West Seattle beaches: ‘King tides’ & very low tides ahead


(12/3/12 photo from Richey Viewpoint, by Don Brubeck, shared via WSB Flickr group)
Heads up for beach-walking fans – the next week-plus will bring extremely high tides and very low tides. Given the season, the most dramatic extremes will be in the late-night and early-morning hours – though the afternoon high tides are notable too. As detailed on our favorite tide chart, each of the next four afternoons will bring a high tide of at least 12 feet (1:09 pm today); the nighttime low tide is -1.6 at 8:23 pm tonight and bottoms out at -3.6 feet at 10:41 pm Thursday. The morning high tides will surpass the afternoon levels starting on Thursday, reaching 13 feet at 6:50 am Saturday and 7:34 am Sunday. These are the “king tides,” and the state is again asking for help with photo documentation – explained on this page, along with a link for adding to their Flickr gallery (and please consider adding West Seattle photos to the WSB Flickr group too – thank you).

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  • DF December 10, 2012 (6:30 pm)

    Please do your part by keeping our waters of Puget Sound clean take advantage of those walks you are out on and be an example by seeing and responsibly disposing of litter in our community. We already have lots of people whom I see doing this in our community now it’s your turn. We live in an ever more condensed area and it will increase more as buildings go up and people move in. Keep our streets clean but more importantly our Puget Sound where a lot of debris eventually ends up. Thank you and Happy Holidays

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