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In other news tonight: Memorial benefit; 34th DDs; fire call

The power did NOT go out in two areas of West Seattle where major events were happening tonight – that photo’s from Kendall (of WA Beer Blog and Beer Church fame) during the Chef Sean Goff Memorial Fund benefit dinner/movie at The Sanctuary at Admiral. He reports “amazing food” and a good turnout. (We’re expecting another report on this later tonight. Meantime, remember there’s another benefit coming up November 7, sponsored by the Westenders Scooter Club, details here.) Also tonight: Watch the 34th District Democrats‘ website for updates on tonight’s meeting – your editor here had one foot out the door to go cover it as usual when the power outage forced a change in plans. (Midnight update – just got word from the 34th DDs, their update is up.)

Last but by no means least (we have a few more stories to publish before the night’s over, as usual), WSB contributing journalist Christopher Boffoli checked out a small breaking-news story post-power outage – Sylvan Way through High Point was partly blocked for about 20 minutes because of a fire call:

Turned out, Christopher reports, to have been touched off by “food on the stove” – no major damage, no injuries reported. A 128 bus was delayed.

Update: West Seattle power outage blamed on “cable failure”

(scroll down for latest updates)

(video added 8:31 pm – Fauntleroy/California intersection just before power returned)
FIRST REPORT at 6:46 PM: Power just went out here at WSB HQ in Upper Fauntleroy. Checking to find out the extent of the outage. So far: SW Austin on the north. On the south, we drove 35th and it came back on by the time we got to SW Henderson. Just called City Light, this isn’t on their outage hotline yet – calling the media number next. Via Twitter, we have a couple reports that Alki had a flicker but no outage. Meantime, one person in comments reports having trouble reporting this via the city outage number – we had the same problem.

7:05 PM UPDATE: Still no record of this on City Light’s line. This definitely seems to be a “south West Seattle” situation. Right now, we’re checking the Lincoln Park area – the 76 station and the tennis courts are out but the ferry dock has the power – south of the tennis courts, there’s power. Looks like the lights are on at The Kenney. In comments, Josh says he reached someone at SCL who says this is affecting 3,000 homes/businesses.

7:11 PM UPDATE: From the Seattle City Light media line – 2,756 “customers” (homes/businesses) without power, boundaries described as Findlay, Henderson, 34th, Puget Sound, no cause known yet, “estimated time of restoration” unknown. Co-publisher Patrick is on the road checking key spots in the area – he says the California/Fauntleroy light is out and businesses around that intersection appear to be out as well, at least on the Zeeks Pizza/Starbucks-Subway/Thriftway corners – he’s going into Thriftway shortly to check on the situation there. (update) They’re open for business, with the help of generators – here’s a photo:

Going east on Morgan from the Thriftway, Patrick reports that the outage is spotty – a few spots out, a few spots on. City Light’s online note is here (no info beyond what we have already reported). Again, The Junction and other points north, NOT affected by all accounts – and to the south, one commenter says Endolyne Joe’s (WSB sponsor) and that section of Fauntleroy has power – so if you’re looking to go out to dinner, head in those directions. We’re heading out to check on Westwood Village. From Facebook, Lindsey offers words of warning and advice:

There’s power on raymond and fauntleroy. Stay away from 35th and morgan traffic light !! People’s tempers are getting ugly. People keep driving and not stopping on 35th ouch almost saw a accident

7:43 PM UPDATE: Westwood Village has its power on, no problem. Again, as Lindsey’s note above indicates, driving is a big problem right now, with major lights out of power including California/Fauntleroy, 35th/Morgan, 35th/Thistle. (added 9:22 pm, Christopher Boffoli‘s photo of Calif/Fauntleroy during the outage)

Still no updates so far on how long this will last or what caused it. It’s dark along Fauntleroy from Myrtle to California. Continuing reports of where the power is ON – Delridge and Highland Park report in as OK – so this does not seem to extend much past 35th.

7:53 PM UPDATE: Power just came back on to California/Fauntleroy intersection and surrounding businesses, per co-publisher Patrick. Not back on up here (California/Thistle, mile south) yet. (minutes later) He’s checking south now – the outage starts again at SW Austin and continues to about SW Trenton, again with irregular boundaries in some spots. (Sue via Facebook says she’s at 41st and Holly, where one side of the street is out, the other on!)

8:01 PM UPDATE: WSB contributing journalist Christopher Boffoli has joined the outage-coverage team – he says Zeeks in Morgan Junction will reopen but since they had sent half their staff home, they will NOT be delivering for the rest of the night. He also just verified, Abbondanza in Morgan Junction has reopened. McDonald’s is open but Subway will remain closed for the night. (Added 9:09 pm, Christopher’s photo of Feedback Lounge [WSB sponsor], serving by candlelight before the power returned:)

8:08 PM UPDATE: Our power just returned at California/Thistle. It’s still out at the north Lincoln Park 76 station and nearby tennis courts, plus heading down the hill to Lowman Beach from there.

8:21 PM UPDATE: At Lowman Beach, Christopher reports a crew from King County has brought portable power to make sure the pump station there keeps running. (He took this photo, added at 9 pm:)

Just checked City Light’s media line again, still no new updates on the cause (or when the outage will be fully restored).

8:30 PM UPDATE: In comments, Morgan Community Association president Deb Barker says she has word from her mom at The Kenney that it’s operating on reduced power. Also, a comment from Gatewood says that while the power’s back, Comcast service isn’t fully restored for them (ours up the hill to the south is, fwiw). Meantime, we’re adding a video clip atop this story, from when the power went back on while we were rolling video on the then-dark intersection at California/Fauntleroy (note the flashing traffic lights at the end of the clip).

8:39 PM UPDATE: City Light says “underground cable failure” caused the outage and all should be restored by 9.

9:04 PM UPDATE: Still have scattered reports of powerlessness – DrD in comments says 6900 block of California; Andrea via Facebook says upper Lowman Beach.

9:24 PM UPDATE: Still out at the north Lincoln Park pocket too, as Kari notes in comments; co-publisher Patrick is back out roaming and spotted a City Light crew working on a pole across from the 76 station there.

9:35 PM UPDATE: Now that area is back, and upper Lowman Beach appears to be too, so unofficially it looks like the outage is ALL over – let us know if you are an exception. Meantime, Christopher put together a short clip including Morgan Junction during the outage, Lowman Beach pump truck, and Morgan Junction post-power-back:

More orca news: New baby! Plus, how to handle sightings

(Sunday photo taken from Southworth by Terry Wittman)
So far, we haven’t seen any speculation on the IDs of the orcas who traveled between West Seattle and West Sound shores last Sunday (WSB coverage, with video, here) … so we don’t know if these whales were among them .. but the Orca Network reports today that photos taken the day before, near Port Townsend, reveals 2 orcas accompanying a brand-new baby. See the photos by going here. So far, the baby’s known as L-113, and brings the “southern resident” orca population to 86. Meantime, more news from Orca Network – they shared this photo taken near their south Whidbey Island HQ on Saturday, with info for all orca-watchers:

They forwarded news of a new study that relies on quick reports of sightings – read on:Read More

New WSB sponsor upRidge at Longfellow Creek, opening tomorrow

This afternoon we welcome our newest sponsor, upRidge at Longfellow Creek, which invites you to a grand-opening celebration tomorrow. Here’s what they’d like you to know about this new development: What was once a blighted lot with abandoned houses is now West Seattle’s newest townhome community; upRidge at Longfellow Creek; 15 stylish townhomes surrounded by tranquil views of urban green space, brought to you by developer Mike Giomi of Terra Firma II. Located in West Seattle, about one mile north of Home Depot and across the street from the temporary site of Chief Sealth High School, upRidge sits above Longfellow Creek (photo above shows its “beaver pond” section nearby), with a system of bike trails and walkways that stretch for miles in either direction. Enveloped by its natural surroundings, upRidge feels peaceful and quiet, yet is just minutes to downtown Seattle. We all know the saying – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why upRidge is designed with quality features and amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle. Enjoy the best of urban living in one of these awesome new homes. Two-plus and three-bedroom homes, with variable floor plans, are priced from $250,000 to $310,000. A grand opening will be held for the public on Thursday, October 15th from 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. Please stop by and take a tour of upRidge and enjoy food from Olympia Pizza & Pasta. Visit or call Cara Mohammadian at (206) 650-9554 for more information. We thank upRidge for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; the sponsor team, with info on joining, is all here.

Voting begins in CityDog Magazine’s Cover Dog Search

Last year’s winner came from West Seattle – will it happen two years in a row? Just got the link from CityDog Magazine via Twitter – voting has begun, among the five finalists (including Murphy, the West Seattle winner, reported here Sept. 21) chosen in the past few months of photo shoots. Cast your vote here. By the way, in addition to Murphy, we have one other pitch for West Seattle votes – WSB’er Jo from Alki says another of the candidates, Scout the three-legged border collie (right), is her “grand-dog” – living with her son and daughter-in-law – and deserves a look. May the best dog win! (Here’s the voting link again.)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Forecast says breezy, then easing

October 14, 2009 2:51 pm
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 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle weather

If the forecast is right, what we’re seeing outside right now – the wind kicking up some gusts, mixed with steady rain, nothing dramatic as you can see in our clip but still a taste of serious fall bluster – is about as bad as it’s going to get. Just in case you were wondering. (At least we’re not getting THIS.)

3 more quick reminders for events tonight

SANCTUARY AT ADMIRAL BENEFIT FOR CAFE REVO CHEF’S FAMILY: Appetizers, wine, Italian dinner, and the movie “Big Night,” 6 pm tonight to benefit the Sean Goff Memorial Fund. Tickets in advance at Cafe Revo, 2940 SW Avalon Way. Here’s our preview from yesterday.

TRAFFIC JUSTICE SUMMIT: Cascade Bicycle Club and others concerned about small (or nonexistent) penalties for those who hit and kill bicyclists and pedestrians have organized this meeting, Bertha Landes Knight Room at City Hall downtown , 5:30 pm. Details here.

CITY COUNCIL BUDGET HEARING: Concerned about libraries – or any other city service? Show up and be heard. Northwest African American Museum (map), 5:30 pm. Details here.

City starts implementing new parks/community-center gun rule

Just in from the city – the rule banning guns at “facilities where children and youth are likely to be present” is starting to take effect. The city says the rule won’t be in effect at any specific facility until it is posted there; one of the first two places where the notices will go up is South Park Community Center, and all other affected facilities will be posted by Dec. 1, according to the announcement, which you can read in its entirety ahead:Read More

Denny/Sealth construction update: View from above

That’s the latest aerial photo (taken last month but posted today) of the Denny International Middle School/Chief Sealth High School shared-campus construction site in Westwood (an all-new Denny is being built, while Sealth is getting various upgrades/renovations). It’s new on the district website along with updates on the project – what’s done, what’s in progress – you can read those here. P.S. If you are among the parents working to learn more about Denny and Sealth because of the attendance-boundary revisions, a few notes: The official district informational meetings in West Seattle are tomorrow night at WS High School (3000 California SW) and Friday night at Denny (30th/Thistle), both at 6:30; also, Sealth is having an informational night for its International Baccalaureate program, which we just added to the Events calendar last night – it’s coming up at 7 pm November 3rd at Sealth’s interim location at Boren (5950 Delridge).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglars target dental offices

The Southwest Precinct confirms West Seattle has had three incidents that are similar to a wave of dental-office break-ins in North Seattle; our fellow independent community-collaborative online-news site PhinneyWood reported the burglaries today (see their story here), saying the burglar(s) were after drugs and gold. Sgt. Jeff Durden says that shortly after they got word of what was happening in the north end, “West Seattle had a dental office broken into, and then another, and then an attempt.” This all happened in the span of about a week, and then stopped as suddenly as it started, according to Sgt. Durden. In the meantime, the precinct says, they worked fast to warn dental offices about what was going on. No arrests so far but it’s a high priority for detectives around the city. 1:01 PM UPDATE: New information – three people stopped by officers in West Seattle early this morning are now considered “persons of interest” in the dental burglaries. Sgt. Durden called back to say the arrests were made after officers saw the three acting suspiciously outside a dental office in the 5400 block of California around 1:40 am. Two of them were taken into custody in connection with unrelated warrants; the third was interviewed and released, while the investigation continues.

Admiral Neighborhood Assoc. report #2: Safeway sneak peek

Reps from Safeway and Fuller Sears Architects came to last night’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting to give the group a sneak peek at the newest proposal for the Admiral Safeway redevelopment project. What you see above is the redesigned entrance area along California. They also revealed that you’ve already had an effect on the project – because of comments on a story here – read on for more on that and what else they had to say, and show:Read More

Call for help: Got 2 hours a week to tutor students in High Point?

Jennifer Cobb from the High Point Neighborhood Association shared this urgent call for help:

The Youth Tutoring Program provides tutoring for at-risk youth living in the High Point public housing community.

Volunteers are needed to help students achieve academic success!

TUTORS ARE STILL NEEDED for the 2009-2010 school year!
· Tutors volunteer an average of 2 hours a week.
· The school-year program runs from September-June and serves students in grades 1-12.
· New tutor orientations are held twice a month!

Tutoring sessions schedule:
Monday & Wednesday 4:20-5:20pm
Monday – Thursday 5:30-7:40pm

Need SERVICE LEARNING HOURS for High School graduation?
High School students with grade averages above 3.0 encouraged to apply!!

For more information contact Rebecca at (206) 328-5659 or

Apply to become a volunteer online at

Election 2009: West Seattle events tonight and tomorrow

checkbox.jpgTONIGHT: Our area’s largest political group, the 34th District Democrats, meets for the last time before the November election (more like an Oct.-Nov. election since voting begins later this week – ballots are to be mailed by the county today). 7 pm at The Hall at Fauntleroy, with speakers scheduled to include King County Council chair/County Executive candidate Dow Constantine and Seattle Port Commission candidate Max Vekich. Agenda details here.

TOMORROW: The West Seattle Candidates’ Forum — citywide candidates for mayor and council, answering West Seattle-geared questions — is Thursday night, 7 pm, Youngstown Arts Center. Here’s our previous report on the plan for the night. And there’s another event at the same time on the other side of the peninsula – Approve Referendum 71 supporters are rallying for an evening of dessert, drinks and fun at The Hall at Fauntleroy, 7 pm Thursday.

What else is going on, you ask? Check the frequently updated West Seattle-wide WSB Events calendar page!