Tomorrow: This just might be West Seattle’s juiciest fall event

Tomorrow in North Delridge! Betsy Hoffmeister forwards the invitation:

Are you looking for a fun, free activity on Saturday? The North Delridge Neighborhood Council’s annual community cider press event is this Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm. You are welcome to drop by for as much of that time or as little as you want. The address is 5624 26th Ave SW [map].

The event is held at a private residence, using an old-fashioned, electric operated press. It is a small, neighborhood operation, not a big-time event, so expect gritty and fun. We have several goals: to meet our neighbors and exchange news; to make use of ugly, bruised, wormy, inedible fruit that would otherwise go to waste; to reduce pest infestations by removing fallen fruit from the ground; and to bring home locally made, sustainably produced fruit juice. Please bring:

* Yourself, friends, neighbors, and kids. Be prepared to supervise children under the age of three. The property is a wonderful place for kids to run around and play, but, Longfellow Creek flows through the property and no one will be supervising your children but you.

* Fresh apples, pears, or asian pears. Ideally, these will be windfalls or apples from neighborhood trees. We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to go to Thriftway for apples (but there are many fruit stands in the area, particularly in White Center and Beacon Hill, that have extremely good prices on “seconds” fruit). Please, please wash your fruit ahead of time.

* Clean containers to bring the cider home in.
* A snack to share with neighbors. You WILL get hungry.
* A camera.
* Wear VERY messy clothes and layers, you absolutely will get very, very dirty if you help out! Waterproof shoes are also a reasonable idea.

Please do not bring: pets.

We need at least one volunteer to help clean up afterwards.

The homeowner and North Delridge Neighborhood Council are not liable for any harm
or injury that may befall attendees as a result of drinking too much cider, getting
stung by a yellowjacket, slipping on apple peels, etc. So be careful.

5 Replies to "Tomorrow: This just might be West Seattle's juiciest fall event"

  • PSPS October 3, 2009 (9:13 am)

    Note to headline writer: There are no degrees of “uniqueness.” Something is either unique or not unique.


    The Ghost of Edwin Newman.

  • WSB October 3, 2009 (9:50 am)

    Yes, I know that, as a longtime copy editor/proofreader, etc. Sorry. Suggested alternatives welcome, I haven’t had enough coffee yet and can’t think of one – TR

  • WSB October 3, 2009 (10:32 am)

    OK, the second cup of coffee worked. Thanks again.

  • PSPS October 3, 2009 (11:05 am)

    Hey! I also made a mistake! Edwin Newman isn’t yet a ghost. He’s scheduled to turn 91 next January.

  • Sebastian October 3, 2009 (9:08 pm)

    We took our two kids and a half bushel of apples to this event. We had a great time getting to know our neighbors and Carl (a great guy and community steward), if you didn’t go, you missed out. It was fun to make cider with the old fashioned press and see the amazing bamboo forest garden.

    Thanks Carl and Betsy for posting!

    PS the cider is delicious.

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