West Seattle Elementary: Watch their video – and vote!

West Seattle Elementary made that video about “Community” for a new nationwide contest they insist they’re “planning on” winning – to get $20,000 for a new technology lab. But they have to win the vote first. The contest is through the retail chain Big Lots and you can find the backstory here; what matters most is to go directly to WSES’s contest page and vote for them, which you can do three times a day (the site says) till July 4th.

10:37 AM: WSB Forums member Paul points us to this post about another Seattle school’s entryThe Center School, which has dozens of students from West Seattle. Here’s a direct link to their contest page.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Elementary: Watch their video - and vote!"

  • Tony June 8, 2011 (1:39 pm)

    I honestly went through and looked over alot of the competing schools from across the country. WS Elementary did a excellent job on their video it carries so much of a deeper meaning than many of the other contestants. There is actually a school trying to pimp themselves out for iPads, I mean come on there are schools out there with much greater needs than getting some iPads which I really don’t believe have any place within a school. Many of us know that WS Elementary is in dire straits when it comes to test scores, and I am that winning the prize would help uplift them in the future.

  • educada June 8, 2011 (4:54 pm)

    My kids will be attending John Stanford International School in the fall but I will definitely vote as many times as I can for West Seattle Elementary to get their technology lab. My kids school have an awesome reputation and a strong PTSA. Not all schools have that priviledge and I think W S Elementary could use some uplifting prize after all the bad reports they have received.
    Let’s all help!

  • laura b, School Counselor at West Seattle June 9, 2011 (10:10 pm)

    Thanks WSBlog for publishing this! It speaks volumes about our community that so many step up to support this school and small community within West Seattle that it serves. Tony’s right, the families and students at West Seattle Elementary really do know what community is about. We would all LOVE your support. Please take a minute everyday that you can and vote!

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