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Disaster Preparedness Month, night 2: Docs in the freezer?

All month long, we’re planning a nightly spotlight on Disaster Preparedness Month, and steps you can take – not just the same old ones you’ve heard over and over again and maybe even tuned out – to be sure you have the best chance at “getting through it” should something big happen. Tonight, expert advice forwarded by the local folks behind the Emergency Communication Hubs around West Seattle – at the heart of this excellent web resource – something particularly timely if you are still working on your taxes and have some of these docs out already: The documents you need to compile and set aside ahead of time, so you wouldn’t lose precious time in recovery mode.

After a major disaster, you may need financial assistance and will want to document any property loss for insurance and income tax purposes. Having ready access to the documents necessary for completing application forms, as well as those which could be difficult to replace, will help reduce delay and frustration.

At A Minimum:
1. Gather property insurance papers (home, auto, boat, etc.) and make copies.
2. Gather health insurance papers (medical provider, dental provider, life, extended disability, etc.) and make copies.
3. Gather financial papers (bank, investment, retirement, etc.) and make copies.
4. Gather wills, powers of attorney, and estate papers and make copies.
5. Take photos or videos of all valuables as documentation for insurance claims.

• Store these copies and photos in a safe deposit box, or in a ziplock bag in your freezer (you may want to disguise these documents by putting them in a clean box like a frozen pizza box).

The latter advice is frequently offered by police, too, in case you become a theft/burglary victim. Even if you can’t do all this right now, find a few of the documents that are handy and start – get those to the safe-deposit box or freezer – add to it as you are able. Meantime, our nightly spotlights continue Saturday night; if you missed Night 1 on Thursday, it was simple advice – Know your hub, which you can do by browsing the West Seattle Be Prepared website (and joining its Facebook group too – check out the quake info posted today).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Seen this stolen sign?

The sign in the above-left photo is one of two that brought a lot of smiles and comments when we published photos sent by their creator, Jim Sander, a month ago. Tonight, Pigeon Point’s Pete Spalding says the sign’s been stolen – along with most of the community signpost that held it (“after” photo, above right):

At some point during the day on Friday some low-life scumbag decided to vandalize one of our Pigeon Point neighborhood signposts. These signposts were donated by residents of the Pigeon Point neighborhood. These sign posts are normally used to notify residents of upcoming meetings and events that are taking place in our neighborhood. Now we will have to come up with the funds to replace this signpost and the Welcome to Pigeon Point sign that was attached to the crossbar on top. These signs have been in place for several years and we have had some occasional damage, but nothing on this scope. If anyone has any information about this vandalism please send an e-mail to

Ironically, the road closure/detour that inspired the signs is just a few days from wrapping up.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Wind advisory extended to midnight

April 2, 2010 9:28 pm
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That’s a bit of video from Constellation Park/Richey Viewpoint south of Alki Point, favorite haunt – in weather like this – of TV crews and intrepid stormwatchers. We saw both represented while we were out, briefly, at dusk. Note the past/future driftwood in the surf – extra-dangerous, so don’t get close. (We were there about an hour ago; high tide was at 9:15, so the surf will pull back a bit in the hours ahead, with the next high tide at 7:44 am.) Meantime, on the forecasting front, the National Weather Service‘s wind advisory is now extended till midnight, and tomorrow morning looks showery/breezy (egg hunts are still on, though – schedule here). ADDED 1:05 AM: John Polnik shared this video from central Alki, where he says a small outage hit Phoenecia – we had driven through after 8 pm and saw the streetlights appear to be “strobing”:

City Light’s outages page did not show any West Seattle outages so whatever this was, was apparently small. SATURDAY NIGHT NOTE: Phoenecia was part of that micro-outage and tells the story on Facebook.

Alki pump-station expansion: Road restoration’s final phase

Attention has turned to the two future pump-station-overflow projects in south West Seattle over the past few weeks (Fauntleroy/Barton coverage here, Murray/Lowman coverage here), but it should be noted that work at the 53rd Avenue Pump Station expansion on Alki is still not all done – specifically, the street-restoration work. Martha Tuttle from King County Wastewater Treatment Division sent this update today:

King County continues to make progress on the 53rd Avenue Pump Station restoration activities. Crews recently completed sidewalks and curbs on the south side of Alki Avenue SW from 53rd Avenue SW to just beyond 54th Place SW.

Weather permitting, final paving of the roadway through this area will be completed over the next couple of weeks. In order to schedule this work, three days of clear weather must be forecasted. Neighbors and visitors should anticipate continued traffic revisions to complete paving. At times, traffic on Alki Avenue SW may be reduced to one lane. Traffic control and flaggers will be on site to help vehicles through the construction zone. King County thanks pump station neighbors and frequent users of the area for their continued patience.

It’s been 2 years and 2 months since the project began.

West Seattle Junction merchants plan “Tax-Free Day for All” sale

Once again this year, West Seattle Junction merchants are planning a one-day “tax-free sale” right after tax-filing season. The Junction’s Tax-Free Day For All” sale, announced this afternoon, will be Saturday, April 17; like last year, participants will display red balloons so you know who’s participating, but you don’t have to wait till then to find out; the list of participants is on the West Seattle Junction Association website here, and some are offering coupons (you’ll see those here). Some participants plan in-store specials and discounts, too. Sale hours on April 17th will be 10 am-6 pm. (WSB photo from April 2009)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Wind advisory till 9; other updates

(Photo by Scott)
The wind has finally picked up, and the National Weather Service has extended its Wind Advisory till 9 pm:


The NWS hourly readings showed a gust of 51 mph at Alki Point at 3 pm. So far no reports of outages or other major problems in West Seattle – here’s the page to watch for power problems. Next high tide, for wave-watchers, isn’t till 9:15 pm. ADDED 4:16 PM: An advisory from Seattle Parks, related to the rain rather than the wind:

Seattle Parks and Recreation has closed all grass athletic fields on Friday, April 2, and Saturday, April 3, due to the muddy condition of the fields caused by rain. All baseball and softball games and practices have been cancelled for today and tomorrow.

Synthetic fields remain open, and games on those fields will continue as normal. The closures will not affect spring egg hunts.

For more information about field closures, please call Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Citywide Athletics Rain-out Hotline at (206) 233-0055.

(The egg hunt list, by the way, is on the WSB Easter page.) ADDED 6:52 PM: Still no reports of major trouble. But the wind-whipped waves remain the big attraction – TV crews have been out at Constellation Park, and out on the water, the view was even wilder, as you can see in this photo Kevin McClintic took from the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth ferry:

Video: Good Friday “Way of the Cross” in The Junction

The weather eased a bit at noon, just as that group gathered in The Junction to commemorate Good Friday in a unique outdoor manner – walking “A Way of the Cross” along several blocks of the business district, with readings, chanting and prayer. Our video is from the beginning, as Hope Lutheran Pastor Keith Eilers reads, before the group begins walking southbound on California SW. (This was a nondenominational event, as is this Sunday’s annual West Seattle Sunrise Service at Forest Lawn, just after 6:30 am)

2 more transportation notes: Viaduct checkup; new ferry’s journey

April 2, 2010 2:49 pm
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ALASKAN WAY VIADUCT CHECKUP RESULTS: WSDOT says last weekend’s inspection of The Viaduct found “no new settlement or structural damage.”

NEW FERRY’S JOURNEY: The state’s new 64-car ferry Chetzemoka will make its first journey tomorrow, under tow to Everett Shipyard “for final outfitting and system testing prior to conducting dock and sea trials,” according to the WSDOT announcement. You should be able to see it from east- and north-facing West Seattle shores after it leaves Todd Pacific Shipyards on Harbor Island around 8; it’s due in Everett around noon.

“Celebrate Seattle Summer Streets” list out, including Alki 5/23

As first reported here 2 weeks ago, the city has decided to have another “car-free” Celebrate Seattle Summer Streets day on Alki in connection with the West Seattle 5K Run/Walk for the second consecutive year – that’ll happen May 23. And this afternoon, SDOT just released the full list of CSSS days citywide – read on:Read More

City officially requests temporary PM restrictions on “low bridge”

(WSB photo from October 2009)
In ongoing reports about the convergence of various road projects and their effects on West Seattle drivers, we’ve been talking about the impending closure of the 1st Avenue South onramp to the westbound West Seattle Bridge as part of the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project, and how that will affect traffic. In particular, it’s going to mean many more vehicles – including buses – using the “low bridge” during the afternoon/evening rush hour (detour map here), with no access to the “high bridge” between I-5 and 99. Knowing this was ahead, the city asked the Coast Guard two years ago to consider restricting openings of the “low bridge” during rush hours; the Coast Guard said no. Now, as anticipated, the city is trying again – and City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen‘s office has just provided us with the official letter, sent this week. Specifically, they’re asking for restrictions between 3 pm and 6 pm weekdays, starting May 17, when the ramp is scheduled to close permanently (late next year, a new 1st Avenue S. on/offramp will be open), and continuing into 2011. As you’ll see if you read the letter, the city includes an example of how they expect traffic to be affected, for those flowing into the Delridge/Chelan/Marginal intersection on the bridge’s west end: Delays are projected to quadruple, from 40-ish seconds to 3 minutes. As for potential disruption of marine traffic, the city’s letter cites a one-year period in which about 30 vessels that had to go out at high tide went out during PM rush hour, and says those openings could be scheduled well in advance, with advance warning to drivers to plan around the bridge openings. So what next? The city is asking the Coast Guard to expedite review of its request – the request made in 2008 took months to review, but only six weeks remain until the 1st Avenue South ramp closes.

4th of July fireworks update: Pledge drive reaches $500,000 goal

Just announced on KIRO radio (97.3 FM): Barely one full day after chef Tom Douglas and host Dave Ross kicked it off, hours after Seattleites learned that nobody had come forward what had become the city’s last fireworks show, the one on Lake Union, the pledge drive has reached its $500,000 goal – that’s how much longtime promoter OneReel said it would cost to put on the fireworks and accompanying festivities. They asked for donations from local businesses in $1,000 increments; here’s the list so far — WSB contributed $1K, as did West Seattle’s Ventana Construction, a WSB sponsor, as is Merrill Gardens, which pledged a short time ago to cover the “remaining balance.” (If anyone else on the list has West Seattle ties, let us know so we can add a shoutout!) The drive picked up major steam when Microsoft and Starbucks announced late yesterday that they would each contribute $125,000 as a matching donation if other contributions totaled $250,000, which they now have. (7/4/09 Hamilton Viewpoint photo by Gilbert)

Redline Music and Sports: Welcoming a new WSB sponsor

This morning we welcome a new WSB sponsor, REDLINE Music and Sports. New sponsors are offered the chance to introduce you to their business, and here’s what proprietor Scott Goerig (right) wants you to know: “REDLINE Music and Sports is more than just a ‘bar.’ I say this confidently, as everyday somebody new still comes in the door and immediately becomes a repeat customer. We are still somewhat of a hidden gem in West Seattle; a delicate mix of a welcoming staff, 70+ menu items (we love homemade and fresh!), diverse nightly events, and a non-pretentious atmosphere where you can relax next to the fire and dine on Chef Joshua’s Hand-tossed NY-Style Pizzas. When the weather’s right you can even hang out and relax on our outdoor patio, the largest of any night spot in West Seattle. Perhaps that’s why in just over 2 years we have won ‘Best New Business‘ 2007, ‘Best Food under $10‘ and ‘Best Bartender‘ 2008, and runner-up ‘Best Bar/Pub‘ and ‘Best Happy Hour‘ 2009 (Best of the Westside), as well as many other accolades. Our energy and dedication are simply unmatched, as we knew it wouldn’t be easy to change West Seattle’s perception of the former businesses that have resided at 4439 35th Ave SW [map] over the past decades. When writing this I couldn’t decide which old adage fits REDLINE best — ‘don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it’ or ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Especially with all the amazingly unique businesses in West Seattle, I truly believe it is what’s inside that counts. It wasn’t easy, but shaking the negative connotation associated with our old red building was only made possible by giving customers GREAT food, AFFORDABLE prices, and a FUN atmosphere. If you haven’t visited us yet, please come say hi and learn what hundreds of other West Seattleites already have; a wonderful experience is located just off 35th near KFC and kitty-corner to the West Seattle Golf Course.” You’ll also find REDLINE online at

We thank REDLINE Music and Sports for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; find our sponsor team, and info on joining, all here.

West Seattle Friday: Wind advisory; Heartland Café; HP neighbors…

April 2, 2010 8:10 am
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(Storm-watching seagull at Alki, photographed by Cheryl, from the WSB Flickr group)
WINDY AND WET: The latest forecast has the city under a “wind advisory,” with 50 mph gusts possible. The rain is supposed to ease a bit this afternoon, even as the wind picks up (projected for “midday”). We’ll track the forecast and any weather-related problems as the day goes on; here’s how to contact us if anything happens you want others to know about.

HEARTLAND CAFE’ OPENING DAY: The new Admiral restaurant offering homestyle Midwestern food (and the Benbow Room, in a nod to the building’s past) will open its doors to the public at 3 this afternoon. Here’s our preview from earlier this week.

“WAY OF THE CROSS”: We’re checking with organizers to see if the weather is going to change the plan for this nondenominational Good Friday walk in The Junction at noon. Here’s our original preview. 10:27 UPDATE: From Rev. Peter DeVeau at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church:

We’ll meet at the corner of southwest corner of SW Alaska and California Ave SW at noon. If the weather is too windy and wet we’ll walk up to “Torn,” 4506 California Ave SW. The Skate Church in the Junction is providing a place out of the storm should this be needed. We are thankful for this act of radical welcome and hospitality.

FLASHLIGHT EGG HUNTS: These are scheduled tonight at two West Seattle community centers and we’ll also be checking on their status – for now, see the schedule on the WSB Easter page.

HIGH POINT NEIGHBORHOOD NIGHT: If you live in the High Point area, you’re invited to the HP Neighborhood Center 7-9 pm for the next Neighborhood Night event – more on the HP Neighborhood Association’s Facebook page.

More on the WSB Events page; tomorrow’s egg-hunt schedule (and more) on the Easter page.