Update: About that Fire Department ‘rope rescue’ response

1:02 PM: Big response off to the 5600 block of 29th SW, which is the golf course/Camp Long vicinity. We believe the dispatch was for someone “stuck in a tree” – we’re en route. And just as we typed that, most of the units have been canceled – we’re continuing just to check it out.

1:10 PM: We’re not there yet but we did want to let you know, if you are seeing a helicopter in the North Delridge area, it’s a TV chopper that was sent to check this out.

1:25 PM: The incident is definitely over – so over, the last fire unit was leaving as we pulled up. Still checking to try to find out a little bit more but bottom line, all’s well now.

2:28 PM: SFD spokesperson Kyle Moore says it was a report of an 11-year-old in a tree … and the child turned out to be all of five feet up, so the call was canceled.

6 Replies to "Update: About that Fire Department 'rope rescue' response"

  • LyndaB July 16, 2012 (1:10 pm)

    I think Guardian One is flying overhead. I see a medic unit going back but before that three fire trucks drove by. Hope they got the person down ok.

  • Ronnie Applewhite July 16, 2012 (1:10 pm)

    I was wondering what the hovering, circling chopper was all about. Knew I would find the answer here. :-)

  • heli overhead July 16, 2012 (1:12 pm)

    Thanks for the update, TR. I thought the helicopter was going to land on 26th it was hovering so closely. I was crossing my fingers that it wasn’t criminal activity. I hope they get the person out of the tree safely.

  • WTF July 16, 2012 (4:01 pm)

    Good grief!

  • me on 28th Ave SW July 16, 2012 (4:56 pm)

    I’m gonna “go out of a limb” and guess that a child on a cell phone called this in?? Or perhaps a very, very vertically challenged adult?

  • Rick July 17, 2012 (7:50 am)

    So Seattle.

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