Reader report: Man in car leaves runner concerned

Out of the inbox, from a woman we’ll just identify by her first initial, “C.” No crime appears to have been committed, so this isn’t a Crime Watch report, but she says the same man has approached her three times, twice in a car while she runs, and once in person, and she wanted to get the word out. Here’s her account of what happened:

I am a runner and have been approached twice now by the same man in a car, and also today was approached by him in Metropolitan Market.

I have also seen him approach other women.

I have kept track of my encounters with him and feel it is important to notify fellow women that are out in our neighborhood. Tomorrow I will be calling the non-emergency police line.

Here is the series of events as they pertain to this man and myself:

First Encounter:
Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Where: I was running down the South side of Admiral.

Time: Early afternoon; 1-2pm

Details: I saw his black Honda Accord going down the hill and noticed it going slowly.
A few minutes later I noticed it coming back up the hill and it pulled to the side of the street with flashers on.
I had my ear buds in and upon seeing that the passenger window was rolled down, I squinted to see if it was someone I knew
which it was not. I stood near mid-hood of the car he pulled next too that was parked along Admiral.

He asked, “Do you have a body guard?”
I said, “No…”
He said, “You should have a body guard. Are you married?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “Are you happily married? Could I buy you away?”
I said, “Yes I am happily married.”
He said, “Well can I buy you… can I take you to dinner? Are you in love?”
I said, “Woa… I am married and in love.”
I started to back away, waived him off and took off back down the hill.
I continued on my run down to the beach on alert.

While down at the beach I saw him once on Alki driving. Then when I was heading back up Admiral, I saw him driving up it again.

He was nicely dressed in khakis and a button up shirt. The car was a nice car with cream interior. That is what I remembered about him and the car.

I saw a friend and her husband on Alki and notified them of the experience.

Second Encounter:
Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Where: I was running down the North side of Admiral.

Time: Early afternoon; 12 pm aprx

Details: I was near the top of Admiral near the blinking crosswalk and the care center.
I had my ear buds in and hear a honk from behind me and quickly glanced and couldn’t tell which car it was.
I saw a car pull into the exit side of the u-turn in the care center driveway, blocking it.
As I got closer I recognized the car and saw the window rolled down.
I moved as far to the right of the sidewalk as I could and heard him shout, “Do you have a body guard?”

I looked away and waved him off.

As I got midway down Admiral I saw a police officer driving and almost waied him down because I was so uncomfortable.

I took note of the [out of state] license plate … I also made note of the exact make of the car which was a Black, four door, Honda Accord.

I saw the same friend that I had seen previously and she encouraged me {along with some other friends who I had told} to report to the West Seattle Blog as well as file a report with the Police.

Third Encounter:
Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Where: Metropolitan Market

Time: 3pm

Details: I got in line to pay and a gentleman was behind me. There were long lines and the register next to us opened and the gentleman behind me said, “She just opened the next register.” While waving me to go. I said, “It’s okay you can go.” He said, “Thank you” and headed to the next line smiling.

The man I have been approached by then came walking behind me and stopped and said, “Well that was such a nice thing for you to do. Are you married?”

After he finished saying, “…that was such a nice thing for you to do…” I recognized him and hid my face and promptly turned around. When I glanced back he had walked away.

I went to head out to my car and saw his was parked across from mine. I drive a very distinguishable car {and park on the street in front of my house which is also readily seen} and didn’t want him see me get in so I waited a moment. I saw him get in his car so I went and got in mine.

I wrote down his license plate number and confirmed again that it was a black Honda Accord. He was wearing the same or similar Khakis with a light red button down short sleeve shirt with Newbalance sneakers.

I noticed the passenger window go down and he yelled something to the lady putting things in her car next to him. I backed up and saw her smile, put her hand up and turn around.

I drove away.

Perhaps this is just one very lonely old man, but it is inappropriate to be approaching women as they are jogging. The stint at the store is not as bad or ‘harmful’ because at least that is a public place where as a woman you are more used to be approached or talking to someone.

I do not feel immediate harm with this man, however. I do feel uneasy and uncomfortable. After conversing with friends about this man, they all recommend that I notify West Seattle Blog as well as the Police so that is what I am doing.

I hope this is helpful. … I figure that there is no way that I am the only woman that is feeling ‘bothered’ by this man.

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  • kmn August 25, 2011 (9:53 pm)

    Yikes! Definitely wrong.

  • Katy Walum August 25, 2011 (10:02 pm)

    Thank you for your courage in dealing with this creep and in coming forward to the Blog. You are helping to keep more West Seattle women safe!

  • angelescrest August 25, 2011 (10:03 pm)

    I would definitely call (would have called) the police. This sounds scary-crazy.

  • Thanks August 25, 2011 (10:19 pm)

    Thank you for the heads up. C, do you have a description of the man you encountered?

  • Kate K August 25, 2011 (10:42 pm)

    I had a wierd guy that called me all the time at my job (this was awhile ago and in another state.) He creeped me out enough that when I left that job I made sure everyone knew not to give any information about me to anyone because of this guy. He turned out to be a mass murderer.

    Listen to your radar and be careful. He could be harmless or not. He is highly inappropriate if nothing else.

  • MMB August 25, 2011 (10:43 pm)

    Thanks for the detailed description. The bodyguard question is creepy… actually, its kinda threatening. My wife and I run that hill regularly, so its nice to know to be on the look out.

    I can’t help but notice that your three encounters are all thursdays. Twice running at about the same time of day & same location. It could just be coincidence. However, having lived in more dangerous cities than Seattle, my wife always made it a point to not run the same route on the same days and times alone.

  • Anonymous August 25, 2011 (10:44 pm)

    Thank you for your post. After reading your observations, this man seems less than innocent but potentially seriously dangerous. One observation, each encountered occurred one week apart on a Thursday. The Met market lot is not any safer than jogging on the street…he shouldn’t be approaching a woman in any situation in the manner he is. He could easily abduct a woman from a highly frequented parking lot as in a more secluded area. He seems to be repeatedly comfortable approaching woman in an awkward/intimidating situation. I would most definately report this to the police as he could be a dangerous individual whose actions could be escalating into a more serious situation. Again, thank you for the heads up.

  • CJH August 25, 2011 (10:46 pm)

    Glad to share this experience and hopefully put an awareness out there about this man.

    Description of the man
    Age: Older, aprx 60-70
    Body Type: Medium build, aprx 5’10?
    Features: Silver/Gray hair, glasses

    Very confident and obviously very forward

  • JanS August 25, 2011 (11:09 pm)

    and so glad you got the license plate #. That is going to be so helpful to the police when you report it. Please keep an eye out…and thank you for posting this on here.

  • Forest August 25, 2011 (11:12 pm)

    What is the main color of his car’s out of state license plate?

  • AIDM August 25, 2011 (11:21 pm)

    You need to immediately call the police the next time you see him. If he somehow thinks this is an innocent game, then a conversation with the police will straighten him out, and if he is a sex offender, you can at least be informed of the seriousness of the matter. You also might want to search the sex offender registry online for people within two miles of admiral and see if you recognize him… go here:

  • CJH August 25, 2011 (11:38 pm)

    Great tips everyone, I appreciate hearing them.

    AIDM I checked the sex offender registry – not there.

    I know half the problem when we are in a potentially dangerous situation is that we don’t listen to our intuition which is protecting us.

    I try not to run with ear buds in now also since I do definitely see the danger in that. I also try to make sure I’m wearing something more modest, even in the hot weather and I know apparel {or lack thereof} can be an attractant for those preying on women runners.

    This situation has also made me more aware as a driver of the pedestrians around me. Let’s make sure none of us are ever just the ‘on looker’, if you see a dangerous or harmful situation call the police and try to help if possible.

  • Jesse August 26, 2011 (1:31 am)

    Harassment is still a crime. Please report this to the police when you can.

    Good on you for keeping your head about you and getting all the details you did. Good luck out there, and say safe.

  • wsmom August 26, 2011 (5:02 am)

    Please file the report with an officer, in person. My car was broken into and one thing I found out about filing a report online or on the phone is that you’ll be talking with an officer who doesn’t actually work in West Seattle. I think it’s important that our neighborhood cops know about this situation. This guy just sounds too creepy!

  • bp August 26, 2011 (5:33 am)

    Take a pic of him. Or video. Easy.

  • Amazon August 26, 2011 (7:32 am)

    I have taught self-defense to groups of women who were victims of sexual assault. The one thing that we frequently encounter with women in general, and especially with those who are victimized, is this hesitancy to respond effectively to this type of aggression. Women are taught to be nice and polite to others, not to listen to their intuition and protect themselves.

    I would encourage (general)you to be more clear in the future in your communication. You may think you are being clear with this guy, but obviously, this guy is NOT getting the message.

    The only way to handle this “nice” “lonely” man is to YELL “get away!” “back off” or “I’m calling 911!” the next time he approaches you. His way of approaching you is way out of line. He needs to be interviewed by the police. He needs to have the authorities document his behavior and monitor him.

    Take your pick ladies. Would you rather be considered rude or embarrass yourself….or would you rather end up assaulted or worse?

  • biankat August 26, 2011 (7:50 am)

    Absolutely report him. Consider even carrying your phone with you when you run, and take pictures of him next time he tries anything. Creep.

  • CurlyQ August 26, 2011 (7:57 am)

    Thank you for sharing this and stay safe! I will too.

  • Rebecca August 26, 2011 (8:26 am)

    I’ve actually encountered this guy too, also in the Met Market parking lot. I was in my car and he gestured for me to roll down the window. I thought he was going to accuse me of hitting his car or something (which I certainly hadn’t), but instead he told me “I was just on my way to buy you ice cream.” He went on for a minute, but it was creepy. It was like he was trying to solicit a kid or something. I finally had to just drive off.

    I didn’t feel threatened by him, and he didn’t follow me out of the parking lot, but he is definitely bold and weird.

  • Klause August 26, 2011 (8:47 am)

    Never hesitate to report odd behavior such as this. Also, why hold back on crucial details?

    Lic. Plate State:

    Two crucial elements that can help the Police and anyone else that may happen upon him.

    Yes, he drives a black Honda, but knowing which state would help others know right off the bat that this is the car. There are far too many Honda Accords out there. Knowing ethnicity also helps narrow down the individual since we now know that he’s not always in his car. So, when he approaches another female in the store or on the street, red flags will go up immediately.

    This individual needs to be stopped. Waiting will only allow for him to escalate to his next level as he gains more confidence in his approaches.

    Thanks for bringing it to the attention of the community and now more citizens will be on the lookout, we just want to make sure they spot the right person and/or car.

  • golfer August 26, 2011 (9:47 am)

    Seems to me like something more than being creepy and inappropriate might be going on with this man. I know that if I was sane and sober and trying to nefariously woo a lady, I wouldn’t ask such obviously alarming questions as “can I buy you?” Sounds likely he has some sort of mental problem – did he otherwise seem like a normal person?

  • NFiorentini August 26, 2011 (10:05 am)

    I’m sure I’ve seen (and heard) this guy at the Metropolitan also. The word “boisterous” comes to mind. Definitely will keep an eye out. Also, since he seems to be a regular at the Metropolitan, I’d bet that the female staff working there is familiar with him.

  • LivesinWS August 26, 2011 (10:29 am)

    “I do not feel immediate harm with this man, however. I do feel uneasy and uncomfortable.”

    This guy has intruded on your space, is verbally aggressive “can I buy you?” and stalks you.

    Sounds like harm to me. And it’s the classic pattern of starting with low-level harassment to see how much trouble he’ll get, and then it escalates.

    I’d yell (not scream, but yell) at him, photograph him, call 911 immediately, post the license # to warn others.

    D@mn shame this creep can’t mind his own business. Women shouldn’t be so nice to him.

  • AdmiralNeighbor August 26, 2011 (10:36 am)

    “C,” I have had a number of conversations with an older, silver/white-haired fellow in this neighborhood when we cross paths as I walk my dog. He always comments/gushes over my dog. He is flirtatious but not overly pushy, yet I feel he sometimes crosses the line, doesn’t pick up on boundaries. I agree, he may just be lonely, or tipsy. Do you recall if the person you have encountered has a mustache? Also, providing an ethnicity would help, though I certainly don’t intend to be racist. Thanks!

  • Denise August 26, 2011 (10:46 am)

    I am thinking that this is the same person who harassed me at the Junction post office on August 8th at around noon. Same description, said the exact same things to me (are you married, do you have a bodyguard, etc), then he waited for me outside the post office and then followed me as I walked to my car. When it became apparent that he planned to keep following me, I put my hand up and said “STOP following me.” At that point he did stop following me, but still kept talking unfortunately, even with no encouragement from me. I estimated his age to be around 70. As I pulled out of the post office parking lot, I saw him get into a black Honda.

  • Jiggers August 26, 2011 (1:21 pm)

    It’s a scary world when you leave your happy place. You can never be careful enough.

  • DC August 26, 2011 (3:28 pm)

    Amazon said almost exactly what I was going to add. Women are taught to be nice and polite, but in situations like this you need to be direct and rude. “Stay away from me or I am calling the police” should suffice.
    As far as being careful about how “modest” your clothing is, there has never been a study that proved even a correlation (never mind causation) between how revealing a woman’s outfit might be and her chances of being sexually assaulted. While it might seem to make sense that dressing in a more attractive or even suggestive manner might make creeps more likely do something bad, all the known data has pointed to the opposite,
    Sexual assault is a violent crime of opportunity, so you are already doing some of the right things like being aware and alert and avoiding distractions like earbuds. The best way to not be a victim is to not have a victims mentality. You are in charge, you control where you run and when, you control who you talk to and who you don’t. Having a plan to deal with these situations and feeling empowered to execute that plan is often enough to give would-be creepers a vibe that makes them decide not to even engage with you in the first place.

  • DCS Foyle August 26, 2011 (5:11 pm)

    I’m no shrink, but this guy sounds like he’s in the early stages of senile dementia, and may not be so much dangerous as a little sad & pathetic. That said, I wasn’t there, and whether he’s a little senile, has Asperger’s, is just a bit clueless, or (God forbid) is potentially a kidnapper or something, he doesn’t have the right to behave inappropriately. I think at the very least the police should be contacted and they should have a chat with this fellow. When in doubt, it’s probably better to be firm with him. Not necessarily apropos to this discussion, but it brings to mind a little bit of cop wisdom, ‘it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.’

  • C August 26, 2011 (6:24 pm)

    Hi C,

    I have been approached by this same person. He was parked adjacent to me at Safeway and approached me as I got in to my car. He asked me, “Are you in love?”. I laughed and said I was working on it. He said “Would it be possible for me to take you out for ice cream?”. I said no, I didn’t think so. He smiled, shrugged his shoulders, said thanks, and walked away.

    His car was black with a Florida license plate.

    – Also “C”

  • leerae August 26, 2011 (7:13 pm)

    Does this guy have Florida plates? I’ve seen a guy trying to pick up women at the Admiral View Point a couple of times. He has an odd come on approach. “Hey, can I ask where you got those beautiful Tattoos?” was one. He was not menacing to look at, but after 2 pickup tries, he called a Hooker and made a date. People seem to think that while in their vehicle, they are invisible, and can’t be heard.

  • CA August 26, 2011 (8:17 pm)

    I was approached by this same man about a month ago at the Admiral Starbucks. He told me he had just moved from Florida to a place on Harbor Avenue. He seemed harmless at the time, but was very forward. He asked me if I was married, and even after I said yes, he asked if I’d like to go out to lunch. He said “we can just talk”. He was very persistent. After politely telling him no, he said he was going to head over to The Met for an egg mcmuffin. He made it sound as though he went there often. I’m sure workers at both Starbucks and Met Market have seen him run his game.

  • Jiggers August 26, 2011 (9:50 pm)

    No pictures yet?

  • Alki Resident August 26, 2011 (10:17 pm)

    My 19 yr old daughter and her friend also a female,have been approached by this guy too.He claims to be in West Seattle four months out of the year and the rest of the time spent in Florida.He claims to live on Harbor Island,maybe he’s living in a shipping container,lol.He offered”wanted” to take her shopping and get a cup of coffee.Of course she blew him off and politely declined.After showing this blog to her she identified “the old man”immediately as omg he did this mom.

  • wagglehound August 26, 2011 (10:33 pm)

    I am going to take this guy’s picture if I ever encounter him & will be on the lookout — I frequent the Admiral area often. He sounds so desperate for connection that simply saying something like “nice glasses! Can I take a picture” might actually convince him to pose. BTW, I’m a guy, so I don’t feel nervous about any unintended side effects from initiating communication with him.

  • Mike August 27, 2011 (12:02 am)

    creepy, either he’s really that weird and needs to talk to some law enforcement about appropriate behavior and scaring people or he’s some genuinely nice old man that has a bad way of approaching women. Maybe he’s an uber millionaire looking for that one lady to spend money on.

  • Seaview August 27, 2011 (12:38 am)

    I hope none of us think daylight and busy, populated areas are any protection against assault or worse. They are not.

  • CJH August 27, 2011 (12:58 am)

    Hello everyone and thanks SO MUCH for all of the feedback here.

    I want to answer a few questions that have arisen through this feed:

    1. He is white
    2. YES, they are Florida plates, easy to recollect because of of the oranges.
    3. Not that I’m hoping to run into him, but if I do I will take his picture.
    4. Again, not that I am looking to run into him but I will look him in the eye and be forceful if he makes another attempt to pursue me.

    After hearing accounts of how he has made similar efforts to other women, it sounds like we all need to really beware. I decided not to file the online police report since there was recommendation to go to our local West Seattle Police, so when I am back in town on Monday I will do that and reply here with an update on how that goes.

    I just want to say, after purchasing our home here in the heart of West Seattle and becoming part of such a wonderful neighborhood I and my husband are so supportive of the West Seattle Blog. What a great informative source; so helpful and so genuinely concerned with the West Seattle Community. Thank you to those that work on the WSB and to all the fellow neighbors that communicate openly on how to keep our families safe. I have never lived in {or seen} a community that is so close-knit and rather unified. It is refreshing. It has been extremely reassuring in regards to this situation I have had with this man to hear of fellow accounts and get helpful information that is beneficial for myself and us all.

  • d September 3, 2011 (7:48 pm)

    I have had 2 very DISGUSTING encounters with this man….he is not harmless. Both took place at the Metropolitan Market. I don’t know that it’s necessary to go into any details, but he repeatedly asked for various sexual favors from me and persisted that I meet him in a park. I have his phone number from his “business” card with only his first name, “Maurice”. I did see him with another woman at the same market yesterday. I’ll be calling police to report what I know.

  • Kristin September 8, 2011 (3:54 pm)

    I think the same man approached me today (Thursday) in the Starbucks parking lot on Admiral Hill. Black Honda Accord, 65-70 years old, asked me if I was in love with Benjamin Franklin and offered to spend money on me and tried to get me to come in his car with him. I said “No” and he gave me a business card that said he was an international investment banker it looked fake with only his first name and he told me to call him. My friend and I thought it was hilarious so we called/texted the number and he proceeded to say he wanted to meet with me alone and I just didn’t respond. We then heard about this article from a friend and we’re wondering if we should report this to the police.

  • Hat momma September 16, 2011 (3:33 pm)

    Saw this guy today at PCC. He came up to me and said, “you look very nice today” I said thanks and although I had read this string it didn’t dawn on me who he was. He then said, “Are you in love” and the alarm bells went off. I said ‘yes, very much so’ and he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I watched him to see if he really purchased anything (his cart was empty) and it looked like he bought some soup and maybe a roll. I watched him walk to his car (same black accord with Florida plates) and he started talking to a high school girl waiting for the bus. I was stuck behind some jackass waiting for a front row parking spot (instead of driving to the next row where there were plenty) and was planning to watch to make sure he didn’t lure this girl into his car. By the time I got around to where he was parked the girl had walked away and he drove off. Maybe the high school should be alerted? In truth, MY encounter with him seemed harmless and had I not read this string on the blog I would have passed it off as some old man flirting and not thought of it again. That said, this was my experience and he wasn’t nearly as aggressive with me as he was with some of the other women on this post. I would feel differently if he had been as aggressive with me as he has with some of the other women. In my case, he wasn’t breaking any laws so calling the police would have been pointless. However I agree that his aggressive side should be reported once it rears its ugly head again.

  • clementine September 23, 2011 (9:12 pm)

    I encountered this man this afternoon while I was sitting on the bench outside of Zatz bagels. He paused at the door to ask me if I as waiting for him. I said ‘no’ and he went inside. After a few minutes he came back out and left in his car. It was the as descibed in this post, black Honda with a light leather interior and a Florida plate.
    I also consider my meeting with him harmless.
    I just took notice because I thought it odd that he didn’t know what the person he was supposed to be meeting with looked like.

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