Junction Plaza Park: They’re really digging it

Thanks to Brian from TouchTech Systems in The Junction for sharing that photo of the intensifying work at the site of Junction Plaza Park, where groundbreaking earlier this month followed more than a few long years of work to finish fundraising and designing it. The Parks Department has said it expects to have the park done by early June.

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  • JLBWA May 2, 2010 (11:37 am)

    Amazing… Heard just the other moring on the radio that the parks department has “outgrown” their budget, and is facing having to close pools, parks. etc. to make ends meet.

    But! They’ve got money to not only create this new “park” but now they’ll need additional money to maintain it in the future. This city has gotten out of control.

    • WSB May 2, 2010 (2:33 pm)

      JLBWA, the Parks Dept. didn’t put up the money to finish this park – a citizen fundraising effort did. Parks spent Pro Parks Levy money to buy it several years ago, but then the whole thing stalled for lack of money to finish it.

  • CTH May 3, 2010 (2:15 am)

    Hi JLBWA, Well thank goodness for The WSB! They got it right. Seattle is a very lucky town to have a foundation for their parks. Foundations raise funds privately. I am so amazed at the devotion Seattle folks have to their public spaces.
    Below you will find a website for the foundation and an explanation of their mission.

    Website:http://www.seattleparksfoundation.orgCompany Overview:Seattle Parks Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization working with public and private partners. Since 2001 Seattle Parks Foundation has completed 27 park projects and secured more than $28 million for parks and green spaces in Seattle. In 2008, the Parks Foundation took a lead role in the successful passage of the $146 million Parks and Green Spaces Levy.
    Mission:Seattle Parks Foundation improves, expands, and creates parks and green spaces, building a more vibrant community.

    Products:Our programs include neighborhood parks projects such as play areas, historic restorations, habitat restoration, and new legacy parks; donation programs, including the tree, bench, and yellow swings programs; green connections projects like the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop; and major park projects like Lake Union Park, a new 12 acre waterfront green space in the heart of Seattle.

    • WSB May 3, 2010 (3:45 am)

      In this case I believe that group helped but the lion’s share of the last leg of the effort raising construction $ was by Friends of Junction Plaza Park, which included the West Seattle Junction Association (businesses) and Junction Neighborhood Organization (local neighborhood group). We covered many stories related to the fundraising drive, including donation boxes at West Seattle Summer Fest last year. Same thing, for example, at Statue of Liberty Plaza on Alki … a community fundraising effort made the plaza happen … and now they are creating a maintenance fund by continuing to sell engraved bricks to place at the plaza – TR

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