Photos: West Seattle Democratic Women enjoying the art of politics

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)
Snapshots from West Seattle Democratic Women‘s “Rubbing Elbows” event Thursday night at Woodside/Braseth Gallery (co-owned by West Seattleite John Braseth) downtown, as many of the invited dignitaries took time out to share their thoughts about the group’s work: State Sen. and County Council candidate Joe McDermott is shown above with WSDW’s Karen Chilcutt and Carol Frillman, plus Rep. Eileen Cody, and Rep. Sharon Nelson. He said of the WSDW: “In so many places in the community they’re really engaging and at the same time carrying on great conversations, amongst themselves and throughout the community, about what Democratic values mean.” Next, from the legislator who hopes to succeed McDermott in the Senate:

Rep. and State Senate candidate Sharon Nelson said: “When we’re down in Olympia, it is really easy just to listen to the lobbyists and to have a different perspective. But coming home when you’re really seeing an organization that helps poor families, working families, and food banks….staffing the White Center Food Bank one night a month… I really appreciate everything this group does and the fact that their values are really reflected in their work.”

West Seattle-residing City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen joked that, since the WSDW were fundraising for worthy causes, he wondered if maybe they could also pass the hat for the South Park Bridge. And his fellow Councilmember Sally Clark jokingly jumped with “pass the hat” as some members of the audience suggested a bake sale. What Clark (and others) had to say – and more photos – after the jump:

Sally Clark commended the WSDW for their focus on what is essentially civics: “…and that connection has been driven home all the more to me over the past few days. Whatever you might think of the various cities that are taking a stance about what happened recently in Arizona, more troubling to me is the type of feedback and the way people are expressing themselves in that debate. And the kind of feedback that the City Council has received in terms of the receptionist who has been picking up the phone, has shown that we are way out of whack about how we talk to each other. The epithets. The things that are said just as a matter of course about people of color, about immigrants… no matter whether they are legal or illegal… and so a focus on civics and getting people to be able to talk to each other civilly. And my secret desire is that when I leave the City Council someday is to become a civics teacher in the public schools … So anything that this group does to do that…these efforts make a huge difference in helping youth to learn how to engage.”

State House Position 2 candidate Joe Fitzgibbon said: “You guys are a big positive influence on this community in terms of getting the discussion out about democratic values and progressive values out there with the actual feet-on-the-ground work that you do to make our community a better place. I’m running to hopefully replace Sharon Nelson who is running for the Senate. I’ve been honored for the last three years to serve as Sharon’s Legislative assistant. I’m not from West Seattle but from Burien where I’ve served as the chair of the Burien Planning Commission.” One of his rivals in the State House race was there too:

That’s Marcee Stone, who is also running for State House Position 2, and last week won the endorsement of the 34th District Democrats, as well as the official party nomination. Also seen at “Rubbing Elbows,” City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw:

City Councilmember Tim Burgess:

… and others. Back here on the peninsula, the next scheduled WSDW meeting is next Thursday – details here. Proceeds from “Rubbing Elbows” were to benefit the WSDW’s service projects, including, as Chilcutt listed and described them in e-mail before the event:

* Washington Bus, “The Washington Bus engages tomorrow’s leaders on their own terms, and empowers them through education, civic and cultural engagement, and hands-on democracy.”
* Southwest Youth and Family Services Summer Writers’ Workshop, “an 8-week intensive writing program where students find their voice in writing.”
* We The People & Project Citizen “Constitutional Study Projects,” “WSDW members are in the process of receiving training in these two projects and will share what they learn with other WSDW members who will then go out into the educational community with the goal to increase student and adult understanding of our constitution.”
* South Seattle Community College “Political Empowerment – Process and Strategy Class”. “WSDW is sponsoring the tuition for 10 students to take this class.”
* West Seattle & White Center Food Banks, “WSDW collects money, grocery receipts from the Metropolitan Market & Morgan Thriftway, and food product to support the local food banks.”

2 Replies to "Photos: West Seattle Democratic Women enjoying the art of politics"

  • Lou Frillman May 21, 2010 (7:25 am)

    Thanks to all the West Seattle businesses that donated to Rubbing Elbows. They are;
    * QFC
    * Sugar Rush
    * Shoo Fly Pie
    * Husky Deli
    * The Kenney

    Finally,John Braseth of Braseth Gallery (and former West Seattle-ite) deserves our special thanks for donating his beautiful gallery for our event.

    Great food, great fun, great cause! Thanks to all.

    Carol Frillman

  • Peggy May 21, 2010 (8:56 am)

    Last night was a real treat to be downtown at such a handsome gallery with a lovely exhibition. The weather cooperated and held off for a mostly sunny window for the whole event. We missed a few RSVP guests like our mayor and a few other elected representatives but had a great time with those that did join us. I feel really good about our local charities that will benefit from this event. We all must pul together during these stressful times. Carol Frillman did a splendid job of coordinating it for the WSDW! Cheers!

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