Update: Chopper was from TV, for the West Seattle HS game

helicopterwatch.pngORIGINAL 8:27 PM REPORT: Getting messages about the chopper over The Junction and beyond. We’re still checking to be sure but chances are it’s a news chopper for the West Seattle High School-O’Dea game at West Seattle Stadium. Will update with whatever else we find out. Co-publisher Patrick is at the game (tweeting it at @wsblive – halftime was O’Dea 18, West Seattle 7) but it’s impossible to tell from there – choppers have such strong cameras these days, they can shoot from very high. There’s nothing on 911 in terms of fire/medics which bolsters the theory, but we’re also checking with police. 8:33 PM UPDATE: Confirmed from a friend who works at KING5, it’s their chopper, covering the game. As our friend notes, their chopper will be out somewhere every Friday night – so on Fridays, if you hear a chopper before 9 pm or so, it just might be for football, but thanks again to everyone who checked in via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter – you just never know. 9:15 PM SIDE NOTE: Longer story to come, but the game just ended – O’Dea 39, WSHS 7.

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  • Mike September 18, 2009 (9:16 pm)

    They kept hovering over Beach Dr. then back to California, then back to Beach Dr. Not once did I see them hover over West Seattle High.

  • WSB September 18, 2009 (9:31 pm)

    The game wasn’t at the school – it was at the stadium, 35th south of Avalon. And choppers have to do fairly large circles to stay in the area – notice that during the next crime-related search, though the incident itself is at location X, folks will see the chopper circling in a much bigger area – TR

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