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Seattle Public Schools’ transition plan: West Seattle toplines

“I wish we could have had a simpler transition,” Seattle School Board President Michael DeBell said, just before the board’s vote about half an hour ago on the transition plan assembled for the new Student Assignment Plan. (And as of this writing, the meeting – almost six hours long – isn’t over yet!) Read on for some of the major West Seattle (and elsewhere) effects – including program changes for several schools:Read More

Delridge District Council: Festival dates set, census talk, and more

From tonight’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center: The dates are set for two big Delridge events later this year — Delridge Day is scheduled for June 5th at Delridge Community Center (11 am-3 pm), Gathering of Neighbors is set for November 6th. Planning meetings are under way, first Wednesday each month at Youngstown – they’re talking Delridge Day at 4:30, GON at 5:30. Also at tonight’s DNDC meeting – Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association‘s strategic focus, a presentation about the upcoming U.S. Census, and more – ahead:Read More

What the police search in The Junction was about

January 20, 2010 10:13 pm
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Thanks to the texter who let us know about a sizable police response on the east side of The Junction – at the commercial building (check-cashing, car maintenance) at 40th/Alaska. Went over to check, at which time Ladder 11 joined the police, helping officers get up on the roof. Police told us multiple alarms had gone off in the building so they were searching – but hadn’t found anything/anyone yet. (We’ll check back.)

WS schools: Denny symphony; Lafayette playground; open houses

January 20, 2010 9:53 pm
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Notes tonight from several local schools:

SEATTLE SYMPHONY AT DENNY INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: Denny principal Jeff Clark shares the photo tonight with news that the symphony – fresh off its Friday night concert hosted by West Seattle Kiwanis – was there today: “Our partnership with the symphony is a part of the ACCESS project (Artistic and Cultural Community Engagement with Seattle Symphony). The orchestra program at Denny has grown substantially in recent years — today’s performance gave our students something to aspire to musically.”


The Lafayette PTA is in the planning stages for a renovation to our school’s Playground. We want to notify the community of several meetings and events that may be of interest. Our next community outreach and design meeting will be on Saturday, January 23rd, at 10 AM at the playground to meet with the architect. Anyone is welcome to attend. We will be discussing design expectations for the new toy and surrounding areas with the commissioned landscape architect. Several fundraising events will be announced specifically for the playground improvement project in the coming year. One will be a Ski and Sports Equipment swap in April. We will be selling all kinds of kid’s sports equipment including, soccer cleats, ballet slippers, jogging strollers, bikes and more. Items can be donated or sold for a small commission that will go towards funding the playground improvement project. Anyone can attend the swap or bring items to sell or donate. More details will be coming on that event soon. For more information or to get involved please contact Janine Bostock

HIGH SCHOOL OPEN HOUSES: We’ve already mentioned the Chief Sealth High School event coming up tomorrow night (details here) at 6; West Seattle High School principal Bruce Bivins shares their invite tonight:

Please come to West Seattle High School’s OPEN HOUSE, scheduled for February 11th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, to meet exceptional staff, to see quality student work, and to learn about college-ready programs and course offerings.

INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS: West Seattle Montessori School (WSB sponsor) has a Parent Education Night tomorrow, 7 pm, with John Chattin-McNichols speaking on “Why Montessori?”; then it’s the first of two WSMS open houses on Saturday, 1-3 pm. … Cometa Playschool (also a WSB sponsor) has an open house Saturday too, 10 am-noon … Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School sends word of its open house, 9 am-1 pm January 31st.

Reminder: Spokane Street Viaduct Project closures ahead

We’ve been reporting on this for more than a year and a half, and now it’s about to intensify – day after tomorrow, a ramp and road closure kick in for the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project. The city’s sent out a reminder tonight as well as the detour map above – read on for the news release:Read More

How to help: Fundraisers for Officer McKissack, Haiti quake relief

Several notes we would have passed along sooner if not for the site trouble (again, sorry, seems to be fixed now):

*9:30 tonight, it’s Karaoke Joe’s fundraiser for Officer Jason McKissack (backstory here) during karaoke at Yen Wor in the Admiral District. This is one of two karaoke benefits in the works – West Seattle’s Willie Murderface hosts karaoke at Goldie’s in Georgetown and plans to collect donations this Saturday night, 9 pm, for the injured officer’s medical fund. (You can donate directly too – go here for the latest.)

*Another concert benefit for Haiti was announced today. West Seattle-based filmmaker Jamie Chamberlin put together Rock4Relief, January 28 at the Showbox SODO. Here’s the lineup he sent us:


The Fixers-

Seattle’s all star Humble Pie cover band.
Andrew McKeag- vox/guitar (Presidents of the United States of America)
Ron Heathman- guitar/vox (Supersuckers)
Kurt Bloch- bass/vox (The Fastbacks)
Scott Giampino- drums (Cash Money)

Dusty 45’s-
THE DUSTY 45’S were originally formed in 1997. For over a decade, singer/songwriter Billy Joe Huels ande The Dusty 45’s have gained critical praise and delivered countless exciting live performances. Wrapping up the excitement with Billy’s infamous flaming trumpet, leaving the audience in awe and complete satisfaction. The Dusty 45’s which include some of Seattle’s top roots/rockabilly musicians, were voted Best of Seattle by Seattle Weekly readers 3 years in a row. Huels contines to branch out, most recently starring at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre as Buddy Holly.

Thee Sgt. Major III
Kurt Bloch from the Fastbacks
Mike Musburger from Love Battery and The Posies


Villains of Yesterday –

Gunn and the Damage Done-
The music of GUNN AND THE DAMAGE DONE encompass the true emotions of life. Gritty and honest. Not always smooth and pretty, but always pure.

Leif Totusek

January 28th 2010
$15—21 over
Doors at 7 pm

More West Seattle help for Haiti can be found here.

WSB site note: Please forgive the downtime

We’ve been doing some upgrades to the underpinnings of the site lately, including moving to a more powerful server, but this afternoon something is going wrong that’s rendered the site inaccessible off and on this past hour. Just wanted to say, we apologize, and wanted to let you know that fine talented technical experts are working on it. If there were major news and WSB itself was down, we would use these other channels to get the news out:
Backup site (not a mirror of WSB, but something we can post longer stories on if necessary):
Also worth noting, our partner site White Center Now runs off different servers in a different location so would not generally be having trouble if this site is:

Thanks again for your patience and support.

West Seattle pump stations: Morgan agenda tonight; trouble earlier

Tonight when Morgan Community Association meets at 7 pm at The Kenney, the agenda includes an update on the area pump stations operated by King County Wastewater Treatment. That’s been planned for quite some time – but there’s something new to talk about, after this news release sent out by the county today, regarding trouble with a “tidal surge” – read on:Read More

Video: Beach Drive slide work; traffic moving with flagger help

That’s WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli‘s video from the Beach Drive slide scene, where city crews were back working today. Though SDOT had said the road would be closed, commenter Peter (on our earlier report) and Christopher both report that it’s been allowed through one lane at a time, with flagger help. SDOT had said they expected today’s work on the slope – which first slid last week – to be done by 4 pm, and that they would be monitoring the site daily TFN while evaluating what else to do. We’ll be heading toward the area soon to check on its status. 4:30 PM UPDATE: From Marybeth Turner at SDOT:

To aid with traffic, SDOT’s Street Maintenance crews made modifications on site that allowed one lane of Beach Drive SW to remain open. They were able to clear away the debris from the roadway while using flaggers to let traffic by. Our urban forestry crews also removed trees that might otherwise fall onto the roadway or power lines. SDOT crews finished earlier this afternoon and then left the street as it was before, with one lane open and drivers taking turns. We will continue to monitor this site.

Charges to be dismissed again for homophobic-graffiti suspect

gavel.jpgWe are at Seattle Municipal Court, where a brief hearing for 31-year-old Ryan Joshua Cox, arrested twice last year for serial vandalism in West Seattle – graffiti that usually included a three-word anti-gay slur – has just concluded. The goal of the hearing was to determine if he was competent to stand trial on the 10 counts of property destruction with which he was charged after his December arrest. After Cox’s first arrest last year, similar charges were dropped because he was found not competent, and the case was not determined to be one in which authorities might consider trying to “restore competency” through forced medication. This time, there was discussion that might be possible. But what just happened is that Cox was brought into the courtroom – thin and trembling in a brick-red jail jumpsuit – and asked if he knew why he was here; here is our transcription of what followed:

Cox: “I was being harassed by my relatives … to strike back at them (I did) anti-gay graffiti.”

Judge Edsonya Charles: “How does that strike back at them?”

Cox: “(unintelligible) The goal of the cult is to force me to commit suicide or turn gay, so I strike back by discriminating against all gay people.”

It was subsequently pronounced that he was determined — through his behavior in court as well as a report that was presented to the court — to be incompetent to stand trial. The city attorney who is here told the judge they believed “restoration is not possible in the time we have” (we are waiting for her to become available after other cases, to explain what that means). So the charges are to be dismissed and Cox will be referred to Western State Hospital for “possible civil commitment.” Asked if he understood what that meant, Cox replied, “I could use the 40 bucks.” Judge Charles said, “I don’t know what that means, but …” Cox replied, “That’s the walking money they give you … when I was dismissed before.” And with that, officers led him back out of the courtroom. ADDED 3:06 PM: Per the city attorney’s rep – In a misdemeanor case, they are only given three weeks to try restoring competency; for felonies, the time frame is longer. The evaluation in this case suggested doctors saw little chance that Cox would respond to treatment in that time. So now instead, he will be referred for civil commitment, which we had discussed before with Mike Finkle, the city attorney’s office Mental Health Court expert. He explained that the hospital has 3 days for an evaluation and then the state can file a petition to have him involuntarily committed for 2 weeks inpatient or 90 days outpatient, after which the state can petition for a full hearing that could result in another 90 days of commitment and so on, up to, potentially, six months at a time. “Every six months, they either file a new petition, or release you,” it was explained.

West Seattle coyotes: Admiral-area sighting today

Pam e-mailed to say, “I walked out of my house at 47th and Lander [map] around 12:30 pm today and saw a coyote running north on 47th. Any other sightings reported?” As previously discussed, coyote sightings aren’t all that rare, but not everyone is aware of the coexistence advice in stories like this one we published last weekend. Here’s our archived coyote coverage.

West Seattle development: Crane base at Link in The Triangle

For the first time in almost a year, there’s a construction crane in the Junction/Triangle area. Last one to leave was at Capco Plaza (here’s our February 2009 report). Before that, the crane for Harbor Properties’ Mural (WSB sponsor) left in November 2008. And today, the crane’s going up for Harbor’s next project – Link, along 38th between Fauntleroy and Alaska. WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli spotted it a little while ago, and got some information from the crew: The base will be set around 11, with its bottom “probably at least 30 feet below grade. So it will probably take them a couple of hours to get enough pieces of crane in place so that it stands out over the other buildings.” And he asked the big (literally) question: How tall will this crane be? 118 feet. More numbers: Link will have 200 apartments and 14,000 square feet of retail space; its construction began in November, with demolition of the auto and school buildings that were on the site. 12:38 PM UPDATE: Checked with Emi Baldowin at Harbor. They are putting up the crane base today but the rest of the crane is scheduled to go up on January 28th.

Application time! In search of the next Miss West Seattle Hi-Yu

January 20, 2010 10:25 am
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That’s our video from last July, as West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival Queen Georgia Mitchell and Princesses Kelly Nealson and Veronica Pupava were coronated. Who will get the crowns at the next coronation? The process has begun, now that applications are being accepted. Coordinator Shirley Enebrad forwarded two important forms for anyone interested; the application (here) and the accompanying letter (here). The application form fully describes qualifications and expectations – but here are the key points:

Applicant must be a female 17 years of age and not have reached her 23rd birthday by August 1st. Applicant can never have been married and must be single (not engaged) at the time of coronation. These limits are based on the Seafair rules, since the Hi-Yu Queen will be participating in the Seafair Scholarship Program the following year. She must be attending high school or a high school graduate; attending school, working in, or a resident of West Seattle. The West Seattle area includes the Alki Peninsula to the Burien City limits. This is a varied border, within the following zip codes: 98106, 98116, 98126, 98136, 98146. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact the organization by e-mail:

Prizes include scholarship $. The deadline to enter is March 31st.

Happening now: Beach Drive slide-work road closure

Reminder of the road closure reported here last night – SDOT plans to work most of the day at the scene of last week’s slide in the 6000 block of Beach Drive (map), and will close the road there till approximately 4 pm, with a detour planned to its south, Atlas to 49th to Canada (map).

Also tonight in West Seattle: Morgan, Delridge, WSHS vs. CSHS…

January 20, 2010 8:54 am
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MORGAN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Everyone with an interest in the greater Morgan Junction area is invited to MoCA’s quarterly meeting tonight at 7, The Kenney (map). Agenda items listed at – note MoCA plans to discuss the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project, which is about to move to a new phase with road/ramp closures taking effect later this week.

DELRIDGE NEIGHBORHOODS DISTRICT COUNCIL: 7 pm tonight, Youngstown Arts Center (map) – reps from key groups and organizations in eastern West Seattle gather for updates and discussions.

SEATTLE SCHOOL BOARD: 6 pm tonight at district HQ in SODO, with the agenda including votes on the new Student Assignment Plan and the $1.1 million sale of more Fauntleroy Schoolhouse property to the Fauntleroy Community Service Agency. If you can’t be there, you can watch live on cable channel 26, or online.

BASKETBALL CROSS-PENINSULA RIVALRY: Last night it was the boys – tonight it’s girls’ basketball with West Seattle High School hosting Chief Sealth High School. JV at 5:45, varsity at 7:30.

And more (including the WS Elementary Resource Fair/Open House outlined here) – the WSB West Seattle Events page is here.

Tonight: Resource Fair/Open House @ West Seattle Elementary

Thanks to the staff at West Seattle Elementary in High Point for sharing the invitation to their big event tonight:

West Seattle Elementary School Resource Fair and Open House will be held January 20, 2010 from 5:30-7:30 pm. We invite all our WSE families, our targeted families in FSW, Family Partnership Grant and CLC families. ALL families are welcome and encouraged to come.

5:30 – 7:00
OPEN HOUSE: for families in the High Point Community and new attendance area.

– Current families interested in hearing our school information are welcome.

– Classroom teachers and Bilingual classrooms, and special education classroom will be open and available for curious families to see what classes look and feel like at WSE.


6:30 – 6:50 – School Vision, Focus and addressing concerns – Gayle Everly, Principal and Erin Tillman, Head Teacher
– Math and Reading Instruction Focus Presentation – Dan Rosson and Marian Fink

7:10 – 7:30 – School Vision, Focus and addressing concerns – Ms. Everly and Ms. Tillman


West Seattle Elementary is at 6760 34th SW (map).

West Seattle Crime Prevention Council: New faces, new crime stats

If you think it’s been quieter lately on the crime front – in some categories of crime, yes, it has. After outgoing Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Steve Paulsen (right) passed the torch to his successor Lt. Norm James (explanation in our January 8th report) at last night’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, Lt. James ran down the state of the stats on the peninsula – noting that several categories of West Seattle crime are down. Also at the WSCPC meeting, other new faces in West Seattle crimefighting were introduced, officers/executive committee members were elected, and a Traffic Unit rep talked about red-light cams – all ahead:Read More

West Seattle firm helps Alaskans with library/museum project

January 20, 2010 1:27 am
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Seward, Alaska, is almost 1,400 miles from West Seattle, but the two communities have a link: Accounting firm Jackson, Morgan & Hunt, PLLC (WSB sponsor), has donated $2,000 toward the Seward Community Library Museum Project, to help with the $1 million capital campaign covering about a tenth of its cost. JMH’s Alaska ties involve the commercial-fishing industry in Seward, Homer and Kodiak, with some of that community’s members relying on the expertise of principals Jim Jackson, Chuck Morgan and Scott Hunt. Their longtime business and personal relationship with Tom Tougas of Four Seasons Marine in Seward resulted in their decision to support the project; the photo above, provided by the Seward Community Library/Museum Building Committee, shows Jackson with committee vice chair Mary Tougas.