residing Judge Mike Heavey spoke to the Rotary Club of West Seattle about the Amanda Knox case (WSB coverage here), in which he had become personally involved as an advocate for Knox. Today at noon at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor), he returns to the Rotary, and the subject, with the presentation “Amanda Knox: 100% Innocent,” billed as “discuss(ing) the concept of confirmation bias and dismantl(ing) the prosecution’s” theories and claims. (1936 Harbor Ave SW)

HAPPY 28TH ANNIVERSARY, CAPERS! The Junction store celebrates 28 years in the neighborhood with a celebration 4-6 pm today. You’re invited to stop by CAPERS for “cake and bubbly and fun.” Details on this Facebook event page. (4525 California SW)

CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: Neighborhood crime concern? Bring it to the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting tonight – you’ll be able to ask local SPD leadership about it, as well as directly hearing from them about current trends. 7 pm, Southwest Precinct meeting room, right off the parking lot. (SW Webster, west of Delridge Way SW)

CARING FOR SOMEONE WITH DEMENTIA? Providence Mount St. Vincent presents educator Teepa Snow, with the first of three workshops for those who are caregivers for people with dementia. Free of charge; no RSVP required. 7 pm in the Chapel. (4831 35th SW)

BELLYDANCING: Tonight’s nightlife listings include the Alauda bellydancing showcase at Skylark Café and Club, 7:30 pm, free/all ages. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday, with road work

(Live view from the east-facing WS Bridge camera; other cameras are on the WSB Traffic page)
As we start today’s traffic/transit watch, remember that California SW repaving between Myrtle and Frontenac is scheduled for today and tomorrow. We’ll be checking later this morning to see if the heavy equipment indeed shows up and gets going.

And the advance reminder again – if you expect to leave the peninsula on Saturday, review the closures for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon, including NB 99.