Followup: White Center bank-robbery suspect arrested

1:35 PM: Earlier this week, we showed you a photo circulated by the King County Sheriff’s Office, showing the man they say robbed the White Center KeyBank last Friday (as reported here, right after a helicopter joined the search). Today he’s in jail, according to KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West. She says tips led to the arrest; he has not yet been charged, so we aren’t identifying him, but she says he is a 21-year-old Seattle resident. A decision on charges is expected next week.

2:15 PM UPDATE: Sgt. West has issued a news release with one more detail – that deputies “arrested the suspect late Wednesday evening near S 177 and 1st Ave S.”

2 Replies to "Followup: White Center bank-robbery suspect arrested"

  • Roche July 20, 2012 (2:52 pm)

    who is it? where does he live? he looked like a former co-worker who was weird.

    • WSB July 20, 2012 (3:02 pm)

      Roche, I don’t have the name and wouldn’t publish it till he is charged anyway. He doesn’t live in West Seattle, per KCSO. I may be able to match a name from the jail register depending on how many robbery suspects are in right now… if you e-mail me a name I can at least check if that was him and tell you offline ( – TR

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