Roxhill Elementary celebrates 4 newly awarded grants

Story and photos by Ellen Cedergreen
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

A big celebration at Roxhill Elementary today as it received a total of 4 grants, all from the Seattle Education Foundation, awarded in a dignitaries-laden ceremony that also marked grants for schools elsewhere in the district.

Roxhill teachers applied for and were selected for the grants after they submitted proposals to Seattle Education Foundation’s board. Up to $20,000 in grant money is distributed annually among Seattle Public Schools, whose superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson was among those at Roxhill this morning for the presentation.

Last year, Roxhill was given $1,000 (the foundation’s maximum allowance for a single grant) for audio library books and equipment. This year, they’ll get to expand the impact with grants going to fund a variety of areas including: physical education, kindergarten, and reading intervention.

Today’s ceremony at Roxhill happened during the morning assembly. Students carried out their regular assembly business items; student of the month awards, reminders to be persistent and responsible, school chant, and birthdays. But the end portion of the assembly brought a big surprise in the form of a really big check.

Students got to hear a short and humorous presentation by Roxhill alum and foundation board member, Jim Oftebro, who shared a story from his tenure as a PE teacher at Roxhill. Then Dr. Goodloe-Johnson, and School Board member Steve Sundquist helped present the check along with the general manager at SEF’s Foundation House, Farron Bernhardt. Bernhardt told WSB he’s gratified to see the whole process go full circle, all the way from Foundation House back to the schools. Roxhill students gave big cheers at the prospect of more field trips, PE, and art.

Read on for more about the specific grants, and the Seattle Education Foundation:

The Seattle Education Foundation has been around for more than seventy years, but its scope has expanded over the years. In order to provide housing for retired schoolteachers, the Seattle Education Auxiliary was formed with a simple goal in mind: To carry out the work of long time public school teacher, Ida Culver, who made space in her own home to house other retired public school teachers in need.

Fast forward to 2011 when the Seattle Education Auxiliary is now known as the Seattle Education Foundation. It still provides housing assistance for retired schoolteachers, but they also run a retirement living facility in Bothell, known as “Foundation House,” which provides all of the funding for their school grant program. The Foundation board members decide where to allocate the funds based on five key criteria: Creativity – innovative aspects of the proposed program; Need – the nature and intensity of the problem or challenge; Realistic Budget – appropriate to activities; Measurable Goals – there is a clear statement of anticipated change in student skill performance; Sustainability – the program is to continue after funding is completed. Once the foundation has determined where to allocate its funds, grants are distributed across Seattle Public Schools, like the ones awarded today at Roxhill Elementary.

According to Roxhill principal Carmela Dellino, in her third year leading the school, the specific grants are:

Grant 1: purchase of GeoMats plus GeoMotion curriculum: provide
gross motor challenges for students/includes fitness games, relays and aerobic activities.

Grant 2: fund field trips (transportation and entrance fees) to art museums to support our Arts Impact curriculum (Arts Impact: teaching of literacy through art education)

Grant 3 and 4: purchase of books for classroom libraries and for our Book of the Month program (each classroom reads the same book around a particular theme and then completes writing and/or art activity about the book)

Total grant value: Almost $4,000.

4 Replies to "Roxhill Elementary celebrates 4 newly awarded grants"

  • Forest January 19, 2011 (12:07 am)

    Did no other public school in West Seattle apply for these grants? It sounds like a total of four separate grants were distributed to West Seattle schools — and Roxhill got every last one of them.

    • WSB January 19, 2011 (12:18 am)

      No, there were other grants, but Roxhill got four of them. They announced $20,000 in grants total; Roxhill’s share added up to about $4,000, and that’s why the organization decided to have the event there, but it took us a while to get that information from the principal, and the granting organization did not have specifics available on who the other $16,000 was going to – we’re still hopeful of getting that info, but didn’t want to hold the rest of the story any longer – TR

  • luckymom30 January 19, 2011 (11:11 am)

    Go Roxhill! Woo-hoo!! Our daughter was so excited yesterday so couldn’t wait to share with us this news about the grants and also meeting the foundation members and oh yeah help hold the banner! Congrats Roxhill you so deserve it!

    Thanks WSB for posting this news!

  • (required) January 19, 2011 (9:10 pm)

    Huh. $20,000. You know, that’s just a little under what Dr. Goodloe-Johnson brings home in her paychecks every four weeks. Just sayin’.

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