The WSBeat: Alki attacker; officers hit; parking problem

By Megan Sheppard
On the WSBeat, for West Seattle Blog

As always, the WSBeat summaries are from reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers, incidents of note that (usually) have not already appeared here in breaking-news coverage or West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

*A woman was able to get help at an Alki restaurant after she was chased down and jumped by a man near 58th and SW Marine Drive early Saturday. He shoved her from behind, and from the ground she began screaming and managed to kick her assailant in the chest. He ran off toward Alki Ave. SW. The report says restaurant staff mentioning they had recently heard people talk about being jumped in the 2600 block of Alki Ave. SW. The attacker was described as a white man in his late 20s or early 30s who smokes. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled tight around his face, with “a large nose” visible. He wore blue jeans and was approximately 5’9” with a medium build. The victim initially encountered him sitting in the patio area of a business in the 2600 block of Alki, where she was supposed to meet a friend, and he followed her to the location where she was assaulted.

*The sounds of a violent domestic disturbance led a citizen to call 911 Thursday night. When officers arrived at the Avalon Way address, the male suspect was immediately hostile and uncooperative. He ended up punching one officer in the head and another in the chest before being taken into custody. The home was in complete disarray, with broken cell phones, overturned furniture and shattered computers. The officers were treated at Harborview for lacerations, swelling, and abrasions. The suspect is being held in King County Jail for investigation of unlawful imprisonment (of the girlfriend) and assault on a police officer.

*When a woman legally parked her car in the 2800 block of SW Yancy, a little girl came out of a home and told her not to park there, as that was her dad’s parking space. When the woman didn’t move the car, an older girl came out to repeat the warning, and warned, “My dad will deal with you.” When the woman returned to the car an hour later, her right front tire had been flattened. The report describes this as an ongoing problem at the home. Officers left a business card there (there was no answer at the door), requesting that the resident get in touch.

9 more summaries ahead (busy week):

*A 21-year-old woman came to the DSHS office on Delridge and asked that her 3-year-old son be taken by Child Protective Services. She has been unemployed for seven months and is about to be evicted from her apartment, and she felt she could no longer take proper care of him. Officials took him into protective custody and arranged to find a foster home.

*Officers entered a home in the 7900 block of Delridge Way in an effort to clear out the latest in a series of squatters who have illegally occupied the building. A man was released at the scene. A woman was booked into King County Jail after a records check showed she was wanted on five warrants: one for assault ($2,000) and four for theft ($500 each).

*An alert citizen called in a description of a suspicious car and two males who seemed to be casing homes in the 9200 block of 14th SW on Thursday afternoon. The car is well known to officers and the driver has been contacted previously regarding residential trespass. On this day, the passenger (once he finally provided his real name) turned out to be wanted on a felony warrant. He was booked into King County Jail. The driver was released.

*Additional details on the “home invasion” reported here last week: Last Tuesday afternoon, in the 4300 block of 30th SW, a woman heard her dog barking on the main floor of the home. When she went to check on him, she found two strangers in her living room, rifling through cabinets. They were surprised to see her, and one showed a handgun. She retreated upstairs with her dog and was unharmed. The intruders were described as two black men, aged 18-21. Both wore black, hooded jackets, black denim pants, and Northface coats.

*After smoking an unknown substance purchased from a classmate, a local high-school student first fainted and then became violent and irrational, biting and kicking her friends and assaulting school staff who had to restrain her until medics arrived. She tried to assault them as well but calmed down when officers appeared. She was transported to Harborview along with three friends who had also smoked the substance but remained calm.

*Early Thursday, officers responded to the 9200 block of 14th SW where an upset woman had been seen hiding near a shed. She explained that she had been at a gas station on SW Roxbury, where a man had approached and asked if she wanted to “party.” She agreed and they drank some beers. When he asked if she wanted to go home with him, she began to set some boundaries on the interaction. He became upset and grabbed her hair and pulled it hard. Scared, she said she needed to use a restroom. When the car slowed, she was able to escape. The driver followed, even jumping the curb in pursuit, but she was able to elude him and hide. The suspect is an unknown race male, about 5’6” with light complexion and a muscular build. His hair was brown and shaved close. He drove a white mid-sized domestic vehicle.

*Early Thursday, a 33-year-old was drunk and “out of line” according to several customers of an Alaska Junction restaurant. After taking a drink from another patron’s mug, he was told to leave. He refused. But two other customers were happy to provide the man with an escort from the premises: They were officers with the Department of Corrections.

*Late Saturday, a female driver was followed to a parking lot in the 2200 block of SW Barton. The beige van (which she first noticed at 9th SW and Henderson) was occupied by a man described as Hispanic, in his 30s, about 180 pounds, with a buzz haircut. When he got out of the car, she also noted that — although they were down around his ankles — he wore blue jeans.

*On Monday afternoon, after an argument, a man pushed his girlfriend around, hit her in the head and held a knife against her throat, saying he was going to kill her. He then held the knife against his belly and threatened to kill himself. He dragged her to the ground and held her down for five minutes, repeating his threats to kill her. He finally let her go, and she ran from the apartment, flagged down a passerby, and called 911. Officers found the boyfriend walking in the 5900 block of 35th SW. He didn’t obey officer commands but was taken into custody without incident. He was armed with a 7” butcher knife.

CRISIS LINE: A resource for those in crisis, including domestic violence as well as thoughts or acts of self-harm: 206.461.3222
EDITOR’S NOTE: WSBeat roundups are archived here. We also continue to publish crime reports the rest of the week, when we get tips or hear noteworthy incidents via the scanner, so don’t be shy about letting us know when you see/hear something happening = calling or texting 206-293-6302 is the best way.

13 Replies to "The WSBeat: Alki attacker; officers hit; parking problem"

  • JayD February 29, 2012 (11:46 am)

    That alki attack is close to home for us. Did it say “early saturday”? It was pretty nice and fairly busy on the beach this weekend. If this was a daytime attack it’s crazy that no one noticed.

    And I suppose we won’t find out which business the thug was hanging out at?

  • Angel February 29, 2012 (12:14 pm)

    It’s 2012 .. why do people still think the street parking in front of their house is theirs and theirs only? Will people ever catch up to the reality?

  • April February 29, 2012 (12:17 pm)

    Marine drive is actually quite a trek from Alki Ave… so did it actually happen on alki or marine drive? it seems a bit confusing to me.

  • islewrite February 29, 2012 (12:27 pm)

    Early Saturday generally means between midnight and 6 a.m.

  • JayD February 29, 2012 (12:50 pm)

    Ah yes, thanks isle. And I think it’s Marine Ave SW?

  • Art February 29, 2012 (12:53 pm)

    So clearly violence against women is on rhe rise. Check the sex offender registry and be aware many don’t register. Be aware no matter where you are. They hunt their prey (ck the story out of tacoma where he hit the woman with his car then attempted kidnapping). The court system is overloaded and letting more go – there are more around.

  • April February 29, 2012 (1:20 pm)

    Marine Ave SW makes more sense, thank you JayD. How did you know?

  • Wendell February 29, 2012 (4:31 pm)

    Anyone other than me think there should be a totem pole built for our police officers and first responders?

  • JayD February 29, 2012 (6:19 pm)

    April. Its close to the 2600 block of alki. And I just caught the story from someone who knows the girl. lot of us locals will be keeping an eye out.

  • islewrite February 29, 2012 (7:30 pm)

    Yes. Marine Ave., not Marine Drive. Good catch!

  • Guy February 29, 2012 (9:32 pm)

    I would love to personally meet the attacker on Alki. If he is reading this I’m at that bar all the time. Please ask for Guy.

  • West Side February 29, 2012 (9:47 pm)

    That fourth one just breaks my heart.

  • SJ2 February 29, 2012 (11:04 pm)

    The fourth one broke my heart too. :( What a hard decision that must have been. I hope the best for the mother and child.

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