Close Roxhill and ‘merge’ into Arbor Heights? Community meeting May 3rd

Thanks to Cheryl for sharing the news about this, before Seattle Public Schools families head into spring break: Roxhill Elementary will host a community meeting on May 3rd about the district BEX IV levy draft proposal to close Roxhill and “merge” it into Arbor Heights Elementary. Since the proposal’s surprise emergence two weeks ago, there already has been a community meeting at AH, with Roxhill reps in attendance (WSB coverage here) and one district-led West Seattle meeting about the levy (WSB coverage here). The Roxhill meeting is set for 6:30-8 pm May 3rd; the school is at 30th/Roxbury.

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  • Roxhill and AH booster April 13, 2012 (12:45 pm)

    Be there or be dissolved.

  • WSparent April 13, 2012 (8:43 pm)

    AH booster- Great comment.
    I hope I am wrong, but the history of our districts dealings with SW Seattle tells us this;
    1. Someone gets a spur of the moment idea…”let’s merger Denny and Sealth to save money on remodels!”
    2. The district then puts on meetings to make the community think their input matters.
    3. ‘Data’ will come out to show you how successful this type of plan has been elsewhere/this will raise acheivement.
    4. The ‘plan’ will roll ahead until it is financially easier to follow through rather than back down.
    5. All those kids will be crammed into a beautiful new AH that will be designed for fewer students but that brings in more than it can handle.
    6. The school will be begging for portables after two years in the new building and still dealing with ‘bugs’ that keep some classrooms in the low 50’s during the winter and high 70s in the spring.
    Again, let’s hope I’m wrong. The upside is that two committed parent communities will be united behind one school.

  • Cheryl April 14, 2012 (7:54 am)

    It’s VERY important that our Roxhill families know about, and attend, this community meeting. But I’m sure AH families will be welcome to attend as well. Hoping to have more details to share with the WSB after Spring Break.
    Roxhill’s 2nd Annual “Night for the Stars” fundraising auction is on Friday May 4th so that will be a busy week for many of our teachers and staff. Note too that our school auction is entirely organized by our teachers & staff, their friends and family, and with some help from PTA members as well. We’re new at the auction fundraising event “game” that so many other WS schools have been doing for years…. If you own a business and can donate goods/services to our event, or help in any way, please check out our school website or Facebook page for more details!
    Meanwhile, here’s hoping Roxhill families & friends attend the Community event on May 3rd. I want US to be just as, or more, vocal as AH families regarding this “merger” idea. Which as it stands is hardly a merger. It means Roxhill will be closed. Forever. And that just doesn’t fly right for me.

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