West Seattle Crime Watch: Homophobic graffiti again

Kelli e-mailed last night to say that she saw graffiti in three areas north of Lincoln Park, including a business sign, with the same homophobic three-word slur that led to a police investigation and arrest this past May. She has reported it through the city’s online graffiti-reporting form and is contacting police as well – as we told her, police have said publicly recently that they want to hear about graffiti because they might be able to match it to certain suspects/repeat offenders. While no suspect has been described or identified in this case, we did check on the status of the man arrested after last May’s graffiti incidents. According to Seattle Municipal Court online records, the charges were dropped in June because he was found incompetent to stand trial. As for what happened after that, online records don’t say, but we are checking whether there is any publicly available information; he spent about a month in jail after being arrested in mid-May. P.S. Kelli said in her original note that she was hoping a report might “broadcast to these dunces that their feelings do not represent those of most West Seattleites. I found it disgusting and, frankly embarrassing for our neighborhood.” One spot she said had been vandalized, a bench at the tennis courts north of Lincoln Park, was already getting some work; she said “an elderly gentleman was busy trying to sand the words off the park bench” as of late yesterday afternoon.

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  • Tim September 13, 2009 (2:01 pm)

    How about if we get outraged about all of the graffiti in our neighborhood (not just the anti-gay stuff). All of it makes the neighborhood look bad.

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